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What did you play with as a kid?


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Thinking about Wes' post detailing old Nepleslian history which included many many toys posing in gear known to the Kikyo Sector got me considering my own childhood and what I told stories with those hundred or so years ago. Transposing his own stories on the toys is how the grand star army we know today was born. Toys are such a treasure trove of 'plot fuel' for young minds, so I want to know:

What toys did you create stories with as a child?
Bionicles. The ability to mix and match and add weapons and masks and pose them in a manner where they actually stand up is what led to my very first 'good guy vs bad guy' sort of memory with toys that I can reliably say existed.
Dirt, hot wheels (matchbox cars, little model cars/trucks), and water.

Yep, I would dig little roads in the dirt in my backyard away from the dog run, and play with my hot wheels. Then I would also play in run-off ditches making dams and
try to hold back the water as long as possible. But then again I was born in the age before cell phones, or when PC's where in every house.
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I love the simply put answer: dirt (but not the stuff in the dog run, too hard packed and stinky!). I've heard of kids working waterways to do leaf boat races but never damming as its own activity. Was there any kind of "we have to protect those downstream!" aspect or something similar?

I thought General Grievous was a bionicle and that the star wars universe was part of that world, got so confused as a kid. I love that it was easy to assign good guy bad guy to them, it's such a base desire to have in a story!

I suppose creating stories with toys as entertainment might be different or has been different for people that have constant entertainment with cell phones and PC's. Then again, growing up everyone acted aghast at the kids who didn't have a TV in the house while we all probably did have TV's growing up but still gravitated to creating our own entertainment as kids. I feel like kids these days probably still do so, but I'm not really in the know.
The tree fort was an ongoing evolution as a child. Anything could become a toy; sword sticks, crudely made slingshots. The war lasted years. Outside of those natural toys, I think my mainly prized toys were an extensive collection of He-Man and She-Ra action figures, and most of the sets they came with like Castle Greyskull, Snake Mountain, etc. The same with Thundercats.
I think the first toys I had a decent amount of as a kid were:
  • The Real Ghostbusters toys from the animated series
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Pound Puppies and various stuffed animals
  • Matchbox cars
  • Basically anything cool my mom or I found cheap at a thrift store or yard sale
Later I had;
  • Lego (various types)
  • Construx (I still have most of these!)
  • Playmates Star Trek figures (I still have these!)
  • GI Joes and many random sci-fi action figures (Terminator, Alien, Predator, Robocop, etc.)
  • Micromachines - Star Wars and Star Trek (I still have these!)
  • A rock tumbler for making polished stones
Those old school legos that had the old weird tall people with articulated joints