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Approved Character [YSS Kaiyō II] Sonoda Takashi


🌟 Site Supporter

See for his only in-character appearance so far, where I developed the broad strokes of his background and skills.

I haven't worked out many of his details yet, so he can be very flexible beyond what has already been established. Effectively he was a college student who one day decided to walk away, and after a week of wandering he walked into Star Army recruitment. He's competent but hasn't excelled at anything, yet. I see him naturally fall into a Scientist/Advisor occupation, but I am happy to be flexible. I also think it would be interesting to put him into an unnatural role and see how he adapts to it.

Only thing to change, I'd say, is to give him occupation and rank. If he can't decide what he wants to do yet for occupation, infantry is the basic catchall. But he would likely be guided into science as an occupation due to his schooling. And rank, link to:

Thanks for joining and I can't wait to see what Takashi's future holds!
Is it alright that the current month is 9月 and the social thread is 5月? I guess we can shift Takashi's enlistment back a few months. Will he have undergone some kind of basic training before shipping out? Or would he enlist and then immediately go to the Kaiyō base where the social thread is taking place?