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RP Wild Hearts and Sleepless Nights

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
5/30/YE42 - 4:00pm
RP Location
Sirris VI - Obsidian City - Osman University
News Club/Conclave Broadcasting Sub-Offices

A certain girl, new to the school, and even newer in her looks. Araena was one of the newest princesses of sorts to have emrged into the populace, though she hardly though of herself as one. She was probably the only one not adopted, or even directly Fenrir, making her an oddity of singular quantity.

Her wolfish features included ears and a tail, much like her older brother Hati, save she never received the full military training, but only basic defense. It truly made her stand out, as she had none of the militant flare, and was brimming with emotion. She was so go lucky, happy, and energetic as she walked the halls in her school uniform with tail wagging.

Today had been educational as much as every day of classes had been so far, but she figured she's use her time after classes today to check out some of the clubs. Quite a few were backed by organizations, as well as local companies, even offering intern options in the future. This interested her, but she had yet to really decide a career path for the future yet.

As she stepped into the news club, she hoped looking into the various clubs might help her in that maybe. "Hello, I was wondering if I could come in and ask a few questions perhaps if not too much of a bother?", Araena asked as crimson eyes looked around the busy room, a free hand brushing her stray snow white hair to the side as her ears twitched at the noise.

Louis had been sent by the NDC Broadcasting to provide some part-time tutoring for the members of the news club. Standing at the head of one of the tables in the clubroom and surrounded by nearly a dozen of its members. Louis had been going over a few of his previous stories he covered since arriving in the NDC trying to impart his experience and method of researching a story to the potential journalists. Louis made sure to emphasize the importance of interviewing sources and checking consistency in the information provided when a wolfish looking girl opened the door.

Stopping in the middle of his sentence and hearing her question Louis looked around the table “Why don’t we all take a fifteen-minute break?” he asked the group several sighed with relief while some looked disappointed and a few didn’t seem to care as the got up and scattered. Walking around the table to the newcomer Louis offered her his hand “Hi, I’m Louis. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.”

Araena quickly stepped into the room fully before striding up to the man, and shaking the offered hand. "Oh thank you, my name is Araena, it's a joy to meet you. I was wondering if you could give me a run down of what all your club does, as well as what this career path offers?", she said with a warm yet excited smile, her peppy energy practically radiating. The tail never stopped swishing, still in rhythm as she now waited for his answer.

“No problem, I’ll answer what I can right now just follow me.” Louis said as he motioned for her to follow him, stopping in front of a small table in the corner of the room he picked up the coffee pot and a disposable cup then poured himself a cup “First though would you like to get some coffee? I swear every journalist I’ve met, even the students here run off the stuff.”

"Oh sure, I'd love a cup. I haven't been here long, so I haven't quite gotten that addiction to it yet. But it does taste good when prepared well though." She accepted an offered cup, taking a sip for taste before adding some sugar and creamer to her's. With a hot cup in hand, she continued to follow him from there again, "Are the news office quite like this?"

Louis led Araena to a small table in a corner of the room next to a window he had been allowed to use and offering her the single-seat he looked around the busy room. Smiling at the student reporters, sitting at the desks along the edge of the room with the windows, writing stories, or collecting information from sources but from their desks instead of in the field like he had grown accustomed to. On the opposite of the room, the same side of the door, the editors of the club were reviewing stories and discussing changes, approving some, or rejecting others.

There couldn't be more than twenty-five people in the too-small club room, on top of which was the air of inexperience and struggle to project, and failing too, create an image of professional-level work. Louis laughed as he leaned against the desk “Pretty much, the newsroom at the NDC Broadcasting is worse than here. All the news clubs have to worry about reporting is the events on campus they get fed pre-written stories from headquarters for stories on the city or NDC.”

She seemed reluctant at first to take the only seat, but she didn't want to be rude since he had so kindly offered it to her. Setting her coffee on the desk, and finding the chair more then comfortable, as well as feeling well broke in. Araena realized he must take his job very seriously, as well possibly put in long hours for it.

"Seems like a few have been reporting a lot on two things. The royals, or current war efforts, which I'm glad their are few of the later. Do you cover such things Mr. Louis, or do you cover others?", the wolf girl commented, her ears twitching and swiveling slightly as they honed in on various chatter around the club room. "Seems like the people in the labs are always coming out with something new. At this point I'm surprised there isn't magazines on such things at this point."

Taking a drink from his coffee before he spoke, “I cover pretty much everything they want, my background is mostly as a freelancer, so I fill whatever role they need me too.” Louis said as he put down his cup and pressed his knuckles into his back “What the labs are doing is fascinating but I think the higher-ups at NDCB are only going to devote a small column to it in the main publication or a short segment during the nightly news.” The reporter answered then checking his watch “I’ve got to get back to giving my presentation to the students here, you’re welcome to stay or if you want we can meet later when I’ve got more time.”

Araena's eyes lit up red for a few moments, as she checked the time listed on her HUD before answering. "Oh yeah, I have time, it woulld be a helpful look into the club. I don't have anywhere to be so I can wait.", she answered cheerfully.

“That’s great, just find yourself a seat.” Louis said before drinking the rest of his coffee in a few big gulps then walking back towards the big table at the center “Alright everyone let’s get back to it!” he called out over the noise of the room. Most of the students slowly returned to their seats and prepared to take notes while Louis waited for a minute before starting his lecture again.

The room wasn't exactly huge, and she was already in a chair, so it's not like she had to go anywhere. Something that made her giggle as Louis walked away, the girl sipping her coffee again as she watched them all settle in. As things began, she pulled up her digital note taking software on her Geist, ready to right anything important to her that this meeting would tell her about the club.

Picking up where he left off Louis went over different stories; he had written about the different communities of the NDC and how he collected the information. Emphasizing his methods of how-to fact check information from sources and ways to turn the collected information into understandable stories their audience. One of the students raised their hand, pausing Louis pointed at them and waited for their question, the student asked about the scars on the side of his face. Scratching them sheepishly Louis gave the group and awkward smile before saying that questions would need to stay on topic. Returning to his lecture he reiterated his points and began taking more questions and offering advice.

That question caused the wolfish girl to pause, her eyes falling upon the man's scars with a curious gaze. The way he avoided it though, made the woman wonder just what awful thing had been done to him. Catching herself staring, she averted her eyes back to her cup, suddenly thankful for something else to focus on.

After the pause, Araena continued her digital scrawling of notes, elegant feminine script seeming to write itself on a notepad that only she could see.

After answering what seemed to be a never-ending stream of questions related to the job and specific ways to question sources. Louis was starting to show signs of mental fatigue taking long pauses before answering, asking the questions to be repeated more than once, and catching himself in the middle of giving the wrong answer. Finally, he dismissed the club before adding that he would be back in two days for another lecture, walking towards the coffee machine he poured himself another cup and took a long drink before giving it a chance to cool off.

As the lecture ended, the clone shifted her canine ears, following the man on his trip across the room. Araena was taking medical courses among all her others, the signs of fatigue not going unnoticed by her. With a look of concern, she sat her cup of coffee on the desk, before rising to approach him with a look of concern.

"Perhaps you should rest, you are acting...sluggish, and your speech is starting to show it. I have a theory that you've been relying on that drink more then proper sleep I bet. It's not safe, or healthy, go rest......I can come back another time.", Araena said softly so that only they could hear, resting a gentle hand on his arm.

He sighed looking down almost embarrassed “That obvious, huh?” Louis asked, “I guess I wasn’t joking that much about journalists run on this stuff.” He gave her a tired smile before drinking from his cup again. “The hours are long, and you don’t much time to yourself while chasing the next story, but I love it.” he continued before tossing the cup into the trash “If you’re up for it we can meet and discussed this career fields another time, thank you for your understanding.” The reporter tried to sound reassuring, but the cracks were showing on his face.

The girl crossed her arms with a frown beneath her endowed chest, "Not leaving until I make sure you go get some proper rest. I don't care if that means following you and nagging like your mother until you do. I know the side effects of fatigue and exhaustion from my medical studies. I can't in good faith leave someone running themselves into the ground."

Her frown eased up til it became a worried expression of concern. "You need to take better care of yourself."

Louis grabbed his stomach and covered his mouth with his free hand to stifle a laugh, it took him a minute to regain his composure “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He struggled to say, the laugh comically cracking his voice. “It’s just you remind me of an old friend that said that needed to take better care of myself and he wouldn’t leave me alone until I finally did.” Louis finally said in his normal tone.
Feeling another wave of fatigue hit him the reporter yawned while reaching up and rubbing his eye. “I wonder what the odds are you both would be right.” He asked.

"I would rather you not prove me right and take the advice Louis. Your friend sounds like they had common sense, starting to think maybe some of it failed to rub off on you. Hopefully I can be more successful at that, moming you if I have to.", She said sternly with a pout as he laughed at something she thought was rather serious. Her arms crossed, tightened in frustration, "I swear you're just as stubborn as most of my brothers and sisters."

“I’m not sure if he had common sense.” Louis mused “His version of taking care of yourself was taking a hallucinogen and putting on some trippy music, sometimes he’d have a bad trip though and tear the room apart.” He could barely get the last part out trying to keep himself from laughing. Wiping a tear from his eye “Anyone ever told you, you’re cute when you pout?” he asked half-serious.

"You're very bold to be calling me cute in floofy hug range.", she said with a smirk before it settled in that he had indeed, just commented on her. She became indignent and flustered, "W-wait hey, d-don't go saying around everywhere okay!.....baka."

The reporter nearly fell over laughing grabbing the closest table to keep himself from falling over, taking a deep breath Louis forced himself to regain his composure “I’m sorry, I promise I’ll stop.” He said scratching his scars again “Thank you, I feel a lot better after talking with you.” a genuine smile on his face.

Araena's pouty face returned with a flavor of annoyance to it, "Oh no, you aren't off the hook yet buddy. I will drive you home right now if I have to, go, go on and shoo to bed. I don't want to have to embarass you in front of the school by having to carry your passed out form home."

He ran his hand through his hair still smiling “Okay, okay, you win I’ll head home and get some rest right now.” Louis said before moving to pick up his briefcase from the table in the center of the room. Several of the students had stopped what they were doing and staring at Louis and Araena. Waving to them Louis turned leave stop in front of the clone and offered her his hand “It was nice meeting you, Araena.”

Her annoyed pout melted back to her smile from their first meeting, "And likewise a pleasure to meet you as well Louis, I hope to continue this when you're feeling better. Perhaps you can show me how some of this is done next time?" she said as she shook the offered hand gleefully.

“I’d be more than happy too.” Louis replied letting go of her hand he made to leave but stopped at the door reaching into his back pocket and pulled out a small business card and offered it to her “A little old fashion but my friend taught me a physical card leaves a bigger impression.” He said.

She gladly accepted the card, looking over type face, and admiring the fine layout of the card's business ad. Pocketing it, she thought for a second before offering back, "Would you like my number? Seems only fair since I have your's now."

“Sure, that sounds fair to me.” Louis said pulling out his basic communicator, folded it open, and offered it to her.

Araena gave a smile before looking at the screen, her irises glowing faintly for a brief moment. A pop-up with a alert that the contact info had been added would pop up on the cell. "There ya go, I can receive calls, or messages at any time."

Folding the communicator closed he put it in his pocket “Great, looking forward to seeing you again.” Louis said as he turned to leave, giving Araena a small wave goodbye.

Like wise, the wolf girl waved farewell for now, before leaving the clubroom herself. Looking at the time on her HUD, it was actually a bit later now then she thought. Who knew worrying over someone could make the hours fly. The girl began to head home, deciding her plans for the evening.

The reporter walked off the campus heading back to his apartment before getting a call from the NDCB letting him know about a piece they wanted him to cover. Louis stopped and thought it over for a few minutes before thinking of the wolf girl's words, and face when she pouted, and declined the work before hanging up and continuing home.