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Yamatai News (YINN) [YINN] Hidden Sun Clan launches colonization vessel


TCS Urufu, World Station

The image appears, and a Yamataian female with short raven black hair is seen standing in front of large view port. Behind her the World Station is set against the glow of the Soul of the Divine Across the bottom of the screen Cassandra Roberts YINN Reporter scrolls by. Her pale blue eyes look straight into the camera and the reporter starts to speak.

"Hello, I am Cassandra Roberts speaking to you from one of the conference rooms about the Urufu. This is the Flagship of the Tamahagane Corporation which has been in trade negotiations with the clan.

But that is not the story I am bringing to you today.

A short while ago we received a copy of a broadcast by Clan Leader Tarbah Leyto. We have a translated copy of the transmission which will play for you now."

The image of Cassandra is replaced with that of Tarbah as she makes her speech.
Mui Tarbah Leyto Speaking to the Clan -Today we fulfill Kotoz Mui's promise.

After the playback is complete the image of Tarbah freezes and shrinks to a small image to the side of Cassandra.

"Now we have been told that the ship in question will be launching shortly. While we wait for a sign that it is starting. The ship we are going to see is one of fifteen that the clan built to escape destruction. Of those fifteen three were lost during their fifty year journey. The clan has kept these ships in operational readiness in the event that abandoning the World Station was ever necessary."

Cassandra looks off screen, then back to the camera.

"I have just been informed that the launch has begun. We are positioned outside of the berth for the ship, and we are going to switch to external cameras."

The image closes on one of the points of the World Station. A pair of massive doors fills the display. The surface of the the doors is pitted with centuries of exposure to space and debris.

"Those doors are over two miles tall, and more than 3.5 miles wide."

The image shows an expulsion of air dislodging dust from the door. The dust soon dissipates. The two doors slowly open, at first a thin black line appears between the doors, but the line broadens as the doors inexorably move. The interior lights of the berth come on and hints of the craft appear.

"We are starting to see some of the craft, we are told that the ark is a very bulky in appearance. Built for hauling rather than speed, they also do not have the distinctive color scheme used by the clan. Instead they are painted dull grey pattern to make them less noticeable in space.

Once the ark is clear it will move to a distance of 100,000 km and engage their Wormhole drive. The Ark will be escorted by a hundred vessels for its defense and support. When it opens the wormhole it will make an opening of six kilometers wide."

The doors continue to open and once they are halfway open the massive ship starts moving forward on thrusters. It slowly moves out from its berth bathed in lights from the berth. The doors open fully a few minutes before the widest parts of the ark passes through.

"The Ark is now going to do a series of last minute checks to make sure its flight controls and engines are operating properly. "

The Ark executes rotates along each of its axises. Then a series of purple flares are visible as each of the twenty four plasma drives test fires. Then the all twenty four engines flare together and the Ark proceeds to start moving away. Once far enough away that the cameras can no longer follow it, the image turns back to Cassandra.

"The Ark has reached position and is charging its wormhole drive. That will take approximately an hour. After that it will dive into the worm hole and emerge in the star system that the colony world is in.

I hope you have enjoyed watching this moment of history for our allies the Poku Degonjo Saeruo launching one of their arks to their new world. What challenges will they face, well perhaps if we are lucky, we will get permission to visit their colony and find out.

For YINN I am Cassandra Roberts. Good night Yamatai."