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RP [YSS Kikyō] Kuvexian Invasion Himiko System


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RP Date
Mid YE 40
RP Location
Ketsurui Military Sector
Himiko System
YSS Kikyō

Another sudden wave of anxiety was forcibly suppressed by the YSS Kikyō's Taisa-ranked captain, Naka Nai, as she paced the circle of the 2E Plumeria-class Gunship's small bridge. Flame-like eyes burned bright as she looked to the consoles of each operator, albeit the readouts would say nothing that her own digital mind wasn't already processing.

They were outnumbered and they were certainly being overwhelmed. Between the lack of responses from their away team leads to the statistics of warships flooding the Himiko System, it was apparent there was little in the way of victory on the horizon for the Star Army of Yamatai.

Stealing her attention away from such data, the Taisa stopped behind the systems monitor's station and looked to the Hinomaru on the floor of the bridge. There was a plan forming underneath her pale, white, cropped hair and she let it wash over her fully so that she could assess its strengths and weaknesses. Her fists clenched and her knuckles paled before she spoke.

"Call all squadron leaders in the vicinity," Naka Nai said abruptly while her fiery eyes were still affixed to the red, white, and silver emblem.

"What shall I tell them?" asked the communications officer from in front of the captain while she opened lines to multiple ships.

As the Taisa turned towards her command chair, she said, "I want us joining up for one last stand. This is the system named after the Empress, we cannot fail her, nor her citizens!"

"Understood, Taisa!" The communications officer then added, "Line to the squadron leaders is open!"

The Taisa spoke distinctly as she sat down, "We will need to work in tandem as a counter to these Kuvexians invaders. We have not been fruitful in gaining the advantage up to now, but we will need to change the tides of time on this hour. There is no more opportunities past this one, so let's make it count!"

She moved on to speak of the actual plan, "The first wave will consist of the 6th and 8th squadron as they move to intercept only the largest three targets of the enemy fleet that are positioned in the system's core with main weapon arrays, ignoring all other distractions! The Fuji-class ships in this area," Naka Nai continued, "will need to alleviate the burden that this plan will place on the 6th and 8th squadron's Plumeria! Have the 5th move to provide cover for the active Plumeria with point defense and power armor teams. The Fuji-class should not use main weapon arrays until the Plumeria have made their pass on the three warships we are targetting. It will be then that the roles are reversed and the Fuji-class of the 5th will unload ther main weaponry while being protected by the 6th and 8th. Meanwhile, all Urufu-class ships remaining will be utilized to defend and protect the planet Himiko solely. Captains, do you understand?"


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Himiko System
YSS Kikyō

Rikun's hands shook a little as she opened the lines to the squadron leaders, not really understanding that hey, she was in the thick of it finally... Her first assignment to a ship and here she was in an actual space battle, and things already looked sideways. Taking a purging breath, she went to work to do the best she could. Sending out information to the squadron leaders based on the orders given by Nai, Rikun made sure that all MEGAMIs had the targeting information they needed, including their own.

While she was nervous, she was glad at the same time for her more recent training. Her black paneled uniform stood out against the rest of the uniforms on the bridge it seemed, denoting her from SAINT. They had assigned her to the fleet on the YSS Kikyō in order to give her some expierence in ship based warfare and intelligence gathering, but she had never expected ship based combat well... so soon.

"Targeting data sent to the other ships, information on the lines of firing and order as well. All ships looking to have received the data Taisa." She offered to her superior officer, doing her best to continue bringing in information as best she could, as well as constantly requesting updates from the away teams that had seemingly gone dark.


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Himiko System
YSS Kikyo

The bridge's doors hissed open as a woman clad in the armour of a fighter-pilot strutted in with A helmet strapped to her hip and a box of canned energy drinks under her right arm, the mop of choppy blonde hair that obscured her eyes bouncing slightly with each pride-filled strut that was taken.

"Pilot Maevo-hei on deck," one of the crew informed the captain as Leshi continued to stroll past, dismissing the Neko that had briefly taken over control of the ship during the pilot's very quick pit-stop. The armour-clad woman vaulted over the back of the pilot's seat, taking a short moment to hang the helmet off of a small hook before popping a chilled can out of the box and placing the rest down under her feet.

"Anything new since I left for the lady's room and got assaulted by a vending machine?" the pilot asked her captain in a light-hearted voice that helped hide her fatigue, settling into seat's well-worn butt-groove as she began doing pre-flight checks mid-flight. It was a mystery how she could see anything behind that blonde fringe but it hadn't caused any issues so far.
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