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RP [YSS Artemis] Letters Home


Convention Veteran
RP Date
7月 21日 YE41
RP Location
YSS Artemis
From: Jôtô Heisho Sacre Ven Sanssinia, YSS Artemis, Second Fleet
To: Ittô Heisho Kara "Gravity" Sifsdottir, YSS Kaiyo II, First Fleet
Date: 7月 21日 YE41
Subject: On the way to the front

My Beloved Gravity,

The time is now upon me that I mentioned to you in my previous letters, the Artemis is undocking and we will be going radio silent. I don't know when or if my letters will reach you after this one. However, I will be writing them and putting them in the queue to be delivered. This one will be short as much of what needs to be said has already been communicated in my previous letters. However, as the clock ticks closer, I feel a need to be closer to you.

I remember how this started, I would be deployed off the ship with the rest of the infantry, and you would be flying the big ship. We would leave little notes for each other. I can remember every single one with clarity, and how each one melted the snow that covered my frozen heart. That evolved and when things are tense or frightening, I find that telling you my fears helps to calm them.

A child's security blanket provides no protection from the dangers in the world. Yet that thin layer of cloth gives them courage to face their fears. Similarly, these letters don't provide any protection from the dangers of the profession we are both engaged in. However, they grant me the courage to go on and fight for a peaceful future for both of us.

The time is short, I have only moments remaining. Let these few words be a comfort to you until my next missive arrives. Always remember that I love you and my heart will be with you, even though the lightyears and the war separates us,