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RP [Yamatai] Star Army Career Counseling (YE 43)


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RP Date
4月 YE 43
RP Location
Yamatai, Kyoto
The "Star Army Career Counseling Program" was established by Taisho Ketsurui-Shinujuku late last year to help Star Army personnel have more control of their careers. But the first interviews had been delayed for various reasons until now, one of them being the lack of properly trained clerks to carry out the tasks.

While one does not need to be a SAINT operative, it does require a high degree of interpersonal skills most clerks lack. But one clerk located in Star Army HQ seems eager to pilot the program and act as a guinea pig on what needs to be trained.

Within a room of the Type 32 Spire serving as the Star Army HQ, a violet eyed Joto Hei looks out the window and looks over the miliary district and the distant civilian half of Kyoto. Behind her is a large desk with a tea set currently boiling water and a volumetric display currently displaying a rotating Hinomaru. In the corner of the room, a display could be seen with the ship patch of the YSS Kaiyo II and unit patch of the Giretsu Century of the 4th Legion.

With it being a pilot program, appointments were not assigned making it a first come, first served situation. So she had no idea who would come through that door at any moment. How exciting!


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starship operator Kawa Kinie transparent.png

A petite catgirl-soldier dressed in a Type 35 uniform with 'starship gray' panels appeared in the doorway. She had short black hair and dark red eyes. "Ah! Hello! Is this place for the career counseling? I'm Kawa Kinie Shoi Kohosei, and I need help making a career plan."