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RP [Yamatai/Reds] Bump in the Darkness


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RP Date
YE 45.4
RP Location
Mwigflukbajik System
When word of the Yamatai Star Empire had purchased the system from the Greens, more then a few locals on Fujiko became very interested in making a name for themselves. Rich in salvage, even old tech was enough to boost the Reds rather meager techbase or possess materials the Yamataians were rumored to want that could be sold to.

Several salvage and mining corporations such as Oxide Orbital Operations, Scrap Spirits Salvage, and Red Stone Mining. But starting a company was one thing, getting the capital to actually make it operational was an entirely matter. With Yamataian banks not wanting to touch them due to the past history of the Reds, none of them got off the ground. But that changed this month.

With the goal of improving the economic condition of the Fujiko Region, the Fujiko Development Corporation's Fujiko Industrial Management started issuing out grants to local corporations. The only catch being that all salvage was for the FDC with the salvagers getting a flat reward by tonnage plus 20% of what they find. Remains were to be respected and reported with harsh penalties enacted for those that ignore the sacred status the location has to many Nekos in the Empire. While some balked at the "leash" on them, but most were happy to the chance for adventure and to work with their hands.

And adventure was likely to be had. While the system was under the control of the Yamatai Star Empire, the Greens were still allowed to travel to and within the system unhindered. While some might be worried that the Greens and Reds being that close to each other would cause an issue, others believed it was time for the two to finally more on with their lives.

Suzuki Akira thought that might be part of the reason she and her crew were given a permit from the Yamataians. While she certainly thought her retired status might have helped mitigate whatever reservations others might have had, she was hired by the Fujiko Development Corporation to train Reds how to function "properly" in the sector. A cause of concern for some hardline Yamataians.

Sitting in the captain's seat of the ISS Eternity, a Nuwa Class Multipurpose Frigate she had bought from Ryu Heavy Industries at a 10% discount (due to her retired status), Akira watched as the bridge crew watched the various activities the Eternity was involved with in the system.

The Fujiko Development Corporation and Yamtaian Star Empire flagged ship was currently stationkeeping next to a former Kyoto Class Carrier. Split in half, it would take a lot of work to determine where the other half of the ship had drifted off to over the decades.

"Alright, team, let's get to work," Ashton Hayes' voice echoed in their comms as they exited the Xuanwu Shuttle that ferried them from the Eternity. "Remember, this is a Kyoto class we're dealing with. There is likely nothing worth remaining here considering the armored hull has been stripped already."

That did not seem to dampen the spirit of the team as they went about their tasks, the whirring of machinery and the occasional radio chatter the only sounds breaking the silence. Or it would if there were in an atmosphere. Suddenly, Radcliff's voice broke the monotony. "Guys, I'm picking up an energy signature... It's weak, but it's definitely there. Could it be from a power cell?" Radcliff Henry asked, excitement clear in his voice.

"Maybe," Ashley Hall responded. "But it's unusual. Power cells usually discharge entirely after this long."

Marcus Harris, always the jokester, chipped in. "Well, let's hope it's not a Mishhu the previous salvagers had missed or a self-destruct mechanism that didn't go off, huh?"

The team chuckled nervously at his dark humor, but a sense of unease began to settle in.

Hiromi Sato chimed in once the chuckling subsided. "Let's not jump to conclusions. It could be nothing. Or it could be something valuable. Either way, we need to find it."

The team agreed, and the tension eased slightly. Yoshi, trained the most on the new EnviroPro Environment Scanner, moved deeper with the rest of the team into the carrier. Guided by the readings from the device, they paid attention to their surroundings for any signs of trouble. Most of the team were Reds hired by the FDC with history with salvaging or as fieldcraft specialists.

Ashton Hayes was an experienced salvager, with a decades-long career had taken him to the farthest reaches of the Kikyo Sector. He was naturally placed as the team leader, always calm and composed.

Hiromi Sato was a stoic, hardworking NH-29 Neko that was created to serve the NMX. But a chance encounter with a Nepleslian Red saved her and her fellow platoon mates (once they were incapacitated) and opened their eyes to the truth of service with the NMX. She had an unwavering commitment to the team and the Nepleslian Reds as a whole.

Ashley Hall was a soft-spoken, methodical individual. He was the chief user of the EnviroPro Environment Scanner due to his science and technical expertise implanted at birth. He also had a RHI VariPanel that were linked to his M9's DAWN AI and every EnviroPro each teammember possessed.

Marcus Harris is a meticulous and focused individual. A former marksman for the old Red Star Army, one of the 3 CutaMax Precision Laser Cutters was naturally given to him. None of them had to worry about him accidently hitting something he shouldn't despite his team clown status with the dark humor he often spreads to point out obvious logical causes of situations.

Rounding out the salvage team was Kenta Yamamoto an operator of one of the four Noval Heavy Industries Ministructs, was the strong silent type. Miyuki Abe was a quick thinker and filled the role of the team's navigator. And Radcliff Henry was the team's tech expert, tasked with analyzing and retrieving any useful tech from the carrier.

As they approached the source of the signature, the team's anticipation grew. They had no idea what they would find, but they knew one thing - this was not going to be a typical salvage operation.

The team carefully navigated the dead corridors of the ship, the ambient lights of their M9 Motive Exoskeletons being the only source of light casting shadows in the torn and dented metal walls. They moved in formation in silence for awhile before Ashton's voice cut through the silence.

"Stay sharp, everyone. We don't know what's causing that signature yet." feeling the need to state the obvious to the team. The tension among them was starting to build with the silence.

Ashley, with the EnviroPro, kept his gaze locked on the scanner's screen, squinting as he tried to interpret the cryptic readings. His eyebrows furrowed as the readings fluctuated. "The signature is... it's changing. Fluxing, like it's not entirely stable."

The EnviroPro started to flash indicating the presence of an atmospheric retention forcefield placed on the door at the end of the corridor. Invisible to the naked eye, the energy signature was clear.

"Sir, I am detecting an atmospheric retention forcefield ahead." Ashley finally said once he was sure the scanner was not giving false readings. That bit of news automatically had Ashton raise his fist to indicate everyone freeze right where they are.

"Is it the signature that we were tracking earlier?"

"No, this is a steady but weak signal. If I might speculate, perhaps someone has activated on of the back up aether reactors or poorly patched up the main quantum reactors?" Ashley said, try to figure what was going on.

"Eternity, Salvage Team 7 here. Are you picking up any energy signatures from this wreck?" Ashton said after switching from the team channel to the command channel.
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