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[YSS Kanagawa] Prelude


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RP Date
YE 42
RP Location
YSS Kanagawa, Yamatai Space
YSS Kanagawa
Captain's Quarters
Rokusai Gen

"MEGAMI, start up the log," said a crisp, authoritative voice.

A chime answered in response, telling Gen that the recording had begun.

"Today marks the first day where my new rank and title really mean anything. The incredible weight of responsibility that comes with this ship and the mission we are to carry out weighs heavily upon my shoulders."

There was a pause as the captain considered one hand.

"My new shoulders. Adjusting to this new body has been something of a challenge, but one I enjoy. It feels more.. appropriate. It is my hope that each day I can take another step towards being more like the man who inspired me to make this change."

Gen looked to the large mirror that hung on one wall. The dress uniform was crisp and impressive, highlighting the captain's broad shoulders and commanding posture. As the captain looked up, it was the face that looked back that was the biggest change. A male face, bearded, with features that matched the many years of service of the mind within. It was a far cry from the Neko body that Gen had previously "worn".

The eyes, looking back at himself, showed resolve.

"End log."

YSS Kanagawa

While the captain settled in, the crew was boarding and checking over her systems. The Kanagawa was new, like so many others in the ongoing war, and demanded much of her new crew. Systems had to be checked and checked again. Crew rosters were reviewed and updated. Quarters assignments were griped or cheered about.

For new recruits, the Plumeria-class was something of a legend. They had heard stories of its legendary durability and combat power. Tales of groups of Plumeria suddenly appearing in the skies of the Star Army's enemies and raining down justice. That they were all now part of that legend filled them with hope and pride. That none of them knew what their mission was didn't particularly matter.

For many of the more experienced crew, boarding the Kanagawa was like seeing an old friend once again. Her corridors were familiar, had been walked by countless members of the Star Army in so many ships just like her.

The engineering and logistics crew were discovering that the Kanagawa wasn't exactly like the other Plumeria they were familiar with. A portion of her cargo bay was filled with quite a few cryochambers. Sleeping Nekos and other species lay inside each. Rations and other sundries were in far greater supply than the craft would typically need for a normal mission duration. Together, they spoke of a mission of unknown length far away from the Star Army's usual supply lines.

As Gen walked towards the Volumetric Room for the ship's first briefing, he considered what to say and how to say it. The sight of the new crew bustling and preparing for the Kanagawa's launch was another reminder that their lives would depend on the decisions he had to make in the coming days. He mentally shook off the unease that haunted him, firmly reminding himself of the importance of their mission.

With the doors to the Volumetric Room before him, he once more shored up his resolve.

"MEGAMI," he said, staring at the letters on the door. "Begin to summon the crew once they've settled in. I'd like to see their faces and get to know the people I'll be fighting alongside. We can debrief after we've gone through the shakedown."

Another friendly chime answered him in confirmation. He wondered idly at the response; all the MEGAMI he'd worked with before had been more ... chatty.

Gen shook off the thought and considered the door once more. The Captain intended to make himself available to the crew if they wished to meet him, to forge the first link in the chain that would hold them all together no matter what came later. Into the waiting interior of the Volumetric Room he went.

Make yourselves comfortable, share some backstory if you'd like, and feel free to stop by to meet the Captain. You can meet him one-on-one or come in with/after someone else - I'll handle it however you'd like. You're also welcome to not meet him at all. :) Plenty of stuff to explore.

After a post cycle or two, the ship will get underway and the mission will officially start!
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Immortal Cyan

The Cyan Neko
RP Date: YE 42
RP Location: Volumetric Room - YSS Kanagawa, Yamatai Space

Report to the Volumetric Room.

The silent command registered in Kanagawa Chasianna’s digital mind as an order directly from the captain himself, but relayed by MEGAMI. Glancing up from the volumetric pages of a particularly gripping romance novel that she had been reading for the last ten minutes, Chasianna took a deep breath and floated out of her seat. With only a thought, a volumetric mirror appeared in front of her, which she used to briefly examine her appearance before leaving her cabin. Her cornflower blue-paneled bodysuit indicated that she was a soldier in the Star Army. However, by virtue of her Nekovalkyrja body, she was also an infantrywoman, even though she had never underwent formal training. Nevertheless, amongst the catalogue of duties that she performed on the YSS Kanagawa, foremost was her obligation to fight in power armor whenever called upon to do so.

It was a duty that she intended to execute without question.

After adjusting her bangs over her eyebrows, Chasianna deactivated the volumetric mirror and left her cabin. While many crew members were still boarding the ship and unpacking their personal gear, Chasianna was completely prepared to leave port. The YSS Kanagawa was her home. Not once in her short life had she ever left the confines of the ship, even when presented with the brief opportunity to do so. Save for her volumetric reader and uniforms, she had virtually nothing in the way of personal belongings.

It was a simple life of duty and sacrifice, but a part of her wanted more.

Upon entering the Volumetric Room, Chasianna delivered a snappy military salute to the broad-shouldered captain. “Kanagawa Chasianna-Hei, reporting!” The Sprite belted out in a peppy soprano voice. “Permission to take a seat in the front row for the briefing, Chusa?”

Valona Longweave

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RP Date: YE 42

RP Location: Volumetric Room - YSS Kanagawa, Yamatai Space

Report to the Volumetric Room.

The command that had rang in Chasianna’s mind had also rung in the mind of her ‘ship-sister’, Kanagawa Renna. She shared cabins with her sister, specifically, the MEGAMI room. She had arranged this herself, and had managed to get the request approved, due to the current lack of avatar from the MEGAMI, and the fact that, to her and Chasianna, the MEGAMI was much like their mother, as the sprites that had been created by it they were. As her sister was reading the novel, Renna was busy on her datapad, studying the software. Ever since she had been created, she’d taken an interest in information technology, yet another reason she had requested for her and her sister to be bunked in the MEGAMI room, although, much like her sister, was still in training for her role.

She, too, checked her appearance in a volumetric mirror, but took more time than her sister, taking extra care and detail into making sure she looked perfect. Her bodysuit also had cornflower blue panelling, due to being still being a newly created soldier, but she knew she’d one day be wearing technician red. She was soon up, too, and spoke up, to Chasianna. “You ready, sister?” She’d say, giving her a nod, before setting off with her, for the Volumetric Room.

Much like her sister, all her belongings were already on the ship, and she was already ready to leave port on the ship she had called home the whole of her short life, so far. Unlike crew that was now coming onto the ship, she and her sister were quite accustomed to the differences between this ship and normal Plumerias, after all, this was their home, and all they knew, so far. Renna had also not yet left the ship, after all, she had no interest to, as of yet.

She entered the Volumetric Room along with her sister, saluting the captain as well, speaking after her sister, for once. “Kanagawa Renna, Yontô Hei, also reporting! I also ask for permission to take a seat, Chusa, with my sister.”