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New Character (Plot) [YSS Komainu] Chambers, Asher


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We’re not full but you would need to wait for the next mission to join.

It would be best if you made a decision yourself and chose a plot or made a second character [since rejoining] to join both.

Either way, I am happy to see what you bring to the table :)


For the sake of sanity, and because I'm sending a Nep to the Kaiyo, I'm going to ask for Asher to be placed on the Komainu.

Primitive Polygon

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I see no problems. The character is up to a really high written standard. It's also worth mentioning that the Komainu is currently still in a 'test thread' with an alternate ship, so you'll always have the option to leave soon, if you decide that it does not suit Mr.Chambers...

Not gonna lie though, the idea of a farmboy joining the SAOY for "All of the beautiful women I get the honour of serving with", but getting surrounded by a ship full of nasty disturbed warcats, is pretty funny. At least their humble beginnings would suit a posting like this.

I'd call this approved.

Feel free to have Asher 'wake up' in the current thread as you see fit. I'll send you a link to the discord, too.
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I would actually like a hold on Asher- I don't feel that he's different enough from another character of mine, Darren, or my other other character, Menelik.

Primitive Polygon

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Oh. Okay. If that's how you feel. Quality was good, but I get it, inspiration and motivation are their own things.

Just drop me a line when you have a bit more of a cohesive idea, I guess.