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RP: Hidden Sun Clan Ylaoqatawi (Consequences)


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Date: Dec 28, 37 YE
Teisenjou Spaceport: Fickle Fortune Bar

Raiarl Gosto of Ruoka Yoibei stepped into the bar and performed the Nutarka. There were two reasons to do so, one to see who all was in the establishment and to give his eyes a moment to adjust to the dim light after being out in the bright sunshine. Raiarl shrugged his cloak off his shoulders to free his arms. Then the black furred Qaktoro walked towards the table with his ally. His narrow green eyes with yellow flakes remained fixed on the Qaktoro he was meeting but his ears twitched to keep up on what was being said.

He slid into the padded banquette, the other Qaktoro picked up a shot glass and filled it from a bottle on the table. "Here, its not Voltam Tyo'te, but it is passable." Raiarl looked at Silso thanked him and accepted the proffered beverage. Taking the glass in his hand he gave it a sniff. The smell was not unpleasant and he tossed it down.

The liquid sent a warm sensation down his throat. The flavor was a bit mild, but the alcohol in it was potent. "Glad to see these fur-less ones have some worth." he said putting the empty glass down with a thump and took the bottle and refilled it.

"How go the preparations? The Bright Star of Hope is due to arrive tomorrow. We have seen her itinerary and think that her event on the last night of the Yamatai year celebration would be fitting." Raiarl said.

Silso downed the contents of his shot glass. "Well, the messengers are being prepared. They are undergoing the countermeasure treatment. They will be ready the day before. That should give them plenty of time to check out the location."

"As agreed their families will be compensated for their sacrifice. We will all remember what they did, even if we can never speak there names in relation to it." Raiarl replied; knowing that the messengers would not be long for this life. But would be with Siamaka within six days, in one way or another.

"These two would have been glad to perform the task even if compensation was not being offered." They have no love for her Jyaonjodau." Silso said leaning closer to his partner.

"What about transportation? What arrangements have you made? We dare not use a ground glider. Something that will blend into the city would be best."

Silso smiled but did not bare his teeth. "We have a Nepleslian female whom we have hired to convey the messengers. He is a member of this planets 'hidden speakers'. He cares not what purpose we are up to; just so long as our money is good. She insisted to be paid in local currency. Fortunately it is easily acquired at financial establishments." He held up two sizable bundles of Kikyou Satsu. "10,000 KS for her to pick them up at the agreed location, and deliver them near the Kyoto Tower. She has orders to wait and retrieve the messengers if at all possible."


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Bright Star of Hope
Yamatai Star System

The Diplomatic Vessel had slowed to sub-light speed. It was one AU from the planet and proceeded at .2c. In the ambassadorial quarters. Tarbah Leyto was reviewing the latest dispatches for her attention.

Legos Miaurm looked at the display in front of him, it should the ship's trajectory and ETA. He looked over at the Mui, "Tarbah, the bridge has us on approach vector to Yamatai. ETA to orbit is 44 Tui'sa."

The white furred Qaktoro looked up from her reading. She looked over at Legos and noted his scowl. "Thank you my friend. Ensure the bridge advised the space port of our landing requirements. And stop scowling, its not a good look on you." she said.

Legos quickly typed the orders for the crew on the bridge. He then stood up and crossed the room to stand near Tarbah. "I will do my best to stop scowling. It will be easier when we are back in Lumujo Saei. That incident that the Yome Ismâopate is investigating. It gives me a headache. A fighting ship attacked at Searcher with families. That speaks of dangerous and desperate people. I am also not fond of your plans. I understand the concept of good will. But from what I have seen, the festivities on their end of year can get a bit out of hand. With the kind of crowds that gather... Well your security team is going to have fits of apoplexy trying to cover all the vectors." he said with a chuckle to release a bit of the tension.

"Aosia Dorsaf has been my primary protector for a good number of years. I trust him and his people will rise to the occasion." She looked back at her screen. "Excellent, Tesgi was able to secure us a suite of rooms at the Kyoto Tower. His people have also acquired the necessary permits to allow us to celebrate the end of the Remembrance. While our realations with Yamatai have not been as fruitful as I hoped. We are allies, and sharing our ways with their folks will help to continue to grow the bonds."

Legos nodded, "True, but it is frustrating to say the least. That twice boqat'jo treaty they signed at the so called International Conference has reduced the sharing of information on potential threats. While I appreciate the information supplied to us by their Premier. It is not how true allies exchange information. There was so little usable information our only choice was to increase our border patrols."


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Date: Dec 29, 37 YE
Teisenjou City: Nocee Hotel

Raiarl Gosto looked out of the window of his rented accommodations to the city sprawled out before him. He had been on this world for over two Lua. The culture baffled him, mainly because so many of the citizens did nothing and yet they were fed and clothed and had a place to sleep. A chime from the door caught his attention. He turned from the window and crossed over to the room. He touched the glass panel in the door and an image of one of his Ruoka members was clearly visible. He unlocked the door and opened it. "Sohi, please come in. I was beginning to worry."

Sohi was a brown furred Qaktoro with black tiger stripes. Her bright blue eyes first looked at Raiarl, and then the room that she entered. She walked to the middle and turned and gave a simple bow with both hands pressed to her chest.. "Greetings. I presume we are alone Sar?"

Raiarl returned the bow. "Yes, the others are not due for a while. I can offer you some Kadamui or Damuisa. Or you can have some of the yamatai drinks."

Sohi grinned, "I will take a Damuisa. It was a long night working on what you requested. But I have completed the task." he said gesturing to the pack on his back. "It was not a simple task, but I believe you will be satisfied with the results." She slipped her arms free of the straps and placed the pack onto the table.

Raiarl walked over, and opened the package. He lifted one of the two items and examined it. "It is lighter than I expected."

Sohi chuckled, "Your requirements were that these be lightweight, difficult to detect. Each of them are capable of firing up to twenty shots on a charge. The power system is inactive until you twist the unit."

Raiarl looked at the item and holding both ends gave a simple twist, the item clicked and extended and the smaller piece clicked into a grip position.

"The item is also untraceable. All of the components were locally fabricated by me. Nothing from the Silvermoon in it. The internals are from a design I've used in the past, though not one that my name has been ascribed to." Sohi said. "Accuracy is good to 30 dâya. It will do the job."

"Excllent, these will be the instruments of our vengeance. You have more than earned your odawina." Raiarl said putting the weapon back on the table. "I will expect you to show our messengers to use these tools."