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RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 42)

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RP Date
YE 42
RP Location
Kyoto, Yamatai
At the edge of Kyoto's military district, where the white marble buildings of governmental Central Kyoto and the glassy skyscrapers of civilian East Kyoto met the blocky gray castle buildings and tall war-spires of military West Kyoto was a hulking fortress built out of its own rubble in YE 25 after Elysians half-destroyed it in YE 24. Its walls were made of stones the size of cars and it was three stories in height with very defensively-narrow windows, a roofline of jagged parapets and multi-barreled gun turrets, and a large arched entrance with gleaming brass-clad doors large enough to drive a fire truck through and thick enough to stop a nuclear blast. Above the castle's entrance a burn-blacked block was engraved "ARMY OF UESUREYA" but a larger sign out front in a modern modern font face said "STAR ARMY OF YAMATAI - RECRUITING DEPOT - MILITARY DISTRICT OF KYOTO." The areas near the door were plastered with recruiting posters urging people to "ENLIST INSIDE!"

People from all over the Yamatai Star Empire and beyond were joining the Star Army to fight in the Kuvexian War. There were the sons and relatives of veterans who were there to defend Yamatai during its time of need. There were people who wanted to make a difference for good in a dangerous universe. There were people joining for the reliable work, money or education. There were random aliens and immigrants joining to earn their citizenship and the privileges it got them, like housing and universal income. And maybe some just wanted a shot at blowing a Kuvexian or Rixxikor's head off with an aether saber-rifle. Whatever the reason they were there, the recruiting center was a bustling place of activity.

Shuffling through the crowds led to a security screening checkpoint operated by military police including several Nekovalkyrja, some in power armor, and a huge bear-like Kohanian. Those who had been cleared ended up in a large lobby area filled with bored people sitting in moderate musky recycled starship chairs. It was lined with viewscreens showing informational videos about the various available job occupations of the Star Army of Yamatai. A series of electronic signs gave directions to the applicants, who were all assigned ticket numbers, whose numbers were being called over the intercom. A row of vending machines lined one of the walls ready to dispense snacks, soda, or hot drinks, but the coffee aroma from the vending machine only partially masked the room that smelled primarily like sweat and dusty carpet.
Sitting uncomfortably in the lobby, Kyle would sit in between a large Nepleslian and a strange looking alien fellow with a face full of tentacles. Seemingly squid-like in appearance, however didn't bother staring too long. As he did not want to draw too much attention towards himself. It would be a few weeks after returning back home, and he was already anxious about the recruiters, mostly because he's just not too use to talking to people yet. A tad shy, but this is something that he's been wanting to do since he was 15.

With him, Kyle brought his medical files, all forms of identification, pencils, pens, paper, a notepad full of questions that he wrote out the week prior, and whatever else he stuffed into his backpack for the day. This would include snacks, batteries, a few water bottles, and a new VR headset that he got to replace his old one. Although kept that as a memento to when he hacked into a Section 6(New Dusk Conclave) Mech with only his VR headset and a tablet.

As he sat there, he would look down at his small telecommunication device, watching videos about Star Army occupations and what exactly each occupation entails. It was a tad overwhelming for him as he sat there looking mostly confused as what he wanted to do. Thinking to himself, 'I could be a pilot due to my on job training from the NDC... but I could also be a researcher... IT... Combatant...' Letting out a sigh of defeat he mumbled, "Why is enlisting so hard..." His glasses drooping down his nose slightly as he slumped forward.
While Kyle was waiting for his number to be called, a silky-haired brunette foxgirl sat directly across from him in on one of the old starship chairs, her lean form dressed in tiny jean shorts and a tank top that kinda showed her nipples. She had huge pointy ears on top of her head and a luxuriously fluffy tail that was rather large. When he looked up, she and him made eyes contact.

"Hey," she gave a little wave. She looked a little nervous.

Meanwhile there was a little bit of a commotion as people heard that the famous admiral, Hanako, was supposedly in the building, from someone who had spotted her in one of the hallways. It seemed like there were a lot of people with opinions about her.
A light blush brushed across his face as the girl waved at him. Not use to people, much less women saying anything to him. Kyle would give a nervous smirk and slowly sit back up, "H-Hey..." He said, looking a bit anxious. That would also be the time his gaze spotted her 'dilemma' with her shirt, and quickly looking back down to his phone. Kyle's initial pink blush turning a darker shade of red, as he was caught off guard by her clothing.

A moment later, he'd hear people getting all excited, however decided against not getting up and joining the crowd of chatter. Once the name Hanako reached him, it didn't mean anything to him. As Kyle didn't have the slightest of clues on who they were or why they were popular, only that he should probably not get in their way, knowing how many Admirals in the fleet from Yamataian History were. Despite his extensive knowledge on Yamataian History, she was one Admiral he did not hear of, so it must have been a promotion that happened while he was away being held by the NDC.

Letting out a sigh, he'd slowly turn back up to the Anthro woman that said hello to him and said, "S-So... what brings you t-to enlist?" Initiating the conversation, since he would have to learn how to communicate well with others at some point in his life if he was ever going to get a job in the Army. Either that or get a family again, however the thought of his children just made his mind fall quiet.
"Who, me?" asked the Fox-girl. "I have to serve a tour in the Star Army to get my Yamataian citizenship. They didn't make me do it immediately but I have to start by YE 46, so I figured I might as well do it now. I was kind of hoping the war would be over but it seems to only be getting worse. Hopefully I won't have to get into direct combat if I can get into a support position. I fix things so I plan to apply as a technician. I just spent a couple years on an Origin ship as a contractor doing salvage work. OIF Reaper. The way I see it, 3 years in the Star Army is a bargain for the lifetime of benefits. I will finally be able to have my own home, for one."

"Now serving B-469," a voice called on the intercom. The large Nepleslian man next to Kyle gathered his few belongings and headed for one of the counters with a B above it. A whiff of body odor accompanied him and the chair he'd left behind vaguely smelled like stale farts from the thousands of butts it had probably supported.

One of the vending machines hummed aggressively as it decided to cool its sodas harder, and someone coughed nearby, just often enough that people were starting to move away from him and avoid him. A punk listened to aethersperm on headphones turned up so loud that the lyrics were audible to those nearby. Another young applicant stormed out of the back cursing up a storm and flipping everyone off after being rejected for his criminal record. Eventually the Kodian security guard had to intimidate him into leaving.
"Oh? So we're b-both in similar boats. I-I was kidnapped for two y-years, just got back two weeks ago. I'll tell you what, Osman and Sirris VI are not fun places... I actually died at the latter..." He chuckled nervously, then adding, "Hopefully they'll know where to shove me, b-but I-I think you'll get a position in L-Logistics. A-After all, the main line st-still needs it's supplies." Kyle gave her a boyish grin, as he felt a little better taking his mind off of being in the recruiters. However was cut off as he attempted to say something else. The abrupt interruption from the unruly man bursting out and shouting profanity made him chuckle. He was forced more or less to live around deplorable people for a long time, so it just seemed humorous and idiotic by him. "Heh... he's certainly an interesting character..." He mumbled to himself before turning back to the Anthro's feet.

Fortunately, Kyle was lucky enough to have not done anything illegal, even when he was held by the owners of Osman and Sirris VI. Keeping himself as clean as possible with his permanent record, not even having a petty theft to his name. The only thing that could have any weight against him was his traumatic past, however, he wielded with him his manila folder. This folder having as much power as the Yamataian First Fleet, being capable of overwriting any corrupt politician or admiral from touching him. It was the most powerful weapon in the universe, at least to Kyle. As within this file was his medical files that proved he was medically capable of joining the Star army. Written on the outside it said in Seraphim, "The Magnum Opis".
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A snake-dude slithered by between Kylie and the fox-woman, who still hadn't given her name.

"I'm actually going to to apply for a position as a starship technician," she told Kyle once the person had passed by. Her voice was incredibly smooth sounding. "My experience in in engineering and I have already been part of a starship crew. I want to start my own starship garage someday and this is going to be good experience and a steady check plus the citizenship I need."

"Now serving...B-470 and A-191," the announcer called out. Kyle's number, B-471, was next.
"Ah, well that's c-certainly one hell of a dream. Hopefully you get your dream... I on the other hand want to go back to that one man I meet a while back and see if I can join them... maybe get another purpose after Yamatai. I don't want to stay here forever- I want to travel, one of the major reasons I wanted to join!" He chuckled nervously before saying, "Oh yeah- I'm Kyle, Kyle Dee." He introduced himself, offering out his hand.

While he communicated with this attractive woman, he was also having to attend mind to the intercom, as so he wouldn't miss his number and have to get another ticket.
"Giada Nuñez," the fox-woman replied.

"Now serving...B-471," the intercom announced.

When he arrived at the counter he was escorted to an interview room where a teal-haired admiral with big golden eyes sat at one end of a long table with a handful of other Star Army soldiers around her, one of whom told Kyle, "this interview is being recorded." The Admiral was wearing her Type 35 Duty Uniform in the "class A formal" configuration, which meant it was worn with medals and awards, and her ribbon rack looked like a catalogue of ribbons there were so many.

"Good morning," the admiral greeted Kyle, "I am Hanako-Chujo, Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel. I am currently here on a fact-finding mission to see the recruiting process and participate in parts of it. This is Ittô Heisho James Guerrero, recruiter, and Santo Hei Yamazaki Chinatsu, police officer." James Guerrero was a serious-looking, tanned Yamataian clerk with bright green eyes and wavy black hair wearing wearing a Type 35 duty uniform. His face was slightly aged-looking. Santo Hei Yamazaki Chinatsu was a slender chocolate brown NH-29 military police officer with cryptic teal eyes and feathered blue hair. She was dressed in a worn Type 35 Duty Uniform with a skirt and boots and equipped with a Type 33 NSP and a Type 32 Trauma Kit.

"Please state your name, place of birth, and date of birth," Guerrero said. "Are you a citizen of Yamatai?"
Sitting down, he took a deep breath after seeing three people there. After all, why three for just recruiting, unless they're trying to pull more people with this 'Hanako' Who apparently is a popular Admiral.

"Name is Kyle Ian Dee, I was born YE 20, I was born on a space station called Transit-B100 in Yamataian space." He then set down all of his files and identification in front of him, keeping his backpack next to him as he sat down. He smirked nervously as he then answered, "Y-Yes, I am Yamataian... Just got my papers back two weeks ago after escaping my captors, known to call themselves the New Dusk Conclave and the ISS-Brimstone." He tapped the files in front of him to refer to as his forms if ID.
"I am not familiar with that space station," Hanako noted, which was unusual since she had been routinely crossing back and fourth across Yamataian space since roughly that time. "Where was that located?" she asked.

"Also, you said you were held captive by a government? Were you a criminal there or something?" Guerrero added. "Was that a traumatic experience for you?" he asked. "Are you aware that the NDC is an ally of the Yamatai Star Empire and that we currently have an officer exchange program with them?"

Meanwhile the neko cop's eyes went straight to the backpack and she opened a panel on the wall, grabbed some sort of molecular scanner, and pointed the scanner directly at it to see the contents.
The officer would find basic contents mentioned earlier within the backpack. Nothing dangerous, unless water is poison. Noticing this he joked, "Heh... That reminds me of when I gained access to that Mech with nothing but my VR headset and a tablet... but I digress." He shook his head before getting back on topic, "Transit-B100 is a small trading station out in the western territories of Yamataian space. My mother was caught off guard with my unexpected early coming and was forced to give birth to me there in the medical bay." Kyle sighed as he knew the next one was going to be a bit difficult to explain, "No, I was kidnapped two years ago from Planet Yamatai, my current place of resident at the time. A man named Kessler Ryzka was the one to take me. I was on both Osman and Sirris VI. I'm sure I could go into much greater details, such as my parents being a part of a cult called the Crimson Corporation." Shaking his head he moved on, "Whatever happened in my past doesn't affect my psychological state to hinder my performance in participating in society or the military. I have the medical paperwork to prove it. And on the topic of them being an ally, yes, I know. Which is why I chose to return back home, and not to the place who kidnapped me and left me for dead." He concluded, "Are there any further questions on my time that I was kept from the empire?"
"Do you know your actual date of birth and legal age?" asked Guerrero. "To clarify, you have full Yamataian citizenship already, correct? Are you currently employed by any foreign government or military? Have you been employed by one in the past? Also do you have a criminal record in any nation or are under investigation or accusation of any crimes? Have you been a member of any religious or political group or any gang in the last ten years?" the recruiter asked. "Were you in this Crimson Corporation?"

"Where are these from?" Hanako asked as she took the medical paperwork and read the contents. "Hmm. Have you ever been diagnosed with or had reason to believe you had a physical, mental, or other disability mental illness, behavioral issue, or substance addiction?"

"Ever killed someone?" the low-ranking police officer chimed in, which caused Hanako to give her a look.
The bombardment of questions nearly fried his brain, however he had to keep up and truck through it. ‘It’s just questions Kyle, you know all of this, you’re fine.’ He thought.

“I was born 6-29-20, sorry for not giving the full date of birth. Yes, I am a full citizen, I was born with citizenship. —“ He pauses, “I don’t think the NDC gave me citizenship... however my memory is a bit fuzzy on some parts of my timewith them. Days just blend together sometimes.” Kyle took a deep breath as he tapped his chin, keeping up with all of the questions, “No, I have no criminal record,it’s perfectly clean. Even with my- experience... I have no criminal record with anyone. Crap, ask Kyro is you think I’m a criminal. I’ve never been under investigation, I’ve never been diagnosed or have had any medical disorders. The medical files are from a Star Army Standard Medical Center on Yamatai.”

It was when he got to that last question, the one the officer asked, he froze his breath and hesitated. “I... I did have to defend myself while on Osman... I... I killed monsters in a mech. People on the other hand, only when my life was in true danger. I did defend myself once, when my life was in danger...”He went quiet, remembering that mission too well, “Then... no, I don’t kill anyone on Sirris. I was kidnapped by Crimson, not a part of them. I despise them, however, I hold no grudge for a dead organization that doesn’t exist on the map anymore.” He finished his statement. He figured that his life of honesty and lack of aggression would have him clean. Mentioning the only time that he had ever to kill someone freaked him out. However, he knew it was not malicious. He knew, he did it to keep himself alive, that he had to or else he would have died. Something that Kyle believed someone would have to be able to do in order to join the Star Army. So after a moment of processing his thought, he relaxed again, and fixed his posture.

“Right- and the last one on occupation. I was employed to be a systems assistant by NDC to aid them in civilian grade technology. Other than that- I’m currently unemployed since I’m over qualified for anything I have tried... Guess Nuclear and Quantum mechanics in education is a bit much for someone to be flipping burgers.” He chuckled.
"Not in the Star Army," Guerrero chuckled. He glanced down at a Type 33 data pad. "Do you have over 1,000,000 KS in net worth including real estate and stocks? Do you have any outstanding debts over 10,000 KS? How long do you plan to stay in the Star Army and what do you plan to do afterwards? Have you ever spoken to a Mishhuvurthyar, Kuvexian, or their known allies?"

"How loyal do you consider yourself towards Yamatai, and what drives and earns your loyalty?" Hanako asked. "Do not worry, we will run out of questions soon," she added with a warm smile. "Do you have a preferred occupation in mind?"
Deciding to answer backwards he laughed, “Guess my brother would kill me if I said Infantry or any sort of combat role. To be honest, there are so many options that I’m a bit stuck. I- I know war theory, so I could join combat. I’m not opposed to it as an option. But I’m sure you’re techies are more interested in a 22 year old with Quantum Mechanics and Electrical Engineering under his belt more... I honestly could choose anything, so I don’t know. I don’t have a preference, other than wanting to be able to travel. A nerd who knows how to shoot I guess...” he chuckled. “I’d love to invent a new jump drive or something for you, it’s been a while since I’ve brought up some ideas. But- yeah,”

Turning back to the recruiter he then asked them, “If anything I’m broke, not rich or in debt. I want to be able to Improve myself as well as Yamatai since, after seeing Osman, Dovania, and NDC, I can definitely see that the low tech factions have a few good ideas that I’ve snagged. I’d say I’m as loyal to Yamatai as I am human, 100%. A rare thing but my family wasn’t affected by YE04. I want to eventually have a family again, maybe stay in the military till death since I’m not very inclined to start a business.”

“And as far as the enemy, I’ve only heard stories... Maybe I got A bit of a close call with Misshu being discovered by the NDC, but I’ve never meet one or have spoken with one.” He stated, then looked down at his notes, “I do have one question though- What do you want me to be? Since I’m not very inclined to have a bias, I wanted to hear what you think I’m best as.”
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"It sounds like your experience could set you up for success in our technical and engineering program," Hanako said, "Do you have any sort of diploma or degree?" she asked.

"And are you able to start right away?" Guerrero asked. Everything sounds good so far and we could use as many soldiers as we can get to send the Kuvexians back where they came from.

"Particularly with the size of our new dreadnaughts," Hanako agreed with Guerrero. "They are whole cities in space."
“Wouldn’t be my first time fixing around in a space city. And yeah! I don’t have anything keeping me planetside. So if you want to ship me out today then I have everything with me...” he gestured down to his backpack, “Didn’t really bother buying too much...” he laughed nervously, “I mean, if you want to make me a combat engineer than I’m more than happy to play a mixed role. Whatever you need me for! Sadly the only diploma I have is for graduating high school. I attended college classes, but the rest was self education.”

Kyle smiles as he felt like he passed, only having one question on his mind as he gestured to Hanako, “And ah- people seem to talk about you a lot... who are you? Ifind it weird that an Admiral would bother with recruitment unless it wassome sort of publicity stunt.”
"If you recall, I introduced myself at the start of this interview," Hanako reminded Kyle. "Attention to detail will be important during your training. My name is Hanako. Ketsurui Shinjuku Hinosami Hanako. I am the Deputy Director of Star Army Personnel. I am best known for being captain of the YSS Eucharis, YSS Sakura, and YSS Nozomi, for saving Lor from being annihilated by the Mishhuvurthyar, for leading the attack on the Freespacers after they conspired with the Mishhuvurthyar, for leading the attack against NMX headquarters to end the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. First contact with the Kodians, charting the HX-series star systems and discovering a planet they named after me. I am...still not ringing any bells, am I? That is alright."

"How about adopted daughter of Empress Yui, the commander of the Star Army of Yamatai," Guerrero suggested.

Hanako slid him a data pad with the Star Army Enlistment Contract on it. "We should stay focused. If you want to join, you should sign the lines on this contract and then we will administer the Star Army Oath and you can proceed with the next steps including Star Army Medical exams and getting your first orders. A standard term of enlistment is three years and includes your initial training. If you have any reservations you should stop now, for once you sign and recite the oath you will be a member of the Star Army of Yamatai."
Taking the tablet, he would read over the entire contract before signing it, quickly sliding his gaze across every line to make sure that he didn't miss anything. "Alright- and there you have it." Kyle said as he signed the tablet with his finger, looking then saying, "Right- I have never heard of you before today... but cool though- must be weird being a princess. Lord knows I was almost a prince once... not fun times..." He said, throwing out that quick tidbit of information to the weird political system of the NDC, where he was by technicality almost or close to royalty. However he never understood how they completely operated.

"Okay, all signed. Cool background and history though, wish I knew who you were, kind of lived under a rock and was kidnapped for two years, so my knowledge on Yamataian military might have faded. Still, I guess it's an honour?"
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