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RP [YSS Komainu, Prelude] 00; "Red Eyes, Black Iron"

Primitive Polygon

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RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
YSS Yume No Sensha, (NL-X2-64, Courier 2B Star Army Freighter), Grid Reference 0409, Kikyo Sector South-West.
A tremendous bang-pop sound was heard throughout the small three-decked transport, accompanied by a devastating vibration that twisted guts and rattled teeth. At the very brink of hitting the calm vibration that hyperspace provided, the ship instead violently jerked forwards, spinning around on its axis, and throwing the occupants around like a carnival ride.

The gravity plating was not functioning. All of the interior lighting to surged in brightness, then suddenly died down into nothing. Some of the bulkheads closed, whilst others made a painfully loud shriek before freezing half-way closed. The MEGAMI computer was not putting out any warning messages or damage reports whatsoever. Command was deathly silent.

No alarms. Nothing.

Why had this happened now? The Yume No Sensha was merely a transport vessel, one of five on the way back from the Daichi System to the outpost on Kazumi… One of many acting as a special materials logistics transport to the second expeditionary fleet...

So, was this an attack, or a mere accident?

No windows on the vessel like this, but those in the bow and the stern could feel that they were still moving, spinning around at an intense velocity… Could the rest of the wing even find them, if they were out of control like this?

It would be best to act quickly and ask questions later, before the situation went from bad to worse.

OOC: This is 'demo' prelude for YSS Komainu players, whilst we wait for some more character submissions. Player characters can start in either their lounge or a bedroom on the second deck. It’s up to you if they were merely being transported, or if they were officially assigned to this ship as crew. Figure out what is going on and avoid death!

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Aphrodi groaned as she got up off the floor "What the actual hell what that?" She checked that her bags were okay and checked her limbs to make sure nothing was hurt too badly so she could check what was going on and yell at some people. She was not expecting that being transported would be this rough, but she has been through rougher in her life.

She goes into her bag and pulled out her pistol for a just in case of emergency scenario. After she made sure she had what she needed, she left her room and had planned to go straight to the bridge to complain about it. As she headed to the bridge she saw people rushing around, this made her keep a hand on her pistol not liking the look of this whole situation.


Everything Is Magical
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Shi Fumetsu had just been reassigned, not even a day later she was tossed aboard with what little items she carried and sent off. Now that her transport was seemingly being attacked or at least put through a spin cycle wash her mood only worsened. Lucky for her the ghostly pale neko was quick with reflexes and managed to float herself in the centre of the bedroom as the ship span.

When it finally came to, a slightly less spinning, spin. Shi planted her feet back down on the floor and poked her head out of the door, no one in sight. The medic didn’t have any weapons on her but that was irrelevant, her body was a weapon after all and could tear any creature apart. With the speed and urgency of a tortoise the blue haired ghost moved slowly towards the connection from her deck to the rest of the ship. Since the lifts were probably out Shi went straight for the stairs, on her journey Shi caught sight of someone else with a pistol rushing too the bridge, they could probably deal with that themselves...

With that justification in mind the ghost travelled onwards to the medbay of the ship, she may not be working but there was no doubt going to be injured people that needed saving, one way or another.

Primitive Polygon

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Bumping into at least two panic-stricken yellowshirts, the dark purpple nekovalkyrja found out that the elevators to the top deck were not working. Still, there wasn't much stopping them from climbing up the shaft and reaching the upper main corridor regardless, it didn't seem like the doors had any magnetic restraints on them.

Outside the bridge however, there was a considerably heavier bulkhead blocking the way. Looked several inches thick and probably quite a bit harder to move manually.

"It's pressure triggered. I think the bridge was hit by something, and spaced..." A voice from behind them. It was a woman in a blue AMES suit, sitting with her back to the airlock doors. The tone suggested someone in shock, or just generally disconnected from reality. "...If the computer isn't responding either, then... Did it get hit too?... This must have been an attack... It completely drilled right through the ship, at exactly the right spot..."


The pale white medic was not spared any of the gory details. She could feel at full force how hot the AI room had gotten through the sealed bulkhead door. The next room was the infirmary, where the bulkhead they encountered was intended to be sealed, but had jammed upon it's rails half way.

Heat and smell hit them as solidly as any physical force. There were multiple large exit wounds in the ceiling, angled so they they lined up with several blazing gaps in the aft wall neighbouring the computer room. The doctor was present but clearly had already passed away, impacted by a dozen superheated fragments of various tool and medical supplies. The plastic coating on the surgical bed was already melted down to the consistency of cling film, pouring over the sides in viscous waves to form multicoloured stalagmites.

The small room didn't even have hemosynth tubes like a larger starship, so surely there wasn't much of use here now...

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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FM of Nepleslia
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Last she had checked, Jinako had been failing to enjoy the some cinema these cats considered entertainment and had dozed off from sheer boredom. And yet somehow she had found herself face first in the viewscreen with it now laying ontop of her!

With a headache that was at least more tame than her usual hangover she extracted herself from her media mishap and took stock of her situation. She was no voidsman but could at least tell that something was amiss as the interior lights struggled and distant shouting from some of the ships hands was a clear indication that the ship was dead, dying, or in some form of deaththrows as the uneasy feeling in her stomach forced her to stumble back towards the sofa she had occupied to throw herself down on while she took stock.

Her head hurt, alot. And friction from drag had smarted her slightly where the tight fitting cat uniform showed skin. But she was alive and nothing seemed to be impailed in her or protruding from her unnaturally at least which was a plus going for her.

Shaking some sense and drive into her movements she struggled towards the wardroom to cross into the kitchen. If this was an attack she would need a weapon of some kind. The cats didnt have tertiary armories or lockers like a good nepleslian ship would, But the kitchen at least had knives and wasnt a clearing priority for boarding.

She knew this because once upon a time she had been part of a boarding or two of freighters not unlike the Sensha. Depending on where they cut in the priorities where allways to first go for:

The bridge
The armories
Or communications.

The AI core however was close and a target. And maybe on the way she could score some drugs from the infirmary in the panic...

Primitive Polygon

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On the way past the infirmary, all the blue Nekovalkyrja really managed to observe was a fearsome blaze going on inside. There was a much paler medic who had just got there, but it didn't seem like anything helpful was going to be finished anytime soon. She could smell the medical supplies burning from all the way down the corridor. It was chaos.

The AI room, on the other hand, was closed off with bulkheads that were not budging at all. There was some kind of automatic lockdown in effect, probably pressure seal related. The metal was quite hot to the touch, but... Hold on, wasn't the fire suppression system supposed to be going off?...

Situation left them with two major choices, really. The deck above had all the command equipment, and likely most of the ongoing problems. The deck below, on the other hand, was a cargo storage space that ran most of the length of the ship... And that stuff couldn't all be on fire, right?...


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Aphrodi groaned when she heard the person speak before she turned around to shout at the woman in blue "Hey you, listen to me, I can help get you somewhere safer as long as you quit it with all the noise." She went over and pulled the woman up, she was annoyed and last thing she wanted was hysterical people screaming while she thought of something. She groans "Are all the computers, or just the MEGAMI, if you know of a working terminal somewhere, I can try to rig something up to send a call to another ship." She looked at the woman "So pause and think clearly now, I need you and you need me, we can do this."


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
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Could have sworn there was a medbay here before, the highly sarcastic and somewhat morbid thoughts of Shi Fumetsu brought up a very forced, singular chuckle.

The medic span on her heel and headed in the opposite direction, snatching up a discarded first aid kit which somehow avoided meltification on her way out. Sure she couldn't treat anything more than scrapes and bruises like this but hey she always had her scalpels to accomplish the first half of her name. Shi, meaning death, and Fumetsu meaning undying, her entire existence was just a huge cosmic joke that she often chose to ignore. However the double meaning served to earn her the current title of Doctor Death among some, known for her unflinching choice to end the lives of many who would otherwise slow down treatment of others or who were too far gone to bother treating, in her defense she justified the death as being more of a rebirth given the constant access to soul transfer technology.

With her own personal thoughts out the way the ghostly neko continued moping towards the bridge, kind of, it was more of an aimless amble waiting for something interesting to happen, or an excuse to perform 'self-surgery'.