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Approved Character [[YSS Kaiyo II]] Yoshinaga Narumi


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Starting characters should be santo hei.

Farmers can be predatory too! Just predatory against dirt clods and weeds!!

The SAoY common skills count for 4 of the starting skills, of which there should be 7 total. I see you did a lot of work writing out the reasoning for those extras, but save the material and paste it after some time of RP imo. But she will need 7 total.

Best to specify "with Korean ancestry" than simply say "Korean". It is how Wes wrote his character(s) that have Korean ethnicity, since there is no straight Korea in-setting.

Thank you! The sakura will look nice against that mint!!!


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The promotion to Itto Hei is from the School of Advanced Infantry Combat entry. I can always say they didn't like her and got Santo Hei. haha

I fixed the other issues with her skills and the reference to her friend. Also, need to edit his skills too.