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Approved Submission [Yamatai] Task Force Inquisition


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Submission Type: Task Force
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FM Approved Yet? No @Wes, but he said the combined plot was a good idea
Faction requires art? ???

For Reviewers:
Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? Yes, mentions a Dreadnought
Contains New art? No
Previously Submitted? No

The IC fleet that'll be used in the Orochi Squadron and Ninth Legion plots, since they'll be together and it makes sense to make a Task Force for it.

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Well, the Izanagi's still not approved yet.

Also what's with the name of the task force?

It's unclear what they're actually doing in regards to the Rixxikor. Most of the Rixxikor colonists are civilian refugees.
It's unclear what they're actually doing in regards to the Rixxikor. Most of the Rixxikor colonists are civilian refugees.
It will be discovered that the Graxlat have taken up residence on Skadi, and are once again working with at least some Rixxikor that followed them there. They are salvaging all the old SAoY 4th Fleet & Mishhu equipment/bases left behind to outfit a hefty privateering force right under Yamatai's nose in a very key strategic location at the South Gate, and need to be dealt with before they begin attacking vital Imperial shipping routes.
I would like to remind everyone that this is the article for the fleet and not the plot connected to it. This is just approving the existence of these ships and their task.

The name is because they're checking for "less than satisfactory" elements that may have come up on planets (to put it lightly) and then stopping them from spreading.

The Dreadnought has been removed.
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They have the jurisdiction to deploy and fight on systems officially within the control of Yamatai Star Empire space, unlike most other bodies of the Star Army of Yamatai.
Is that actually true? Star Army fleets are stationed to specific regions within the empire where they routinely undertake a full breadth of operations within their assigned space. And there have been many historical RP instances of the Star Army operating inside imperial space; Hanako and her crew being instrumental to dismantling the PNUgen threat on Planet Yamatai itself immediately comes to mind, though there are countless others that could be cited.

It's neat flavor but doesn't seem to match the reality of the Star Army. We've never had any equivalent of the Posse Comitatus Act in Yamatai as far as I'm aware.

EDIT: Here's what the wiki says about the SAoY's "Area of Operation."
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Ah I assumed that like any IRL army or navy, as a whole it can't do internal policing of their nation's territory unless given specific clearance (unless martial law is declared). IRL it stops things like military dictatorships but obviously SARP doesn't suffer the same issues that would incur IRL so it's moot to have differing jurisdictions. I'll edit that out now. Please proceed with the review.
Well, it's more that the Star Army is permitted to pursue military threats against the Empire within Yamataian territory than it is "internal policing." SAoY isn't going to be investigating and breaking up sentient trafficking rings because crime's not their job (though they may certainly be involved in a support role somehow), but they're totally allowed to slay Mishhu without special permission from some civilian authority.

Anyway, I've got nothing else to say so l8rz.