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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

SACN: Orders Yamamoto, Trowa


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Jôtô Heisho Yamamoto, Trowa

1. You are hereby ordered to report to YSS Aeon II NG-X1-409A,

2. You have been authorized transport to join the YSS Aeon II

Ise Katae - Taisa
Commander, 1XF 7th Squadron


"YEEHAA!" Exclaimed Trowa has he read the orders again. His little girl, Elanor Aeon, looked up from the floor in alarm where she had been playing with her Daisy armor doll. Trowa picked up his daughter and started dancing around the room with her. His wife came in the room with her looking expectant, not sure if her husband had received good news or stubbed his toe again. "I've got my orders" Trowa explained with an ear to ear grin as he showed wife and daughter the paper. "I'm finally going to rejoin the Aeon! Or rather the Aeon II!" "Oh!" Exclaimed his wife with a bitter-sweet look. She was excited about her husband orders. She knew how much he loved his first ship and how he had mourned and regretted her going down when he wasn't there. However she didn't want to lose her husband to a long tour where he might be gone years at a time. But Estrella was a soldiers wife, she knew this was always a possibility of happening when they were married. It just hadn't happened yet.

Little Aeon asked, "Are you going on a ship daddy?" Trowa carried her over to the ship model of a Plumeria-class ship over mantel. "Yes, daddy is going to be serving on one of these. As a matter of fact, the ship daddy is going to be on has the same name as you. Aeon." Elanor Aeon smiled "That's a good name for a ship. Can I come too?" Trowa shook his head looking at Estrella. "You need to stay here and watch out for Mommy. She's going to need your help while daddy is away. Can you do that for me?" Elanor Aeon nodded. Estrella came over and kissed her husband. "You better acknowledge the orders. I'll get your uniforms pressed tomorrow and sow on your new assignment patch. I can't have any husband of mine reporting out of uniform."

Trowa took one last look at the model ship before pushing send on his device.

Jôtô Heisho Yamamoto, Trowa
Acknowledge orders.