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RP [YSS Kikyō] Shinu no Hanakotoba: Dead Flower Language


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RP Date
1日 3月 YE 35
RP Location
YSS Kikyō
Kikyō Sector
YSS Kikyō
1日 3月 YE 35
0800 Hours

There was a lack of stillness on the YSS Kikyō as Taiyou Hoshi was in the Captain's suite, kneeling at a diminutive and flowering sakura tree. She had been given it one year ago, some short time after she herself had first lost her life. The Plumeria-class medium gunship's MEGAMI reiterated the full readiness condition throughout the ship, even in Hoshi's private quarters and then spoke to her in a quiet, subdued voice.

"The captain's place is on the bridge," the artificial intelligence told the lithe Nekovalkyrja as Hoshi moved to pick up a pair of bonsai cutting scissors. Her bubblegum-colored cheeks slacked as her blue brows furrowed. Her fingertips curled and uncurled around the scissors and then she stood while she zipped her Type 21 bodysuit up fully over her flat pink chest. She pulled her hair up and out from behind her back and draped it over her shoulder so that the white tips touched at her rank pink that deemed her a Shosa.

Stepping out of the captain's suite and onto the bridge, Hoshi took the command chair from her XO, who stood and put his hands curtly behind his back.

"Report," the captain spoke out.

Her XO was quick to say, "We're well within striking range and their sensors are still blind to us."

"Condition one," Hoshi said and put her hands in her lap.

The MEGAMI spoke out, "Maximum readiness condition one. All weapons online. CFS on shields. Blast shutters deployed."

To the pilot, Hoshi said, "Take us out of the event horizon, maximum speed. Sublight engines on standby, combined field system at maximum."

"The further from this singularity, the better," the pilot let the bridge know as she turned from her navigational side of her console to the side of it suited for flying them out of the black hole's rim.

"This black hole has hidden us from them this long, I am personally thankful to it for our continued survival," Hoshi looked to the sensors' readouts on her console, seeing that the pilot was doing their job, despite it being a difficult one. "For anything slower than the speed of light, escaping an event horizon is impossible. For a Yamataian starship, nothing is impossible."

"We're breaking free," the pilot reported. "At maximum output. Under normal circumstances we would be going just under than two and a half light years. Right now we're moving, but barely."

"Hold steady, just ten more seconds by my calculations. MEGAMI?" Hoshi asked of the ship's AI. She turned to her XO, then spoke in a low voice, "Howards, see to it the away team wipes them clean."

There was something of a hopeful smile on the XO's face as he bowed to his captain and left the bridge.

"A little less than ten, now. Six," MEGAMI replied then began counting down after Hoshi gave a terse nod. "Five, four, three, two..." there seemed to be a pause in the MEGAMI's voice and she went on, but not with the final number. "We're are free of the event horizon."

"FTL engines cut, back to sublight power output," Hoshi called. "Weapons, select targets and fire on a second sweep. Pilot, I want our main weapon array at your fingertips. Full spread. Avoid the station we're taking." The captain raised her blue diamond-like eyes up to look at the view screen that showed the enemies that they had been lurking in wait for.

The enemy orbital installation was being moved from nearby core Yamatai and to a defensible location in the Western portion of the Kikyō Sector when it had been laid to siege. Passing the black hole cluster of this region had given the Empire's opponents the belief of security from Yamataian forces.

That belief was being reconsidered now as the first shot of the Plumeria's full spread of aetheric shock array blew to nonexistence those within a thirty degree cone. The pink conical glow from the nose of the Plumeria splayed right before the ship began banking hard towards starboard. She threw herself towards the enemy's other half dozen ships, this time, she was shooting with positron accelerator cannons at very nearly light speeds. When close enough, heavy anti-starship gun turrets began blazing towards the enemy ships as the YSS Kikyō passed by one more time, this time in the wake of her destruction as a few enemy shots zipped through tar black space, unable to hit the fast-moving YSS Kikyō.

"Four enemy stealth corvettes have been completely destroyed, already. Two more have been heavily crippled by our cannons and turrets," the MEGAMI informed the bridge.

Hoshi turned to the pilot when the aetheric shock array had charged and was once more ready to shoot, "Fire at rapid pulse as often as possible. Every two seconds I want to see one of their ships blown apart!" As she saw the fifth ship to be completely downed, she nodded, "Like that! Bring her about once you've—Exactly!" Hoshi exclaimed as she saw the sixth ship cascade outward in an aetheric plume of demise. "Keep going... Weapons!"

"Hai, Shosa?" the operator asked, then there came a small tremor throughout the ship as they were finally and for the first time in the engagement, hit.

"Hold strong!" Hoshi shouted. She looked from her readings to the visual displays and spoke again, "Heavy quad cannons and torps aimed at the flagship of their little task force, got it?" On the view screen nearest the weapons operator a heavy cruiser was marked out for them.

The pilot loosened one more rapid pulse that shot out its cherry blossom pink aether from the Plumeria and struck a series of gunships that had been traveling in a row.

"Sitting ducks," Hoshi murmured as she saw how the bright plasma was pulled from the aether, thanks to the ship's nose that blew through the first ship and struck the second, then third and fourth. The aether continued streaking through space, ready to continue its reign of terror further on for another few hundred kilometers.

The ship was again struck while she turned about, but was now ready and positioned for the cruiser to be taken down.

"Pilot," Hoshi said, "bring us nearer the flagship and to their damaged portside."

The weapons operator followed Hoshi's instruction, but it wasn't yet enough until they had closed the gap between the two ships. Once within range of heavy striking power, the YSS Kikyō's power was discharged once more. Within the first pass, the flagship was crippled, then its chassis snapped and it was soon in many pieces, mainly composed of two hulking segments of what was once a formidable starship.

A distant series of shots rang out from nearby ships and Hoshi's blue brows knit together as she waited to feel the shock of them against strong shields and thick Zesuaium hulls, but no shuddering of the ship, small or large, came.

"Report," she said to her bridge.

"We were barely touched," the systems and safety monitor spoke up. "No hull breeches, shields are at 70%."

"How is their station?" Hoshi asked, looking now at the orbital installation.

"Unscathed, totally. No damage," the monitor replied.

"There are a few scrambling ships left," Hoshi said to her crew on the bridge while going over sensor readings. She looked to her communications operator portside and said, "Tell the XO it is time for him to act."

"Right away, Shosa," replied the brunette at the station next to Hoshi, who looked to the door forward of the bridge before her sky blue eyelashes closed.

The thought of the blooming sakura tree behind the closed doors called out to her. She blinked twice while she heard the warbled speech of the communications operator as they used comms to talk to her XO as if it was from within a fishbowl and the captain's eyes shut once more. Her hand found its place on her pink forehead and she moved aside her sky blue bangs to rub at her temples. Her hands fell and rested on the arm of her command chair while she surveyed the sensors through her SPINE interface, still serene-looking with her pink lids closed.

"Belay my order," Hoshi said as she looked back up a few moments' of thought later.


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"Captain Taiyou has rescinded her order," said the communications operator before looking directly at Hoshi. "Captain...?"

"I'll be leading the away team," Hoshi said as she stood and turned to face the stern of her ship, "Have Howards-taii come to the bridge. You have the bridge until Howards-taii assumes command of the ship, Shoi. The Kikyō is to pick away the remaining enemy ships."

The operator asked, "Shosa, any further details?"

"Mission priority," Hoshi said, "has changed."

"Understood..." said the brunette Nekovalkyja next to Hoshi before she began relaying the information to the Taisa.

From her own workstation, the small and rather mousy clerk of the ship, a Santô Hei named Akiyama Mei, perked her head up. Being a clerk, and of no use in a combat situation, she'd done the prudent thing and ducked her head down. She may have also begun praying to every single deity that she was familiar with.

The clerk brushed a few orange strands of hair away from her pale, freckled face. She'd never let anyone know, but the captain was one of the few people aboard she actually liked and trusted. If Hoshi left, they were surely dead, in her opinion.

"H-Hey, t-there's really no need for all of that!" Mei laughed nervously, trying her hardest to project her small voice loud enough to be heard. She gestured to the space station on the view screen and began rambling at a thousand words an hour. "I mean, just look at that hunk of garbage! The renovation costs would be astronomical, and we haven't even gotten a quote! And the location is just awful! Not near any shopping or a beach or anything! The property values have to be abysmal out here! Really, who needs a stupid old space station anyways?! Beach condos on Hanako's World are much more valuable, and you can rent them out when you're not using them! Double-win!"

"We're not prepared to leave this battle empty-handed, Akiyama-hei. Now, your first engagement may seem very," Hoshi said as she tried to brush past the clerk, "intimidating and formidable..." she trailed off as she glanced at her bridge and the door to her quarters one last time before she turned and went on. "But we need to complete our mission."

Despite those words, Mei was nothing if not persistent. She followed after the captain, occasionally stumbling as she tried to keep up. Her voice was once more rather nervous and unsure as they entered the zero gravity passageway.

"How about we just send some of the other Santô Hei to do it and... not you! A bridge is the captain's home, after all! No place like home!"

The captain said, "This is my second home and I won't see it torn apart like my first, Santô Hei." Hoshi gave a curt nod towards the power armor bay once out of the zero gravity passageway, motioning for her clerk to follow as she went port-side of the lounge and through deck five.

"Why not do that on the ship?" Mei asked as she struggled to keep up.

"I noticed peculiarities in the sensors' readouts," Hoshi told her as she entered the power armor bay, "If Howards-taii went out there then we'd lose the station. You'll have to do your job and trust me, Santô Hei."

Now, Mei was actually sad. She looked utterly defeated behind the doors of the power armor bay as she stopped in her tracks and murmured, "Hai, Shosa..."

"Captain on deck!" someone called out as Hoshi entered and the Nekovalkyrja captain floated swiftly to her Mindy 2, speaking as she did.

"MEGAMI, broadcast ship-wide." She said while taking off the helmet from the rack and then began backing into her armor after it had opened for her, "I will not be taking the away team into space to wipe out the rest of the ships and surviving enemies as was planned under Howards-taii's direction. That is the bridge's job, now. Bridge, that's an order." Her armor closed around her small body, the bare minimum height for the NH-33. She went on to hold her helmet and speak, "What I will be tasking the away team with is getting the people on the station back to Yamatai in one piece."

"People, Shosa?" asked a Santô Juni.

Hoshi's light blue brows crinkled and she nodded, "There are many people on this station, despite all indications in intel that it would be purely a skeletal structure that lacked defense but was of valuable strategic and scientific interest. What we found is much more than that."

MEGAMI responded, "Hai, Shosa Taiyou, there are passengers on this installation that we did not see."

"That's because they were masking them invisible to our sensors with bioelectric dampeners, we were unable to see them at all," Hoshi said.

"How do we know there are passengers on the station?" MEGAMI asked Hoshi.

Hoshi looked about the group as she spoke, "As black holes constantly radiate part of their mass, the information directly around them is stored and encoded in the blackholes. Taking measurements and triangulating from the many black holes in this cluster around us, I noted the information of the radiation in the lips of the black holes and surrounding area."

Hoshi looked to her power armor team of ten and then spoke again, "Howards-taii is to assume command of this vessel until I return. Once the enemy has been eradicated around the station, they Kikyō will hide in a hangar. The away team and friendlies will find them there. This is just turned into a rescue mission."

"We have no way of knowing the species of those inside," the MEGAMI said.

"We'll have to take bets on the way there," Hoshi said and then added on. "YSS Kikyō, may we all serve our ship and Empire well. Itte kimasu!!"

With that, Hoshi put her helmet on over her head and the Mindy 2 suit's neck. She hopped into the air and waved her hand to be followed upwards. The power armor bay's doors were open and ready to be flown out of, so Hoshi engaged CFS and flew slowly, then all at once, like a bullet from a barrel that flew straight and true to the station.


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Touching down onto the upper apparatus of the seemingly derelict station, Hoshi noted that she was able to walk with ease on the installation's hull.

The call of, "Captain on deck!" had come from the mouth of Shoi Alekzander Seikosu, a rather spindly looking Star Army Intelligence Minkan who kept his features blank and glasses pushed up the bridge of his nose. Having dressed in his own Mindy prior to Hoshi's arrival, he followed her out of the bay with his LASR sweeping the area before they jettisoned towards the station.

"Shields down in Sector One," the Kikyō's captain said. "Commence team sweeps through the middle, Sector Two, and lower Sector Three."

Touching down beside the captain, Alekzander dropped into a crouch also noting the apparent ease of movement on the hull of the station and swept for any enemies dispatched to deal with the boarders.

"Outside looks clear, Shosa," Alekzander said. "Waiting on your mark. Where are we headed?"

"Seikosu-shoi! Moving in to position ourselves above the people inside. The Sector Two scouts will likely instigate while we watch. Maintenance conduits," Taiyou Hoshi said, taking a step back to begin opening up the hull with her forearm's six foot long energy blade "are going to be our friends."

Hoshi soon finished with cutting the hull and slipped in to the large opening in it, then jumped down to the inner hull with a quick ease. With her helmet's flashlight on, she looked about for a bulkhead and found one to her right and ahead a small way, which she flew forward to.

"Follow," she called out over comms while gripping the ladder. "We're going down."

Her squad of five personnel were quick to move, including Alekzander, who replied with a curt, "Roger."

As his captain had worked on cutting through, the Minkan had continued watching around them with his head on a swivel. After dropping down into the hull Alekzander switched on his own flashlight and continued his cautious movements while checking behind them.

When they reached the ladder he almost called out for the captain to wait and let him go first but bit his tongue, he knew better than to argue especially when she had decided to lead the team herself. As she dissapeared down the ladder he signalled to the others to check their six before descending to ensure they were not followed, shortly after he followed Taiyou Hoshi down into the depths.

What was waiting for them were the cramped but traversable maintenance conduits that Hoshi had promised, which they spread out within, leaving Alekzander and Taiyou Hoshi to crawl through one together, with Alekzander taking the lead.

More concerned with the task at hand than his dignity the minkan had crawled into the conduit without hesitation and moved forwards on Taiyou Hoshi's orders. His flashlight remained on, but at far less intensity than before to avoid drawing any attention accidentally.

"Looks like there could be a split ahead, how should we proceed?" the Shoi asked.

"Do you have any gut feelings we can go off of, Shoi?" Hoshi asked with a lilting, sarcastic tone.

Whether he noticed the tone or not would remain unknown as Shoi Alekzander reached the split and he said, "Well since we came in from the top we should be theoretically closest to their central command. I suggest going left as it will keep us heading towards the centre for the time being."

Hoshi was appreciative but there was no real way to show Alekzander from behind him, so she simply said, "Your assessment is intuitive. Follow through with it."

Proceeding silently the Minkan continued to scan the conduit as they went looking for any sign of an exit hatch or means to gather info on their surroundings. "I know I'm just another soldier and I won't oppose your decision, but what made you decide to join the away team Shosa, if you'll pardon my asking? It seemed last minute so I assumed there was some reason of importance." Alekzander's voice remained calm as they moved, even when asking the question that had been on the top of his head since they left the ship.

"If I was the only one able to read the scans from the lips of the blackhole surrounding us, I had no doubt I would also be the only person to finish the job. The multiverse tends to work out in some pretty predictable ways, Shoi, as you know. This situation is one of those that I've been in before, and made the wrong call to stay where I was not needed. It..." The Shosa trailed off before continuing as they crawled along in the conduit, "It destroyed me to be in a hemosynth vat after dying, desperately going over MEGAMI recordings just to find out I was right, and that everyone could have been saved if I had just gotten out of my chair. Everyone could have been saved if a thousand different things had been done differently, though."

She looked one way and another before adding, "I'm not special. I think we would be going too far if we kept this up." Hoshi spoke into her Mindy's comms, saying, "Check in teams."

"Still scouting, Shosa," said one YSS Kikyō crew member from her location within the station, "Power's down save for life support in our Sector."

"Same here, Taiyou-shosa," reported another team. "Scans aren't picking up any life signs; are you sure they're here, Shosa?"

"We wouldn't be here if I wasn't," Taiyou Hoshi told her team. "Keep up with your sweeps."

Alekzander listened to the explanation as they continued and nodded to himself. When it was mentioned they may be going too far, though, he stopped. Searching around their immediate area with the light on his helmet, the Minkan noticed a small service hatch.

It was only after replaying the line in his head did he realize she was most likely talking about their conversation rather than their movement. After checking the distances himself, he noted that they were close enough to leave the conduit now.

"Shosa, got a service hatch here, should be able to use it to exit this conduit and we should be over a small hall or service room. Proceed?"

"With caution," Hoshi said to the Shoi with a terse sound to her voice.

Opening the small hatch he poked his head down slowly scanning for any enemies or defensive structures. Seeing none, Alekzander pushed out head first holding onto the shaft and flipped over in the air dropping into a crouch stance.

Completing his sweep he sent back, "Area clear Shosa, no signs of hostiles and I don't hear anyone either."

Hoshi's blue brows creased together beneath her Mindy's helmet as she heard his report. "No noise readings at all? Let's continue to the CIC... Do you have a science scanner, Shoi?"

"Affirmative, I'll do a full scan now." The minkan replied pulling out his scanner and initiating a full life form scan of their immediate area within an omnidirectional range of 50 meters.

Readings showed a little less than five thousand life signatures to Alekzander.

"Tch." The minkan nearly gasped seeing the readings before his voice of reason kicked in, most likely these would be tiny micro-organisms not people. "Shosa, full life form scan is showing just under five thousand signatures but I'm estimating most of them are micro."

Just to be on the safe side, Alekzander continued to sweep and checked around the nearest corner while waiting for the captain, who gripped the floor of the maintenance conduit and slid down the service hatch, feet first.

"Let's search them out," Hoshi said to him while readying her suit's weapons to be at the ready to strike any incoming threats. Floating now, she stalked down the hallway in the shadow of the Shoi as his own helmet lit his path in the empty hallways of the enemy installation.

The little Mindy-clad captain gave a sudden pause as she saw what was once unseen; a mottled grey and ghastly creature with its own ability to phase in and out of space, an Advanced-Type Ghost Mishhuvurthyar, was coming towards them. After it had come into existence some twenty feet from the Shoi and Shosa, the tentacled tank of a life form plunged forward, towards the pair of them at breakneck speeds in a silvery blur of movement.

Taiyou Hoshi called out as she moved backwards, "Shoi! Enemy engagement!" She quickly gained a tactical position behind a bulkhead in the hallway and said into all teams' comms, "Mishhuvurthyar Advanced-Type Ghost spotted!"

Alekzander had spotted the ghostly figure soon thereafter and, while his captain managed to find cover, he was forced to dive sideways to avoid the charging form. Landing on his back he engaged the mindy's CFS and skidded along the floor around to flank the Mishhuvurthyar, while firing into its back.

"Shosa! I don't know if we'll be able to pull this off alone should we fall back?" Came Alekzander's reply from behind his own cover at the other end of the room.

There was little to no trepidation in the small Nekovalkyrja's mind as her intuitive senses became aware of the situational prospects. She didn't like many of them, and falling back would mean less devastation for the away team's lives, but what that did for those on the station she did not know.

"You fall back," Hoshi said decisively and took her hand off of the ground and rose from her crouching position. She kept her Mindy II's shoulder weaponry at the ready, creeping forward towards the Mishhuvurthyar as it moved slowly towards her. "I'll handle this on my own. There's something I have to do."

"Ma'am?" Came the swallowed response from Alek as he listened to his captain suggest her own suicide. He knew following orders was the right thing to do 9/10 times and wouldn't have gotten this far without doing so but, this seemed crazy to him. "I think you should reconsider, at least let me help you to not get yourself killed!"

Patterns of blue merle that crested the top portion of the wet-looking Advanced-Type had been creeping amongst the station's hallway towards its prey, then quickly began moving all at once. Taiyou Hoshi sprung forward, as well, towards the Mishhuvurthyar until she was directly in front of it. She thrusted up, right before they could collide, or worse—before it could phase through her.

The Mindy II-clad Nekovalkyrja shouted, "Full spread, Shoi!"

Alek did as he was told, thankful she had decided not to push him away in such an encounter and took aim. Ignoring his training to be as precise as possible, the Minkan let the recoil do most of the work for him. With his aether SMG, he peppered the area occupied by the Advanced-Type Ghost Mishhuvurthyar to try and contain it to some degree.

The Shoi asked Taiyou Hoshi, "What's your plan?"

The blue and white haired Nekovalkyrja could barely respond as she was brought to heel by the mottled menace.

"Go!" Hoshi gasped out into comms.

Slick and oozing incremental amounts of blood, the creature tanked towards Hoshi and slammed into her, pushing her into the wall of the station's hallway. The wall crumpled around her Mindy II as she impacted with it, then she was forced further into the steel alloy wall. She let her aetheric shoulder mounted canon try to extinguish the dreaded monster's life.

The Mishhuvurthyar pushed her deeper into the wall, past the steel alloy's breaking point. The wall gave way as she continued to shoot aether until she fell through the interior of the ship. Looking up at the tentacles crawling through the hole above her, a droplet of liquid silver touched her visor just before she thrusted up and through the hard-to-navigate internals. She passed the hole in the hallway's wall that she had just forcibly created and where the monster's appendages were making their way in.

"Shoi, by all means necessary, save yourself!" Hoshi called out to Alekzander. "If you need orders, flee!"

"Tch, of course." Alekzander mused to himself as he rolled out of cover to fire another volley into the creature while its back was turned. "I wouldn't dream of fleeing, how're you going in there? Getting stuck would not be a good move."

Shoi Alekzander Seikosu ducked back into cover and reloaded, they would be at this for a while if they kept current pace, surely one could give the other an opening. Shosa Taiyou Hoshi went upwards, dodging beams and bulkheads as she made her way through the cavernous structures inside the station's walls.

"Force the Mishhu scum up to me!" she commanded. "Then teleport to behind its position. Push it towards me, I'll take care of it, I think I know how, now!"

Words are often easier than actions and this situation reminded the Minkan of this fact all too well, forcing a Mishhuvurthyar to do anything was a chore and a half.

"Hai... As soon as I figure out how to." Alek took stock of the scene before him, the captain had rocketed upwards within the station walls and the disgusting creature was blocking the only easy way into the same gap. Shooting it was likely to make him the target but sitting by and doing nothing would be a long time waiting at least.

"Looks like it's all or nothing, I hope this works!" The Shoi fired forwards, taking advantage of the Mishhuvuthyar still being occupied by Hoshi to speed towards it, much like the rounds he had fired only moments ago. Flipping over in the air, Alekzander used all of his momentum to deliver a rocket-powered drop kick into the center of its monstrous back with a loud grunt.

The Mishhuvurthyar was pushed though the Mindy II-sized hole that had previously made by Hoshi's armor and it groped around in the wall's internals to grab at beams, righting itself while a half-dozen tendrils grabbed the beams above and below it. As smart as a Nekovalkyrja, the Ghost Mishhuvurthyar saw its surroundings as a point of advantage and stayed centered in the innards of the ship, ready to spring from the its stronghold on the beams in an instant if Alekzander dared go through the hole in the wall.

"Well that could have gone better..." The Minkan rubbed the back of his head, peering down cautiously at the enemy he'd just given an advantageous position to. "It seems our friend here is fairing better inside the wall than we can! I won't be able to get close without being ripped to shreds. Might be able to come from below, though..."

"Try it!" Taiyou Hoshi said as she concealed her own position high above.

"Roger that." Alekzander looked around for an easy way to descend. "Shosa Taiyou," he said over comms, "I'm going to try teleporting below it. Do you still want me to try pushing it up to you?"

"Hai!" came the one-word reply from the Shosa.

Peeking through the hole in the wall once more to check his enemy hadn't moved, Alekzander set his destination to just below the creature by several meters to give him enough space to move.

"All right here goes."

In an instant the Minkan had teleported below his target, using his natural flight ability rather than the mindy suit to avoid making any noise and giving himself away. The creature was excreting fluids as it sat in its stronghold and a glob of the silvery liquid fell onto his Mindy, but otherwise he was left unperturbed for a moment before a snaking tendril that was untethered began groping around in the darkness to the creature's side. Another half dozen tendrils began moving as they started moving about slowly and un-assuredly, looking for Alekzander by touch. Taiyou Hoshi could see through his HUD's feed and dared not speak for fear of the Mishhuvurthyar hearing even their radio communications. Instead, she spoke telepathically to the Minkan.

"Coerce the beast to me," Taiyou Hoshi said slowly in Alekzander's head. "I believe you can do so to the best of your unique abilities, Shoi!"

"Will do" The Shoi replied, wondering exactly how he should go about it now that he had this slightly advantageous position. Alekzander noticed the tendrils seeking him out and dared not move more than he needed to avoid them, who knows how sensitive they may be to vibrations caused by his movement.

The Minkan took two extreme temperature incendiary grenades as well as one concussion explosive that had been bound together with molecure tape from his cargo pack in an efficient, methodical manner. After priming the grouping of grenades, he tossed it deftly towards the creature with enough force upwards, to the extent that it wedged into one of the Mishhuvurthyar tentacle bundles, causing an extremely forceful blast. A fair amount of heat and pressure exited the hole Hoshi's Mindy had created earlier in a blast. The rest of it exploded emphatically on the underside of the huge cluster of tentacles that Alekzander had been underneath.

Chunks of the inner body of the Ghost Mishhuvurthyar and huge, clawed tentacles fell from the beast onto Alekzander himself, knocking onto his visor, then all at once all over his shoulders and torso.

The Ghost released its grip and a dozen tentacles that had been reinforcing its position unlatched while the other dozen that had been holding on were now all over the Shoi. The Mishhuvurthyar reared itself up, like a temperamental stallion, and forcibly removed itself from Alekzander's vicinity by shooting upwards, colliding with a beam after a dozen meters of staggered acceleration.

"It's heading your way Captain, with a substantial lack of disgusting appendages which it kindly deposited on me." The Shoi spat, the disgust in his tone was not hidden at all and it was no secret he hated these creatures, as he brought a hand up to wipe the gunk from his visor. "I'm following it now to provide support, it's weakened so we ought to finish it quickly and burn the rotten left overs." The Minkan's fists were clenched as he followed his prey upwards towards Hoshi.

The Mishhuvurthyar then phased, surprisingly, downwards, almost completely through the Minkan, but had left one of its tentacles within the Minkan, not to infest him or something similar. It had left its tentacle within his torso and continued speedily hurtling below Alekzander. It pulled him with itself for a small fraction of a second until the pressure was too much for his body to bear and the upwards acceleration of the Mindy in tandem with the forceful flight down of the Mishhuvurthyar meant his insides were ripped apart by the tentacle, which was unable to exit the Mindy and was torn from the Mishhuvurthyar.

The Minkan blinked as it suddenly changed course and he felt its tentacle piercing his flesh, unable to do much more than squirm, which caused him extreme agony. Alekzander tried to reach for one last grenade as he was pulled apart but couldn't finish the movement as his muscles were shredded beyond use.

"Ho-shi..." was all he managed to mutter before his body was torn apart.