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RP [YSS Artemis Side Story] Affection Touching Across Time


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RP Date
8月 9th, YE 41
RP Location
YSS Artemis
YSS Artemis
Gray Wolf Squad Barracks
8月 9th, YE 41

For someone who, up until a few days ago had been happy and cheerful, Menelik certainly did seem severe all of a sudden. Exceedingly severe and distant, after he had received that message from the Bureau of Personnel. A message that was what he had been hoping for, but also represented a complete ruination of hopes and dreams that had taken forefront in his life over the past few weeks.

If this ruination had just affected him, he probably would've been perfectly okay with it, maybe even happy. That was the problem though: he had made promises to someone, and his feelings made this ruination their problem too. It made him feel like a complete heel, a bastard of the highest order, a villain of wicked conduct. All because of a new set of orders, orders that he would have to explain to the woman sitting across the table from him, her blue eyes looking at his worried expression even as couldn't make eye contact. He hadn't even had the courage to invite her to talk- she had come because they were supposed to meet today to spend time together, and he had been here, sitting, looking at his orders and unable to even send a message to her.

Kikios couldn't help but stare at him with her blue eyes, something was clearly wrong. "Menelik... is... What's wrong?" she asked, looking worried.

"Eet's..." He considered lying to her, for a split second. Just telling her that nothing was wrong. It hurt to even think that, sending him lower... but for the same reason that he felt that urge to lie, he knew he wouldn't, couldn't lie to her. It'd hurt her. She was going to be hurt by this, no matter what. And... he was going to be an officer, so he had to do the right thing, even if it tore him up.

"Ah know ah kayun't git away with lyin' t' ya, or tryin' t' haahd it. Eveyn ifin' it done worked, which it wouldn't, it'd jus' cut a path ya t' be hurtin' insaahd eend 'atin' me after ah lef'." He admitted as he found the courage to look at her. "Ah stumbled maah way into fuh-allin' for sumone amazin' like ya, an theyn this 'appens. Ah'm bein' reassigned, Kiki. Nah, that ain't raahyt." He shook his head. "Ah was ordered t' atteynd Officer Candidate School."

The engineer bird gasped and immediately had a look of horror on her face. "No... Please... Please tell me you're joking..." she begged.

"Ah wish ta heaven that ah was." He told her, hand reaching across the table to hold her own. "Ifin' it wudn a duhrect order, ah'd refuse it, stay, ruin maah career eend be stuck as a corporal- but it'd be a corporal with thuh woman ah love. This?" He frowned.

"Ah haf ta gaw. Ah 'ave t' gaw, eend do thuh one thang ah done promised ya ah'd nary do, eend who knows wheyn we'll see each other again?"

"They can't do this... they can't... they can't!" the cockatoo pleaded. She had such little time with Menelik, it wasn't fair. Why did they have to be separated now?!

"Ah love ya, Kiki- ah wanna speynd maah life with ya." He said, resolving something to himself. "Ah done won't be able ta wrahtes ya while ah'm at OCS, but once ah'm able ta, ah'll seynd a messayge ta ya every day- eveyn ifin' ya don't git it as duhrectly as ah kayyun, whenevher thuh Artemis is back in contact, ya'll be able ta download 'em ta yowr own personal storayge. A-and ya kay-yun do thuh same t' me. 'taint much, but... Ah wanna be with ya. An ah'll try t' git posted back t' thuh Artemis again, once ah guhraduate!"

"I-I love you Menelik... this... t-this isn't fair..." she stuttered in distress.

"Awf course 'taint. but that's life in thuh military, idnit?" He did his best to smile, before reaching over with his other hand to take hold of her's.

"Awn thuh braahyt side, once this is through, ah'll be an Officer, ah'll 'ave beder pay. Eend ah'll miss ya so much that thuh fuhrst thang ah'll do wheyn ah see ya again is hold you- eend prolly ask ya ta speynd thuh rest awf maah life with me, as much as we kayyun together." His smile seemed to brighten a bit, even as he did his best to not cry or break down. If he did, it might set her off, and seeing Kiki crying would be too much to bear.

"Once we're together again, ah'll do everythin' ah kayyun so that ya won't be alone; Eend ah done won't abandon ya again, no mader what orders ah git"

Kikios gulped, struggling to hold back tears. “R-right...” she said nervously, then repeated it as a question, looking for assurance. “Right...?

He nodded vigorously. "Raahyt as rain. But jus' ta mayuk syhaw..." His face flushed and he let go of her hands, standing up and vanishing back to his bunk... He reappeared, carrying his coffee set, and the remaining bag of roasted beans.

"Ah want ya ta 'ave this. It's not a rin' or anythin', but as long as ya 'ave this, ah 'ave t' fahnd ya again t' git it back. Maah mother gave it t' me, eend told me t' give it t' thuh woman ah done wanted t' speynd maah life with. So, thair."

The yellow-haired woman looked at the unusual, but meaningful gift. She took the coffee set, still looking at him. Some other time she might try to use it immediately, but this was not one of those times. She wasn’t even sure she should use the beans until he came back, regardless of whether or not they would still be good by then. They might seem mundane, but they were much more than coffee beans to her. “A-and... if you can’t find me?” she asked.

"Out awf thuh question!" He said, face turning up in a confident, take no prisonders kind of smile. His hands reached out yet again to find their proper place for this conversation, lacing fingers with the object of his affection as his eyes sparkled and met her's.

"Ah'll fahnd ya, no mader what it takes" He looked into her eyes, and felt something rising within him.

For a moment, she stared into his eyes, but then she looked away. She couldn't take looking at him like that, knowing that she might not see him again. She breathed shakily, letting her wings quiver.

"Would ya marry me, Kiki?" He asked simply, his eyes, slightly bleary and red from holding back tears, looking resolutely into her.

"I love ya, an ah wanna speynd maah life with ya. Ah know its really early ta be askin' ya, but both Nepleslia an Yamatai do their bettermost ta ensyhaw that married couples serve together, an thuh captain kayyun do it for us, raahyt now."

"I... I..." the cockatoo mumbled. "I... can't. I want to, I really want to, but I can't. Please understand, this is just too soon for me... I need to... I need more time first."

He nodded, thinking. "Ah figured as much. It was a long shot, an ah done wanted t' really propohs t' ya at a mowr romantic taahm." He tried to smile... before he stood up and crossed 'round the table to sit next to Kiki and just tightly hug her.

"Ah don't know what t' do. Thair's no culevher way out awf it. All ah kay-yun do is be with ya, speynd all thuh taahm with ya that ah kayyun befowr ah 'ave t' leave, an mayuk it count."

The tall nerd was quick to hug him, tightly wrapping her wings around him. She said nothing, but understood clearly.

It probably would've been better for him if he'd just shut up and said nothing. Instead he kept speaking, arms tight around her body as he pulled the beanpole of a woman against him, letting her face find his shoulder.

"Yer a blindin' light, Kikios. A blindin' light, an' a deafening report. Ah've nevah met someone like ya before, and ah wish ah didn't hafta leave so soon after meeting ya."

"I-I wish you could stay," the yellow-haired bird said quietly. She continued hugging him for a few moments before asking "What happens now?"

"Now?" He shrugs, arms shifting and flexing as Kiki is pulled into his lap to further that embrace. "We mayuk thuh best awf what taahm we 'ave together, eend theyn pray that we fahnd each other again."

It wasn't really much of an answer, but it was all that he had. "Ah wish thair was sumthin' ah could do t' give ya sumthin' t' remahnd ya awf me, t' 'ave ya allers 'ave a piece awf me with ya."

"O-okay..." Kiki whispered. Her wings seemed to squeeze him, not wanting to let go.

"Ah don't thihnk thuh captain would appreciate it ifin' ya shared maah bunk with me every naahyt jus' t' be culohs t' me." He smiled, and kissed her. "Sorry, sorry, ah'm teasin' ya again wheyn ah really shouldn't."

"Heh... maybe we could work something out," Kikios joked.

"Ah was joking, eend hair ya ahr, seriously considerin' it. Not that ah'd mahnd; Ah'd sleep beder with ya cuddled uhp with me."

"I would too," the beanpole sighed.

Menelik frowned, then kissed her. Again. Again.

"This would be easier ifin' ah done had sumthin' legally sayin' we were a couple. At thuh dreadfully least, ya should be welcome ifin' ya evher come ta maah fuhmily's home awn Nepleslia.."

"That's very generous of you... but... when would I be able to go there?" Kiki asked.

"Thay 'ave ta give ya leave sumtime, right?" Menelik smiled. "Its not much, an Nepleslia is a bit far... an' La Hanya is purty isolated, but ifin' ya evher do 'ave thuh time, ya'd be welcome."

The bigger man shrugged and shifted, before Kikios was hugged tighter. "Ah don't entend ta break thin's awff with ya jus' because we're awn different postin's."

"Sometime, yes, but I don't know when," Kikios explained. "I don't intend to either, believe me I will visit if I ever get the chance."

Menelik smiled, at peace despite it all. "Eend ah'll seynd ya messages whenevher ah kayyun. An ah don't thihnk anyone would mahnd ifin' ya shared maah bunk till ah lef'." Honestly, there wasn't much he could do now. The pair had affirmed their feelings, and made promises to one another. That was all they could do, really, beyond the obvious and unavoidable time the two clearly intended to spend together till they were separated. With nothing more to say, the Hanyadi man just looked at Kikios, sure and confident.

"I would like that," Kiki responded. "I would like... both of those things."

"Ah know." Menelik responded, holding her, without saying anything else. There was nothing else on this to say, just the rest of their time together to experience.