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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Post-Mission One: Yame!

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YSS Kaiyō

3日 1月 YE 39
0830 Hours

Taii Eden stood as she had during the mission briefing days ago. Her pleated skirt was draped over her lower body, splaying out in all directions much like her hair, which hung down to her waist. A chunk of it was over one shoulder, hanging down and almost touching one of her breasts. She had plans for this debriefing and was anxious to see everyone get themselves into the wardroom.

Much like the briefing, the hinomaru was behind her with the words "Mission Debriefing 1" underneath it. She stood with her officer's cap adjusted perfectly atop her sleek hair and saluted some of the infantry as they arrived, Madoka, Pieo, and Aio.

They sat at the table in a group, all freshly showered with their duty uniforms on and looking crisp and clean.

"Santo hei," Taii Eden addressed them, looking down at them before sternly looking up again. The three stayed silent, having already saluted and shown the due respect to their superior.
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Meissa shrugs. "I expect probably the worst for me."
She takes a long, drawn-out sip from her coffee.

"Santo hei Meissa," Eden said from hr position in the front of the wardroom. "I think you did wonderfully in the face of adversity. Not only that, you worked with your team well to make ends meet!"

She went on, "I want you to be more proud of your efforts in the future. Mission success was a result of the team's efforts, as it always is, but hinged on your demolition expertise!"
After finishing up the reloading and module maintence of the freshly-used Mindies, Carter ran back to his quarters to shower and clean himself up. After making himself presentable, he quickly made his way to the wardroom, entering with a few minutes to spare. He saluted the Taii, and walked over to where Meissa was sitting. He sat next to her, and said "You did do an excellent job with the explosives. I installed your replacement transceiver by the way. It's as good as new."
YSS Kaiyō

Anastasia walked into the wardroom, soon after the others. Unfortunately, she didn't get a chance to shower given her time working on replacing and buffing the armor of the singed armor suits. Wings do make things like showering a longer ordeal. She was wearing to basic everyday uniform, Type 35, with cargo pants and dark work boots. She gave a polite salute as she entered, like normal. She quietly walked around the table, looking for Yoshida and taking a seat next to her, cobalt wings flopped over the back of her chair.
A small beeping noise slams the tiny elysian back from what seemed like death but was honestly just a deep sleep. Turning her alarm off she heads up the stairs to the wardroom, claiming a booth in the corner as her seat. Her currently dampened eyes-less like gemstones and more like crayon drawings-scan the group passively, clearly not fully awake yet. Sitting down at the aforementioned booth she started to bounce her right leg in an attempt to actually be considered awake instead of... basically a zombie. Her service uniform is slightly crumpled from her nap earlier but she presses it down in an attempt to keep herself more presentable.
Meissa stops in the middle of a sip of coffee when she hears "excellent work."
Then as the others walk in, she continues the sip of coffee as she watches them. She passes Arbitrated the comb she was using to untangle her own hair, to a very unsuccessful degree.
YSS Kaiyō

Yoshida stood up ramrod straight when it came time to salute, looking like a mechanical soldier windup toy. Even her tail had stuck straight out away from her hs she was doing the Yamataian salute. After making doubly sure she had saluted for the appropriate length of time she sat back down, relaxing slightly and listened in on then debriefing. She settled in further and her grin grew wider as she noted Taii Eden's overwhelmingly positive reinforcement. The horror stories of debriefing sounded like all but a myth as of now to her.

Navian went from salute to seat so briskly, it wasn't until after she'd settled that the note of resignation in her demeanor became readily apparent. Her interest in the briefing seemed rather faint, in contrast to Asuka, for example, who was literally on the edge of her seat.
YSS Kaiyō

As the debriefing began, Sakamoto simply sat in her seat the moment she was able to, her eyes more interested in the various people around her than the debriefing itself. So many Elysians. Though she had things to report to the Taii, they weren't very interesting things, and chances were, this whole little skirmish was nothing but a waste of time for them all. Of course, these renegades lost a lot more than time, but with a war going on, every bit of time was precious.

She could have been tending to her plants or something for an example.

"Let's begin, then," Taii Teien Eden said as she watched the last of the Kaiyō's crew filter in. As she moved her hand up, the screen behind her no longer showed the hinomaru, but, instead, showed footage of the first Caravan blowing up from every angle possible.

"We took down our opponents," she commented and then, the second caravan's destruction was on the screen. "We suffered minor inconveniences," she said, waving a hand towards Meissa. "But we overcame them as we vanquished our opponent." The hinomaru returned. "This was no large or grand feat, but it was an operation that we completed successfully. For that, you will be awarded. But before those come, I want to try a... Different tactic than one you may be used to seeing."

She went on, "We have a lot going for us, but we'll have even more if we have a more unified team. For that reason, we will be working on gaining trust in one another today."

The screen showed a visual of one Neko standing in front of another, facing away from them. The Neko in front began to fall backwards and the one behind caught them as they did.

"Buddy up. This is what you'll be doing. I want you to find a partner and fall into their arms and then have then reverse roles. Begin now!"

She looked to her XO and asked, "Saki, would you be my partner?"
Despite looking like she's got a sever case of tunnel vision to that booth, Arb took the comb from Meissa, not even pausing to try and move her hand, after all there's little difference between this and aiming and firing at an enemy ship. Well okay maybe the comb isn't trying to shoot back, but that's why there's only a little bit of difference. She starts to get her hair to not be a nest as she listened to her C.O.

Grumbling really quietly from her safe little corner she mentions something about hoping not to be with the "crazy bomb lady" she stands up again, ambling to the center of the room's open space to stand and look about awkwardly, not knowing who to choose for a partner.

Misaki nodded and took a position behind Eden. She was slightly blushed but spoke, "I would be honored Eden-Taii." She brushed her skirt and held her hands out in front of her. Following her arm movements, she smiled and asked, "Do you trust me Eden-Taii?" She then prepared for Eden to fall backwards and was ready to catch her.

"Saki," Eden said as she faced away from the XO. "Saki, I trust you. You gave me the most worthwhile advice I could have asked for on this mission. For that, I thank you." She paused after she spoke those words, then said, "I'm ready." She ground her heels into the floor as her toes pushed off of it and her torso and head were the first parts of her body to move perceptibly. She fell backwards, knowing the chui would be there to catch her.

And the Chui did, putting her arms under the Taii's and catching her with relative ease. She smiled as she held her there for a few seconds before helping her back to her feet. She turned to address the crew, "As you can see, the Taii trusted me that I would catch her and I did." She then turned to face away from the Taii, "Now I am trusting her, are you ready Eden-Taii?"

Navian stands up, holding in a heavy sigh, and gently takes Arbitrated's hands in her own, which seems to make them disappear. "The less said the better," she commented, almost letting the sigh escape. "I'll begin, but we'll both find this simple." She bent her knees and held out her hands, ready to catch her crew mate, and thus protect her from mild discomfort.

In the briefing room, sat a lone purple neko with a hear of vibrant orange hair that curled every which way it felt like going. She word the cornflower blue of the infantry squad and had a rank patch for Nito Hei. At her hip was a sword, styled after the katana, however it was not the sword of a Ketsurui Samurai, this sword had a finger guard, which was a bit of an oddity for Ketsurui.

"I would like to participate." She poke as she stood up, looking rather excited. "I'm Hatoyama Ume, I was on standby before, but now I've formally been cleared and activated, so I'll be joining you all in the future." Her smile was prominent on her face and she just oozed a contagious level of joy, not at all what would be expected from theKetsurui, she must've been something else.
Yeah. You're on your own, Meissa. It's a weird thing for her, but she's flooding her mind with different possibilities.
She's being smart about it, at least.
She glances around the room. Carter? Nah. That one technician Elysian? Nope. Too much of a grump. Yoshida, who's bubbly as all hell? No, leave her to Carter.
Meissa looks at the leadership- just kidding. She glances at Mitsuko. Okayish choice, but not one she was keen on.
This was harder than she thought.
Then her eyes fall on Arbitrated, who's using her comb. Sure, whatever.
"Hey, Arbitrated. Partner up?"
"Yeah..." The smol responds, being towered over by Navian until she kneeled down. As she turns, slipping the comb into a pocket on her uniform, she states clearly: "I, Santo Hei Arbitrated Shan, trust you to catch me." Approximately 1.275 seconds later she tips herself backwards, the artificial gravity pulling her down to the floor.
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