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RP [YSS Koun] Bearing a Cross Pt II: Wounds


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RP Date
RP Location
YSS Koun, Brig Medical
YSS Koun
Brig Medical
YE 44.6

The room was thankfully warm enough that Aliset didn't really need the heater. But she still felt exposed, with her jumper open and tied around her waist.

She laid down on the bench, taking a deep breath as she laid on the medical bed, crossing one arm over her body to lift her breast and allow easy access to the still slowly bleeding wound in the centre of her dented chest, where two ribs stretched her intercostal muscles, and had for years. While it was always tender, it wasn't nearly as painful as it once had been. The only part that actively hurt was the shard of purple glass under her skin at the moment, waiting for Tutala to implant it properly.

Tutala entered, dawning a set of gloves, a mask, and an apron, over their white medical uniform. As they looked towards Aliset, they gave a frown under the mask, and pulled out a small surgical kit from one of the shelves. As they opened the kit, pulling out a small MIDAS injector, and a laser scalpel, they loaded up a vial of oxycomorphine and injected it into the flesh just above the wound.

The pain relief was almost instant, and Tutala soon got to work on opening up an incision on the side of Aliset’s chest, removing the glass with a pair of tweezers. Aliset would soon start to feel her abilities coming back into focus, as tutala pulled out another device. A standard implant syringe. As they loaded a small piece of the glass onto an implant disc, only a few millimetres in diameter, they loaded the syringe and set it down on the table, before beginning to heal the wound with a bit of bicaridine gel, and letting it recover, they said to the Tsulrati in front of her,

“I’ll perform the psych eval in a moment, I just need to implant you with this.” She said, as she pulled the injection syringe, and placed it on the nape of Aliset’s neck. “This is going to hurt, a lot.”

Tutala said, before jamming the implanter into the cartilage between Aliset’s collarbone and neck. And indeed it did, hurt like hell, that is. It felt… well… as if a large gauge needle was just jammed into the muscle of her neck, and she bit back a scream, clenching reflexively.

Tutala quickly sprayed the surfaces of the wounds with disinfectant, before covering it wit some gause, and disposing of their PPE.

“How do you feel?” Tutala said, offering no pain relief as she obviously still harboured at least some resentment towards the Tsulrati sitting before her. Not that Aliset needed it, as her pain responses, no, all of her senses began to dull under the effects of the implants.

"Numb. Like I'm stuck behind a volumetric display, unable to see or hear or feel anything clearly. But the implant's going to keep me alive." She gave a shrug, not moving to get up just yet. Though she did experimentally roll her shoulder and move her head a bit. "Every time I move, I can feel it moving around a bit. It'll fade with the rest of my senses in time. But it's better than simply withering. You know tsulrati are more prone to psychosomatic illness than most other species, right?"

“Acutely, I understand your feelings perfectly. This is for the better.” Tutala said as they pulled out a datapad, and began packing up the surgical tools. Placing the case back on the shelf, they pulled out a stylus, and began checking off certain selections, before stiing down, and coldly asking, “To begin the psychological evaluation, would you mind describing what little you remember?”

“C gave me a psivix cube on the way to the blacksite. I wasn’t allowed to look out the viewports, so I couldn’t tell you where it was. I couldn’t see the stars to navigate… My class had a… Three people were of species I didn’t recognize. I saw a Minkan. A couple Rethankens… I think I saw a human At least one Neko… We were issued white turtleneck sweaters and slacks, with a little pin. Allowed to keep some personal effects. My mother’s necklace was screaming, at first, then it just went silent. But it stayed so cold, whispered careful advice to me. It hurt to wear it. I thought they would hear it. If they did, then they didn’t say anything. Names, faces, all really hard to remember. Like a bad dream.”

Aliset started untying her jumpsuit, pulling the bloodied fabric over her shoulders and her arms to button it up. “Classroom time was mostly centred around things like cryptography, really brutal ethics experiments… Lots of stress responses. Guided meditations, and some psi combat practice. One of my classmates snapped and she was jabbed with a needle like your implant needle. That was the last we saw of her. The last few days, though, we were given time to socialise with members of our families. And then… I remember a historical reference to this cruel loyalty test called the teddy bear test. It was just a psychic construct of him, but… Nep blood isn’t like tsulrati blood. He didn’t fade away, either… His brain spider didn't work.”

Looking over, Aliset furrowed her brow, oily tears threatening to run free down her face. “I’m pretty sure looking back that it wasn’t real. Levente’s fighter was found crash landed in a jungle. My knife was found in the cockpit seal, apparently used to pry it open. He’s missing. It was just a psionic imprint, or a clone… It can’t have been him… They couldn’t possibly have taken him, or known where to find him… He’s just lost, or in a jail cell somewhere… he’ll find his way home eventually, right?”

Tutala's frown softened, and without inquiring further, they simply said, "What makes you so certain it was that? Were you able to discern any situation that didn't seem 'real' to you? It's clear to me you've gone through a lot, but do you remember anything specific about any particular classes. Perhaps something before a gap in your memory?"

“Just… I think I ran into… One of the teachers in the hall… They seemed nice enough about it, and then next thing I knew I was in my seat in the class room. I… I dunno what happened. I know she felt my mistrust of her, for what she is. But I don’t know what happened. I was kinda woozy for a bit after I realised where I was.” Aliset shook her head, her brows furrowing. “It’s all so jumbled. And what makes sense is fuzzy. It just seems like a long bad dream. I don’t know if I’m missing memories or what. And the more I try to remember, the less clear it gets. Can we just start with the workup, now? Something tells me I don’t want to remember it at all. It sorta… Sounds like C in my head when I hear that little voice. I like them. Almost trust them. I trust you more, though. Not by much, some days, but more than I trust anyone with a Lundin pin… Even myself.”

“The workup already has begun, part of these questions are to ascertain whether or not you remember enough to go forward with the other ones.” Tutala said, looking solemnly at Aliset. She understood now, at least to a certain degree, what the woman had gone through. Part of her wanted to forgive Aliset, another part didn’t. It was clear that she had been through a lot. A deeply troubled person, facing a despicable fate.

“I’d like to ask you a few more questions. Did you feel any different after the fact? Perhaps if you can’t remember what happened you can tell me how you felt after the fact.”

"Weirdly enough, clearheaded with the null glass in me." Aliset gave a shrug, wiping her eyes as she thought. "You know, I know you're not just our CMO. And that had me scared shitless for a hot minute. But when I got back… There are scarier things than you or SAINT out there. I admit, I was still searching for the threat. I didn't want to show it. Still don't. Don't get me wrong, I never intended to violate Akahana like that. But I think some part of me still saw her as a credible threat, and I went way too far. She's a sweet girl. I want to make it up to her… Somehow."

“I’m honestly not sure how to fix the problem, but nonethless, it is concerning to me. As for Akahana, I legitimately don’t know what to say. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot, so just be honest with her.” Tutala said, her cold demeanor diminishing for a brief period, as she looked aliset in the eyes. “I can’t begin to know or understand what happened at that ‘camp,’ but I am sure it was not for your best interests. I think I have everything I need.”

"Doesn't take a Tricent to see that. I don't think that camp was for training trusted operants or agents. If there was some… Modifications, you'd tell me, right? Would you be able or willing to fix me? I know what I did deserves death, but if I'm broken…. I dunno. Stupid thought. Don't mind it. I wanted to be a Captain by the end of next year. Looks like I'm gonna fall pretty short. Might never make something of myself. Mom's gonna be so disappointed."

"I'm not sure I'd know how, Aliset." Tutala said, standing up, and beginning to close down the notepad application on their datapad, "Stay safe, I have some files to update." She said, promptly giving a soft look to Aliset before leaving the room.

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