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RP [YSS Artemis] [Side Story] Brick, Meet Brick Thrower

Jack Pine

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YSS Artemis
Armor hanger

Sacre strode into the armor hanger. She remembered his brother saying something about him, but she wanted to get her own read on him. They would be working closely together as leaders of different squads. "We should talk about our squads."

The clone turned away from the large armor he stood before, the weapons all on a work bench or weapon cart being checked with diagnostic runs, the slightly perfectionist man wanting to make sure no errors were present in their systems. Turning back to it, he spoke seemingly to the armor, "Fenrir, please continue diagnostic runs 1a-3h autonomously. Alert me when they are five minutes from complete finish. I wish to have a complete result report just after I return just after the alert."

"[parameters acknowledged, user alarm set. Diagnostics set to auto.]", an electronic voice chimed back from the suit's vocal audio system.

Setting his pad aside on the bench, Jericho joined Sacre, "Greetings heisho Sanssinia, what would you like to discuss in particular on the subject of our assigned squads?"

"I'm moving my team to the night shift, so we'll be able to get more training time in the VR chamber. However, that makes scheduling our teams time to train together more difficult, and I want your thoughts." Sacre explained.

Jericho pulled up the file on the time slot schedules he'd been sent after arrival and placed in the squad command chain, "Have you considered dividing your allotment to before and after the shift possibly? It would handle better then trying to get them at the same time, and provide sort of break in between, even if albeit through a duty shift. If you require, I can shift the slots back in my own squad's schedule if need be. I do not believe any issues would arise from a simple management of time."

"Not on a regular basis, but I was thinking on the days we trained together, it might work out for you to come and train with us during the night shift." Sacre suggested.

"I don't see any fault in that logic, as it would provide opportunity for training on more in depth unit maneuvers, as well as wargames if you agree with such methods.", Jericho agreed as he thought of it, and what it would lead to in terms of gains in their training. "I will put in the slot management request to the CO and SNCO immediately."

The clone was rather neutral in how he displayed emotion, his manners smooth yet mechanical in how logical and automatic they were, and his manners were highly formal. It was almost unnatural, like a preprogrammed entity, which frankly was not far from the truth. However, his appearance was uncanny and mirrored to someone she knew and trusted. Jericho was partly aware of this fact that she did, but had no urge to ask on it, but would not be surprised if he was asked on it. "Was there anything else on the matter to discuss, or any other topics you wished to converse on?", he added as the request form had been swiftly filled and sent via his neural implant.

"I served with your brother for a while, your really not very much like him, are you?" Sacre observed.

"My brother was a prototype, he was fortunate to be made without the mental constraint the rest of us from Fenrir have. Please excuse my behavior in that regard, my lack of expression is not by choice. He did in fact mention you, both of them in fact, and both lords spoke fondly of you in that regard. You were good comrades if I understood everything told correctly?", Jericho answered, prepared for that question, but also...slightly curious to see her reaction to any of this information.

"They are both over eager lemmings, but their my over eager lemmings. Time will tell if you are one too. Although I'm pretty certain your a lemming at the least." Sacre said, gesturing at what he was working on.

"Lemmings follow with no purpose but to only follow. This is a half correct comparative on my part, but I have a purpose and goal in mind. I was made and trained to be a soldier, and that is all I know and can do. So every moment is to ensure I remain useful to that end, maintaining that purpose. Part of my programming is following superiors without question, hence the half truth of that comparison. Though, I've considered the both of them more as leaders, and seem to fall into the position naturally.", he answered as he glanced to the large suit of armor he'd been working on day in and out. If anyone was familiar with the Zytone power armor sold by Galactic Horizons, they would recognize modifications having been done to it's structure, and possibly it's internals as well perhaps.

Sacre looked over the armor approvingly, "Your a NCO. If you don't think it's a leadership position, we might as well save ourselves the pain and chunk merely a weapon out the airlock. Soldiers are weapons, but their not only weapons. Though, I suppose if you are as boring as you suggest, it'll make our relationship easier." Sacre mused.

"More or less, that's all we were really designed to be. In short, we were slave soldiers for purchase, but it's...positive to see us flourish free and under a command that cares for it's personnel. Also, I may be boring now, but with luck, I can change that someday in the future. It seems as if the probability of breaking programming, rises with age, as several of us have.", Jericho replied as he curiously thought on what her last statement could mean, but understood where she was coming from on all else she had say. "From all the data Mark as relayed, I look forward to working with you."

"You'll be the first." Sacre smirked at him.

"I find that improbable given the accounts of my brother. However, I may simply misunderstand the meaning of that statement. Suffice it to say, I look towards high success rates while working in cooperation with your fireteam Miss Sanssina.", he answered slightly perplexed, but ignored the confusion for now. "Was there any other topics you wished to discuss, or inquiries you wished to ask of me?"

"I don't think so, but I get the feeling you should probably go out drinking with someone, your squad perhaps. We'll be cooped up in this tin can for a long time. Good to see them unwound perhaps." Sacre suggested as she slid towards the door.

"I will gratefully take your suggestion into consideration, perhaps after a time, both squads can do so together. Provided they work well together as comrades with minimal friction.", Jericho offered as she left.