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[YSS Kōkatsu] Dance till you're dead


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YSS Kōkatsu

Sakaki said to Iki, "We will be doing it in Uehashi-chan and my cabin. Would you like to change into your workout clothes and dance gear and then meet us in our cabin?"

"Quickly Sakaki, let's go get changed!", said Uehashi as she power-walked to her cabin. "Ohh, we need to clean up a bit too! So we don't trip! You wouldn't want to fall on your face while trying to do a spin!", Uehashi teased, flashing her room mate a playful wink as she turned the corner.

"No, not at all!" Sakaki said as she caught up to the speedster. "Let's definitely re-arrange after we get dressed and ready!" Sakaki, very much used to changing around others did nothing to hide her body as she got undressed, then re-dressed in her SAoY workout clothes. Once on, she looked to the door, hoping Iki would come through the door soon before glancing to Uehashi for the first time since she had first gotten into the room.

"Almost ready!", shouted Uehashi as she strapped on a black long sleeved dance leotard and a pair of ballet slippers."Hmm...what else do I need...", she though out loud to herself as she picked through her bags, looking for something...

Meanwhile Iki, mostly quiet, nodded and descended to her own cabin where she had deposited her stuff. Well, more as if she had slightly gently dumped them off the side of her gravity assist drone. "I will return in a minute. Or longer."

Uehashi found her volumetric makeup kit on her desk, of all places!

She went in front of the mirror and switched from a neutral look, to a more dramatic look, one that was traditionally considered to be reserved for the stage. This look featured a heavy-handed contour, a blue glitter cut crease with smoked out edges, and finally a glossy pink lip.

"Done!", Uehashi said, slamming the kit shut and throwing it down on the bed. "Now...where's Iki?", she said as she placed her hands on her hips and looked towards the door.

Despite what she said, she appeared to have no trouble finding and changing into her workout clothes, given how expedient her return had been, though she looked slightly disheveled, as if she had wrestled with her clothes at some stage of the journey, and was a very slightly brighter red than normal around her face. "Ah. Here." She said with a slight wave and bow of greetings, even as the drone she stood upon propelled her into the room at a casual five kilometers per hour.

"There she is!", Uehashi said excitedly, her hands lifting off of her hips as she gave an exaggerated wave to the mini.

Sakaki smiled at Iki.

Iki gave a smile in return "Yes, hello. Well, where do we start? I haven't taught before, as I've mentioned previously."

"Hmm...", pondered Uehashi as she closed the door. Suddenly, as she turned away from the door, an extremely loud pop song began playing from an apparently unknown source.

"Flash dance party!" Uehashi screamed, as she threw herself into a full dance routine, her body moving with jerky, yet controlled movements as she fell into the beat.

"Aahhh!" Sakaki mumbled. "Ah, okay. Okay!" She began loosely wiggling her arms about and bending at the knees intermittently.

Iki looked between the both of them once more, wincing slightly at the volume as she tried to talk at a normal inside voice. "I don't think this is a very efficient way to teach so-" but she stopped, becuase alas, she could barely hear herself. Instead she gave a slight sigh, accompanied by a shrug, before beginning a dance of her own, step by step. Not the whole thing all at once, but repeating the first few steps of a smooth, fluid movement. Slightly trying to get their supposed student's attention to have her copy her movements.

After the pop song played for a minute, the music changed to a seductive rhythm and blues song, and Uehashi transitioned into slower and more fluid movements, her swaying hips and body rolls almost too bawdy for the casual occasion.

"You can dance, you can moan! Truly Venus!", she spoke, lowering her voice on the "moan".

"Oh— ahh," Sakaki muttered again. She was completely out of her element, but she was trying her best and would continue to! She moved her hips one way and another and put her hands up to her chest to clasp together, then burst them out to the side, nearly hitting the desk. She then lowered her arms and swung her hips around, pivoting on her foot to do a complete turn around. Her workout shirt lifted in the air as she did and Sakaki felt elated.

Iki observed this phenomenon of Sakaki's skill visibly increasing before her eyes. She was improving fast! Almost too fast, enough to make one jealous even. Someone who had danced on their own, and occasionally with others in a journey to improve her skill on her own might have gone green with envy if they weren't already red as blood. "You are doing nicely. The twirl was very nice." Iki herself continued to dance on her own little platform.

Once again, the song changed. However, this one played for two minutes as Uehashi lost herself within the rhythm of the previous one. This time the music transitioned to a dance pop song with a catchy beat.

"Fun starts at midnight! Truly Venus!", she screamed again, now speeding up her movements, but retaining their fluidity and bawdiness as she fell into the beat with her long red hair swinging wildly around her face.

"This is too much fun!" Sakaki said over the music in an almost too-loud voice. "Will you teach me the moves you're doing, Uehashi-chan?"

"Watch and learn!", Uehashi screamed rather unhelpfully as she further increased the speed of her movements, sweat gleaming slightly off her skin.

"Megami, please cut the music." Iki said after a long, long moment of watching her clearly excited and happy, but nigh impossible to register and copy dance moves. Too much for a novice at any rate. She certainly wouldn't admit that she would also having trouble keeping up.

After a moment, there was silence untill a slight sigh of relief broke it. "I don't think this is a good way to teach her- I'm no expert but shouldn't we show her step by step?" the imp like neko said as she stretched up to her full height, aided by the tips of her toes, exercising the feet a tiny bit.

Uehashi continued to dance for a few seconds after the music stopped, too focused on her own movements to register the disappearance of the original external stimuli. Upon realizing that the music was gone, she fell off beat, and tripped over her own feet, falling rear first to the floor.

"Wha..what? Slow...down?", she stuttered out awkwardly, as she looked up at the angry looking mini.

"Well...", she began as she sat up, "Umm...these dances can be downloaded digitally over SYNC...but if you try to perform them, it will look robotic and awkward. So, after downloading, you practice, practice, practice!", she spoke with an encouraging tone.

"So...anyways...I want to dance with death now!", she said excitedly as she hopped back up to her feet, mimed an air kick, and stared and Sakaki with pleading eyes.

"I think..." Sakaki said, trailing off. She then regained her words and said, "Maybe, I think, we should slow it down a pace? Either that or convince Iki-chan why we should go all out?"

" you go!", she spoke eagerly, transmitting wireless dance download links to both Sakaki and Iki. "Those are the three songs. Let's start off...s...lowwwwww.", she spoke, feeling the word roll awkwardly off her tongue.

"Ok so first, let's flex our core muscles. Now...rub them. Feel them? Well, they should be super hard! If they're might not be cut out for SAINT. Anyways, you need your core muscles to do all those body rolls and hip swings we did! Make them super strong!", Uehashi instructed, looking eagerly to Sakaki and Iki, as the two rubbed their stomachs.

"Now! Flex all the other muscles. They should also be super hard. Why? Because in dance, you need them all!", she said, as she bounced up and down on her heels.

Iki obeyed somewhat hesitantly went along with the feeling of her own body, as if she hadn't constantly inspected herself for slight improvements in height and the like, amoung other things. She flexed, and stared down at herself, feeling her diminiutive, but hard body. "Well, I suppose this is a good way to start slow if nothing else."

Sakaki rubbed in circles her stomach and looked to Iki with raised black brows.

"Nowww...time for the stretches! First...touch your toes!", said Uehashi. The excitable dancer Neko then proceeded to lead Sakaki and Iki through a full routine of stretches. Which included the camel pose, the basket stretch, the seal stretch, bridges, splits, and more. At the moment, the sweet and outgoing Neko was relentless, forcing Sakaki and Iki to perform exotic contortions that were outside the flexibility range of a regular Neko.

"Ooof~" Sakaki said as she felt the tension release in her body. "Feels nice..."

Once they were done, Uehashi stood up and smiled at the two Neko.

"Good! Now that we're all stretched, let's get to the real thing! Let's do the dance routine...s...lowwwwwwwly, for 'You can Dance, you can moan!'" With that, the music turned, softer this time, began the routine, her hips swinging into movement at the chorus.

Takiki Iki couldn't help but frown with each drawn out s...llllll....oowwww...lyyy... Beleiving it to be mocking her, the word in its entire being, every last sylable. Though, she went along with the routine, using a little of what she already knew and incorperated it into Uehashi's routine.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!" Uehashi ran them through the entire song, dancing in the middle of the two Neko as she observed the robotic movements of Sakaki and Iki.

After "You can Dance, you can moan", she ran them through the other two songs, this time dancing in front of the group, so that they could follow the fluidity of her movements.

"Good job everyone!", Uehashi said with a satisfied smile on her face. "Y'all are a practice will correct that!", she finished as she clapped her hands together. "Now!", she exclaimed to Sakaki, aiming a playful air kick in her general direction, "Let's dance with death!"

"I'm ready for it!" Sakaki said as she raised two open palms towards Uehashi's kick and ducked her body down. "First, let's go through a little way of calming mind and body. Kneel down," Sakaki said as she herself knelt to have her feet tucked under her rear and her hands were laying palm-down against her thighs. "...And mokuso, close your eyes."

She sighed, and wondered to herself if she had gotten where she was now if she acted like that the whole time herself. She couldn't come up with an awnser, so she sat cross legged like sakiki. "Hm. Calming."

Uehashi looked around awkwardly as Iki and Sakaki went into a meditative position. This is weird. Are we supposed to just sit here? Where is the dancing?

Despite her misgivings, Uehashi followed suit, and matched Sakaki's position.


"Yame. Kioske," Sakaki said after a few moments before bowing forward while still kneeling, pressing her palms into the ground before her and stood up. "We're all limber so no need to go through the warmup, but those are important. Now, for a kata. Kioske, bow again," Sakaki said as she bowed and then said, "Bring yourself to an upper block while pivoting on your feet..." She then began to bring them through the motions of a first-level kata.


Uehashi did her best to replicate Sakaki's kata. The movements were jerky and somewhat reactive compared to the more fluid movement style that she was used to, however, Uehashi did have experience with many of the more athletic and faster dance styles.

"Hai" Quoth the mini, as she too copied Sakaki's Kata, studying her closely, for the slightest twitches in the muscles to inform her how she should do it herself. Needless to say, her first performance with it was not stellar, but that was to be expected when the mini likely only rarely trained her body compared to how often she would practice with her mindy.

They went through the movements together, practicing the kata and then Sakaki had them meditate once more with their eyes closed before the girls were done practicing their karate for the day.

"How did you enjoy that?" Sakaki asked as she sat down on her own bed and leaned back on it. "I think it was pretty fun, personally."

"I like the kata! I don't enjoy meditating though...why do we have to meditate again?", asked Uehashi as she stretched herself out.

"What do you think, Iki?" Sakaki asked.

"Oh I thought it was very nice." She said with her eyes closed, still stretching herself out upon the drone. "It felt much calmer than the dancing at least.

"It did," Sakaki said with a giggle.

" was fun, though!", added Uehashi as she fell down in her chair.