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What is the most horrible/Nightmareish place any Star Army Personnel could be assigned to?


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Anywhere with Sacre. /jk

There are a lot of rocks that probably need someone to sit on them. There are also probably certain ships and units that are basically dumping grounds for the misfits. Places where Thad should be assigned. I also imagine that places like that also happen to become PC ships more often than most.


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I can think of some rough - nightmarish places to be assigned,
  • Unmei Bastion - Shugosha I- A First Expeditionary Fleet base on a naturally toxic planet, furthered by the presence of the Keiyō City.
  • [Redacted] - Nemesis Bastion - A super secret deep subterranean Star Army base in the Siren System - You are deep underground, and likely don't exist on much paperwork. Only Taisho Yui, SAINT's Director, and some Flag Ranks of the 1XF and 5XF know where you are.
  • Anywhere around the place labeled "Certain Doom" on the Star Map.


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Any Fourth Fleet posting, probably. Sat alone on an out-of-lifespan ship in the middle of a sleepy border system. Quite a lot like serving on a submarine IRL.

Also, maybe being Kamirakurai. Given you're essentially a berserker who is gonna die over and over again as part of the whole shock trooper deal.

Oh, or the Task Force that "hunts space dragons" and have never actually encountered a space dragon. I forget the designation but they're on the wiki. I imagine people are sent there just so they are kept from Yamatai lol.


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Ouchi Prison or Fort Minori