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RP (non-canon) [YSE] Introduction of the Vekimen


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International Relations Conference - Day 2
Empress Palace, Kyoto Planet Yamatai, Yamatai System

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai, sat in a conference room table with Mistress-Taisho Ketsurui Yui at her side. They had arranged to meet with Edtoto Nar Sivaro, a representative of the Vekimen, today, to hear her requests of the Yamatai Star Empire. The Vekimen had been discovered by one of the Star Army's long-range scouts, the YSS Heartbreaker, and Edtoto would be attending from this remote distance by volumetric telepresence.
Edtoto had never done this before. Something about a Volumetric Telepresence? Why couldn't she just meet the Empress rather than go through a computer connection? It would have made more sense, and be a little less awkward for her. Still, she was helped by someone into the machine and was hooked up rather quickly. She was told it was going to be like she was actually there, and that she didn't have to worry about controlling anything, or just appearing on a screen. That was the only reason she agreed.

When she was hooked up to the machine, and it was fully set up, the first thing she noticed was she was blind! She would freeze, wearing an odd kimono she borrowed from a Neko on the ship, mane ruffled, looking around slowly. She could see, now that she relaxed, but she couldn't see everything. She didn't know where the heat or the cold was. She wasn't used to this at all and it was probably showing.

Once she composed herself as best as she could given the situation, she looked around to see two people sitting at the conference table. She quickly went over the process of greeting that she was taught on the heartbreaker before the meeting. She gave a low bow, holding it. "Empress Himiko, Mistress-Taisho Yui...." She started, before realizing she forgot the rest. She immediately switched to Vekimen, letting out a string of clicks, chirps, growls, and other such sounds. She stood up and remained still. "Pleasure to meet you both" She added, for good measure.
"We understand that your people are in need of humanitarian assistance, and may be interested in joining the Yamatai Star Empire." Himiko began. "I would like to tell you about Yamatai. The Yamatai Star Empire is the most powerful Empire in our region of space, which is called the Kikyo Sector. We have more stars and planets than any other nation around us and apparently more than we know what to do with. Yamatai is a multi-species and multi-cultural Empire, and contains several self-governing regions. We are a very safe country and have a powerful military. We have a constitution that protects many rights for individual citizens. We will send you a copy. Taisho Yui..."

The green-haired Nekovalkyrja nodded. "If you take the Empress up on her offer, the Star Army of Yamatai has the resources to transport your people to Yamatai where they can resettle. Just a few years ago, our daughter-nation, the United Outer Colonies, fell to an invading fleet, and terrible things were happening to their people. The Star Army conducted a special evacuation of over a billion people, and built enough refugee camps to temporarily house them for five years until they could resettle. The transport ships and refugee camps we made for these massive efforts are still in place, and we can use them to bring your people here and care for them until they are established on a suitable planet," Yui explained. "Your majesty..."

"We are willing to designate a suitable colony world of ours to be your new homeworld," Himiko offered. "What questions can I answer for you?"
Edtoto was admittedly a little flustered by the stream of words that were sent her way. She had only just barely gotten the hang of conversationalist Trade, let along able to underwstand the full meaning of what had been said. "If... You would excuse me, could you please repeat that? My Trade is not perfect" She said simply, not feeling the need to sit down as an image.

"Empress Himiko is offering to provide you with a planet to call home that is part of the Yamatai Star Empire," Yui briefly explained. "We can move your people to it."

Edtoto nodded quickly. "Oh, yes of course. If that is what would be the best course of action, then I believe that would work. I would just need... To find the station first" She said, realizing she didn't know where it was anymore. "I need to hope they are still transmitting" She commented, more to herself than anyone. "How powerful are your transponders?" She asked.

Yui answered, "We do not have any ships in your area at the moment, other than the YSS Heartbreaker. If you want us to search for your station, it could take some time for our scouts to get there."

Edtoto shook her head at this. "No, if your radios are powerful enough, then I can tune them. I have looked at your communication attempt in previous attempts to contact my home station, but they don't run on the same frequency, and I don't believe anyone would recognize it as a language. Our Station Commander wouldn't listen to reason when trying to convince her to run a strong of prime numbers" She explained.

"Do you have any idea how far the YSS Heartbreaker is from the station?" Yui asked.

Edtoto shook her head. "I was in an unorthidox method of cryosleep for a very log time before the Thoot Mining Craft found my ship. From there I was attacked by the Thoot, and saved by two I'ee not apart of the Thoot Clan. They made a random jump and we ran into the Heartbreaker from there. However, the deriection my craft was going was the direction the station was meant to maintain. I can only guess in the weeks, or even months I have been gone, they have gotten closer and closer" She said. "Again, allow me a radio device would speed up the process. The Sivaro Clan were the ones who designed the equipment, and we are the ones tasked to maintain it. I know what I am doing" She tried to convince the Military officer.

"Are you still on the Heartbreaker?" Yui asked Edtoto.

Edtoto would nod at the question. "Yes. I have not been moved as I thought I would be. Instead, I was told to use this machine to communicate with you" She responded.

There was a long pause as Yui considered the situation. "Please cooperate with the ship's personnel to locate your people. I will send orders to the Heartbreaker."

Edtoto nodded. "Is... Is that everything?" She asked

"I think so for now. We need to find your people before we can continue. Thank you," Yui nodded.

The Empress gave a nod as well.

Edtoto nodded. "As you wish. I will return to finding the Station" She said, bowing and vanishing.