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What Should be in an H Bunker?


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Some GP-1 rifles? there must be a massive stockpile of the bastards, their magazines and ammo mothballing somewhere. Depending on just how remote the bunker is it'd be a decent weapon for hunting and stuff if you need to stay there long-term - I'll suggest maybe a plate carrier or two once I've updated the page in the next few days?
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Whatever weapons are in there are probably sourced after Reconnaissance has taken what they need from the outdated equipment pool, so I'd imagine they're quite dusty. But generally you don't want to put top of the line stuff in a bunker where they'd probably be out of date anyway by the time the bunker might be used. GP-1 and plate carriers sound about right.


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Something that probably should be there that isn't, actual printed guides to how to conduct a insurgency/resistance movement and use the equipment fond there.