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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Post-Mission One: Chotto ii?

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YSS Kaiyō
4日 1月 YE 39
1200 Hours

Teien Eden was standing with hands behind her back, watching the operators at their various controls as they worked, wondering when the next time they ran into an enemy would be. She heard the doors behind her open and turned with her golden eyes searching to see who had entered.

Matsuvo Shinomori, or Mat as he was know to his friends, had received his assignment to the YSS Kaiyō; just a few days ago.

Teien Eden waited for a salute from the santo hei while standing towards the minkan, watching Matsuvo.

As soon as Mat noticed that the Taii had turned her gaze towards him, he snapped to attention and saluted.

Eden returned the salute, crisp and concise, and then said, "I called on you, Santo Hei, to tell you that you will be in the first wave on the next mission. I know that you didn't get to see battle on the last one and I want to rectify that for you. We all deserve to be able to look the enemy in the eyes before they're sent to pay for their faults!"

Mat was taken aback slightly. He looked forward toward a chance to prove himself as much as anyone else, but the Taii had what seemed to him like a bit of bloodlust in her eye, as if she wished that she were out with the Mindys too.

"You'll be on the front lines next time... Mat? May I call you that?" Eden asked.

He hesitated a moment before replying. "I suppose so Ma'am."

"Then that's what I'll call you. Anything else, Mat?" The Taii asked her question inquisitively.

"I do still need to be fitted for a set of power armor."

Eden stepped back to face away from Mat with a steady, "Mhmm!" She then went on to say, "Boss, page Carter Dynamis and have him assist Mat in the power armor bay."

"I'm sorry I haven't taken care of it on my own, but between getting settled in and the chaos caused by the recent battle I haven't found myself enough time."

After hearing the message, Carter turned from his place at the main console of the Power Armor bay, and began briskly walking towards the bridge. "I wonder what the Taii needs me for now?" He thought to himself. Upon arriving at the bridge he gave a swift salute before settling down into a more relaxed stance, widening his legs and placing his hands behind his back. "Nito Hei Dynamis, reporting."

Eden saluted back and then asked of Carter, "How are you, Nito Hei? Enjoying your time after the mission's ups and downs?"

"Yes, Taii." He replied. "I've just been doing a bit of research on our ship."

Eden was interested and her face showed it as she said, "The Plumeria class gunship?"

"Yes. This is my first time aboard one, and I'd like to know my way around. That, and I've been finding out about the common maintenance issues-- the frequent points of failure." He looked over at Mat and nodded at the infantryman. "Santo Hei Matsuvo. I haven't seen you around very much." The youthful human's mismatched eyes lit up with a smile, and a friendly grin crept across his face.

Mat nodded in return. "It's nice to meet you. I've been settling in and haven't had much time to meet new people yet."

Eden said, "It would be nice if you two were able to work on Mat's power armor in the bay. The bridge is no place for idle conversation, though I am wholly enthused by it, myself."

"Understood, Taii." Carter replied, then turned and began to walk out of the bridge, gesturing for Mat to follow. "Right this way."
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