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Approved Character [YSS Artemis] Maradia Elapidae


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The footnote under section 2a for the disqualifying factors section of this article states that "A waiver is available for cyborgs whose cybernetic parts are adequate substitutes for their missing body parts "

Is a claw counted as an adequate substitute @Wes ? Because I can imagine a good few things a hand can do that a claw cannot, just figured I would bring this up.
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I would think so- While a claw's not as versatile as a hand, her left arm does have a regular fingered robotic hand for doing what the claw can't. It wouldn't be hard to modify a Mindy or any of her handheld weapons to be usable with her claw, plus something like the Kalamari Manipulator Arm attachment could pretty easily be used to make up for it. There's also a few things a claw could do in combat, ranging from being better at crushing things to being able to grip onto slightly larger objects that a hand would be too small to get a grip on or being able to get a more secure grip by closing it around something (It's like a round robot claw, not a crab claw).


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Needing to modify standardized weapons and equipment to make them usable with the claw doesn't exactly make it sound like an adequate substitute~


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I see your point Skully but I've already OKed this character. Letting people have fun with their cool character ideas was a factor.


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With the above being discussed (which I was waiting on being cleared up before I made my ruling), I am fine with this character joining the YSS Artemis.

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