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RP [YSS Artemis Side Story] Knives aren't a good way to say "Hello, Neighbor."


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RP Date
7月 19日 YE41
RP Location
YSS Artemis
YSS Artemis

Sacre strode into the room with Menelik, she could tell he was a Nepleslian, and that annoyed her even more. She didn't like Neplesians in general, and ones that were messing with her squad even less. "Menelik." She said curtly.

Well, shit. Menelik wasn't sure what, exactly, it was he'd done, but normally when someone of higher rank than him spoke to him with that tone of voice while giving him that look, it was never good. For once, he hadn't even done anything, he had just been sitting here on his down time, sipping coffee and reading to himself. So much for that.

"Yes, sir?" He asked, standing up and going to attention.

"It's ma'am, do I look like I've got a dick to you or are you blind as well as stupid?" Sacre said, sliding closer to him, uncomfortably close, and she was only an inch shorter then him.

Okay... Definitely this wasn't going to be good. He remained at attention, looking straight forwards, but remained as relaxed as he could in the position.

"Apologies, ma'am, ah'm still usta Marine protocol where all superior officers ahr referred t' as 'sir' or with mister or misses in front awf their fuhmily nuhame. Ah also would not wanna presume jus' what ya 'ave- that's a private madder that's none awf maah business, Ma'am."

His accent annoyed her even more, "So just too stupid to remember two forms of address. Good to know that Neplesia sends us their best."

"Not ta best, Ma'am, jus' still gettin' used ta eet." He replied respectfully, not even cracking a smile as she scrutinized him.

"And do you have the tiny ounce of intelligence to remember what my name is, Corporal Menelik Berhane? Or are your stripes for winning a crayon eating competition?"

"Tha one's easy, Jôtô Heisho- Sacre Ven Sanssinia." There was a pause from him, as he debated whether to say something ot not. Oh, well, not like he wasn't already in trouble for something. "We Marins 'appen ta laik our crayons, Ma'am."

"Taste the rainbow, crap the rainbow, the height of Nepleslian cuisine. Low standards, and yet somehow you still fail to meet them. You look like a pervert, but I suppose that's par for the course for someone from the sheep loving hills of La Hanya. Going deep in more then just one hole."

Menelik's lower lip twitched, very slightly, but he didn't let himself rise to meet her challenge.

"What's tha problem, Joto Heisho?"

"You act like you don't know what you did. Perhaps you should go into the pictures, at least there you wouldn't be out of place with the other perverts. All you would have to do would be to stay still, but somehow I get the feeling that you would mess that up too. I'll tell you something Corporal, I don't really care who you are, or what rat infested sewer you crawled out of. I didn't even know your name until this morning when I went to go pick up my laundry. And I found these," Sacre pushed a pair of underwear with various breakfast foods on it, including scrambled eggs, and eggs and bacon. His name was right there sewn into the liner. "When I found these disgusting things in my laundry. I don't know what kind of kick you get out of grossing out your comrades with your skid marks, but I'm onto you."

He had to think up something fast, and it had to be convinci- oh that would do it.

"... Are yah mad about ta trousers bein' there, or the breakfast print on 'em?"

Sacre threw the trousers into his face, and pulled out Kusanagi, her knife. While it was a very functional looking knife, anyone with an eye for knives could see that it was made of Zesuaium with a switch that would generate a energy field that would let it cut through nearly anything. It wasn't the sort of knife you just happened to pick up. It was a one of a kind knife that knife nuts lusted over. She held it up to make sure he saw it. "If I ever see them again, I'll gut you like a fish." She said, before twirling the knife and returning it to it's sheath.

"They were a gift from my mother when I graduated boot camp." He explained, expression completely nonplussed by the knife that had been waved in his face, or the very real threat made to his person. Oh, he was scared shitless- this was Yamatai, and rumors and tales of completely insane officers killing their subordinates were common enough that he believed that this absolutely psycho bitch would stab him at the drop of a hat. He also believed that this was an attempt to maintain dominance or distance from someone she found threatening, for whatever reasons. Didn't matter much, when there was the threat of being knifed.

"Its not much, but it meant a lot to her to give them to me- In the future, I'll try to ensure my laundry doesnt get mixed with other people's."

"I figured you were a sappy momma's boy, which is the only reason that your filthy streaked undergarments aren't a pile of scraps. Next time, they will be." Sacre warned.

"What's wrong with loving someone?" He pointed out in very clear, very articulate Yamatai-go. "I love everyone I meet, fraternally, unless they're a bad person; I don't understand why you hate me so much, Joto Heisho, but I'm sure we can work out our differences over a cup of coffee."

"Look up the Slaverplex." Sacre said with a disgusted tone and turned and left the room.

... Sacre has retreated? Menelik gains 500 EXP, 20 KS. Items Found: Breakfast Boxers.