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Yamatai News (YINN) [YINN] Yamatai Delegation arrives at Hidden Sun Clan home


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Portions of this report were prerecorded.

Camera opens to an image of a group of Star Army vessels and civilian craft in space above Yamatai. The flotilla moves away from the Empire’s capital and vanishes in a series of teal spheres as they go into hyperspace. The image freezes, and a Yamataian female with short raven black hair enters the frame, across the bottom of the screen Cassandra Roberts YINN Reporter scrolls by. Her pale blue eyes look straight into the camera and the reporter starts to speak.

“That was two days ago when our delegation embarked on this historic journey. We are now some eighty light-years away from home, and about to get our first look at the Poku Degonjo Saeruo or in our language the Hidden Sun Clan’s home. We had to stop at the border briefly to await our escort. We have been passing through a network of artificial wormholes to get our destination. Traveling through the wormholes was an interesting experience, necessary for this trip but in the future travelers will be able to travel by designated paths. We are in a nebula that the HSC call Siama Rya which translates to Soul of the Divine. We are now traveling in the system and I have been told we are approaching the World Station. We are switching to external cameras.”

The image changes with a vast glowing nebula as the backdrop. A faint brown dwarf is seen in the distance. “That is the heart of the system, the remnants of a star that was damaged when its companion exploded creating this vast nebula.” The view shifts in response to the starship rotating, a number of ships are seen. A structure slowly pans into view. It appears as a large many pointed star with structures added to it. At the end of each point massive doors are visible.

“The World Station is over forty miles across and approximately twenty miles high. That makes it larger than any Star Fortress or even the Geshrinari Shipyards Kōdaina Minato-Class in our space. The vast doors that you see are where the original ships that the clan used to arrive here. Our hosts tell us that there were fifteen of the massive arks. Only twelve survived the more than 12,000 light-year journey. The representative we have been speaking with says that even though the ships are more than 700 years old, they are still fully operational. Located above each of the twelve arks are City States where the majority of the Hidden Sun Clan members live. We are the first outsiders to see this structure with permission.”

The image changes and Cassandra is seen standing in a large open space with grass and trees, a large pyramid structure dominates the background. Beyond the structure a blue sky and clouds can be seen.

“Hello again, I am standing in the middle of what the Clan call the Capital of the World Station. Looking around you in this place there is nothing to make you think you are inside a space structure. There are live birds flying around the area. Above us shines a representation of the clans original star. The Capital area is eight miles in diameter and three miles high. Earlier this morning there was light rain falling. Now there is a gentle breeze blowing. The Capital we are told is where the HSC government operates. That eight sided pyramid you see behind us is the actual government building and stands five hundred meters tall. Most of the capital is open space with lots of carefully tended green spaces. Part of this is for aesthetic reasons but also a very practical one. All of these living plants are an adjunct to the life support for each section. In addition to the government building there are other structures, those structures are the residences for the council, their family and retainers. Maglev trains and walk ways connect this section with the city states.

Until today, this space has only been used for Hidden Sun Clan structures and people. But if we look over to our right, you will see a small gathering.”

The cameraman pans to the right, and the camera zooms. A group of Clan and Yamataian people are standing and talking. The Premier Ketsurui Yuumi is seen talking to the Clan’s Emissary. Behind them Yamataians and Nekovalkyrja are seen surveying the area. Then a flickering image begins to take form; a large pagoda style structure transparent forms in the area. Technicians make adjustments and the image moves so that it clears any natural items.

“What you are seeing the ground work being done for the Yamatai Embassy here on World Station. The structure was designed under the watching eye of the Premier back on Yamatai, and the pieces loaded onto the Taishita-Class Heavy Freighter on loan from Tamahagane Corporation. The Premier chose to go with a more traditional look so that the embassy would reflect the heritage of the Empire. The Clan is also providing a dedicated landing facility for use by Diplomatic vessels.

There is another group of individuals lead by Saiki Kouan who are working on laying out a facility that will be operated by the Scientific Studies Service. A condition of the Treaty is that both governments would create Cultural Exchange Centers. The SSS facility will serve that purpose allowing members of the Hidden Sun to learn about our people, and our people present here to learn about them. Their facility also pre-constructed I am told will look just like the Campus they have on Yamatai. The only difference being this one will not be a college.”

The camera turns back to Cassandra, “This concludes my first broadcast from the World Station, but I will be reporting again with progress on the Embassy and an inside look into the Hidden Sun people. For YINN I am Cassandra Roberts.