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Worldbuilding Wednesday #11: The Slammer


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Welcome back to Star Army's Worldbuilding Wednesdays! A new way to expand the Star Army universes with your imagination and ideas!

The concept of this forum goes like this:
  • Every week, on Wednesday, we post a question about the SARPiverse
  • During the week, Star Army players can creatively answer the question with their ideas
  • Star Army players can also upvote other responses they like
  • We work the top ideas into our lore!
Today's Worldbuilding writing prompt comes from me:
  • Describe previously undescribed jails, prisons, or forms of punishment in the Star Army universe.
Please submit your ideas below! Responses can be voted on so try to include everything in one post!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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I figure with the sheer amount of people in this setting traditional *jails* where people sit around in cells are less common.

For nep, i have created the brig of a ship. But that's less a prison or permanent means of incarceration and more for the punishment of crew that has committed a crime. What they also have, and which i plan on expanding on for nep more, is cry-pods.

Where being put on ice has a new meaning. If your crime is severe enough like murder (petty crimes with short sentences would likely get traditional lockup time, why freeze and unfreeze them for just a couple months?) you get frozen away for the duration of your crime in an NPF cryo-prison.

I have yet to decide or figure out how this serves as a good alternative other than cost and space, perhaps the incarcerated is never truly asleep? Or maybe its a dreamless and traumatic experience that really makes you want to avoid such a thing in the future? Or maybe theres some kind of machine-learning aspect that implants reformative thought patterns into your head?

Dunno yet.

For cannon instalations, Nep has Dejection for the IPG. And another which i cant remember and need to expand on which is an NPF underground maximum security prison in the middle of nowhere on a barren world covered in poisonous fog and mist~
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Separa'Shan do not have prisons*.

*However, many criminals unwilling to face corporal punishment are sent to Monasteries that act effectively as prisons. Crimes result in what is translated as a 'Grievance'. Grievances may be bought and sold. For most crimes, punishments are swift and either monetary or corporeal and may involve performing labor for the person with the Grievance. If a convicted person doesn't want to face their punishment, then they may run and effectively be cut off from Separa'Shan society. Templar and the person who owns the Grievance are allowed to hunt down the criminal to bring them back for punishment. Bounty hunters may be employed for this. However, if a Criminal takes refuge in a monastery, then they may not be taken from monastery grounds without the permission of the monastery. Typically, this means that they have to follow the monastic way of life while staying there. The monks may then either act as mediators altering the punishment or acquire the Grievance themselves.

This system can make the Separa'Shan justice system seem confusing to an outside observer. However, over time the system has been streamlined and influenced by Yamatai's justice system. While a criminal might see the choice between getting a whipping and spending time at a monastery-'prison' as being perfunctory, it holds deep tradition and meaning. The Separa'Shan justice system is much more interested in restorative justice than retributive justice. This also leads to a quirk of their justice system, a prisoner may leave a prison they don't like and go to a prison they would prefer if they can evade law enforcement while doing so.
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I was thinking of a possible unique form of punishment for Yamatai (or anyone with ST tech for that matter). Since bodies can be recreated fairly easily in-verse, a criminal has their mind ST'd into a "virtual cube", an avatar created with the data so they don't just wake up 25 years later (learning nothing), and their body recycled. I could only image the kind of horrors (or club med) that could be inflicted on the individual while they are in the virtual space. The virtual cubes can be air-gapped to make sure they don't try to pull some AI-like take over.

Just something that came to mind when cryo-pods were mentioned.
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Commissar Farzi

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Welp, time to put my two cents in:

The Company doesn't typically hold prisoners unless explicitly ordered to, either that or they could get into trouble with the local government if they carry out justice themselves. But in the event they are required to hold prisoners, most of the time it is a simple interment camp or a room that's been re-purposed until local authorities can pick them up. In the event they are forced to transport prisoners-they are thrown into a cramped, sound-proofed, air tight, unlit container with an independent oxygen supply-no light, no sound, and an absolutely claustrophobic environment may at times can have an effect on someone, often requiring a soldier to have either a cattle-prod or a dart gun loaded up with enough sedatives that it can knock out a Neko hopped on whatever passes as space crack in the setting.

The rather temporary nature of the internment camps or the unusual means of transport are mainly for logistics reasons-though the containers need to be prepped ahead of time, however it doesn't mean they can't hold people long term if needed. The facilities are just made a little more permanent.

In the event that local governments are unable, uncaring, or just simply out of their jurisdiction and they have the facilities to hold them, the company will administer judgement themselves-chances are if they caught the person in question, they were probably in the process of or had just finished commiting the crime and they had more than ample proof of it. Thieves depending on what they've stolen will receive punishment in two forms; Theft of food, especially out of desperation, would simply see them interned and put to work to understand the meaning of 'Earning your bread', along with learning a useful skill or two so they don't have to steal anymore. Attempts at breaking and entering, stealing a vehicle or mugging would see one's hands broken or put in a stockade and whatever goods that were stolen confiscated, repeat offenses may earn one a similar fate to those stealing food, though likely it being simple heavy labor, along with a brand marking them as thief. More serious crimes, such as murder usually result in being executed-usually via beheading or hanging, though not always.

And since no one's mentioned it yet-in the case of war criminals...the person in question better hope they die in their attempt to capture them they have orders to bring them back in one piece, otherwise it's gonna be a long day there friend.
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