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RP YSS Koun: Returning to Port


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RP Date
YE: 44.99
RP Location
Pisces Station
Pisces Station Airspace

Reality seemed to ripple, a few megameters from the station, a relativistic blister growing, stretching, splitting in a flash of radiation and light as a hyperspace fold exit registered, a Plumeria 2E gunship ripping its way back down into sublight speeds in realspwce, engines already throwing their howling trails of plasma to push the ship gently towards its docking bay.

"Pisces Station dock control, this is YSS Koun, returning for refit and repair after Glimmergold Salvage mission."

"Roger that, Koun. You're a few days behind schedule, what happened out there?"

"Mission did not go according to plan. We'll debrief after we dock. Needless to say out paint's ruined thanks to our Navigator's flying." A second voice protested loudly on the Koun's side of the comm, claiming her maneuvers to be a stroke of genius that hid the ship in a combat situation.

"Understood, Koun. Cleared for docking at Delta Bravo Dash Zero Seven Fiver Eight One. Sending coordinates and onboarding crew orders, now."

"Roger that, Pisces. Setting course and matching rotation. It's good to be home."



A badly sandblasted Plumeria 2E slid into the hangar bay, almost casually turning on maneuvering thrusters to slide softly into the docking clamps, engines flaring once to decelerate that tiniest bit to arrest forward velocity as the clamps slid closed. Her name was scarcely visible on the side of the hull, marred by deep scratches that revealed the bare Zesu beneath. But aside from the pitted and nearly scratched off paint, the hull had very little damage. There was no distinct cracking of the observation bay glass, no missing turret barrels, no indication that she had been in combat aside the missing ammunition. In fact, the crew compliment read four over standard, members of Black Wolf bringing the total crew roster up to forty eight.

As the docking tube connected, several figures could be seen leaving the ship, before the flood gates seemed to open, four dozen personnel disembarking before the bridge crew finally shut down the vessel, her reactor flickering and cutting out as her AI ran off station power.

The bridge crew finally left the ship, floating down the zero gravity passageway with a casual ease as they moved to meet the onboarding crew.


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Thomas watches the Koun come into station somewhat shocked by the state of the ship. He thought to himself, it appears that the tardiness of the Koun is entirely justified.

He moves to meet his new crewmates and fellow officers, walking with a slight limp his strides are purposeful and heavy as if weighted down by armor, accompanying the sounds of his mirror polish boots the steady clicking of a cane striking decking as he walks. his uniform kept immaculate, creases on his trousers and shirt kept knife sharp, belt buckle kept at a mirror shine, his great coat to those who have keen eyes move rigidly as if there are armor plates under the leather.

Thomas Stops and waits at attention ridged as a machine, his glasses catching the light giving the mechanical illusion almost a malevolent air the shadows cast from his officer's cap only making the light seem all that more intense.


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"Look, sir, I know we weren't supposed to return to port till after mission 3, but we need a new paint job. I know how you get when you have a dirty ship," Aliset spoke around her mouthful of hematite ore as she floated along the corridor enjoying the null gravity.

"It was either Pisces or Irim's City, and I don't know about you, but Kessakus are not my forte. Moreover, you trust the people here, and we have some fresh officers for you to train. Speak of the devil, there's one of our Shois blocking the hall. I can't be doing five bridge positions and going to three schools. I'm broke and not paid enough for that."


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Thomas Salutes with almost mechanical precision, “Shoi Franksstone Reporting As ordered I’m Looking for Shosa Belmont my Commanding Officer aboard the YSS Koun, do I have the pleasure addressing Shosa Belmont, or am I in the wrong Area to meet the Crew and Officers of the YSS Koun?” He seems tense quite literally fresh out of officers school.


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Alastair made his way to the exit ramp of the ship. He listened to Aliset who was trying to give reason for them being in port. He knew why given that he gave the order to return but was happy to hear she was ready to get back out into the fight. Alastair then reached up and rubbed his hand over his face. It would seem the ship continued to get filled with more officers. At this rate the ship will have nothing but chefs and no one to deliver the food.

Alastair appeared just as Thomas was asking to meet the big man himself. "Aye, I be the person you are looking for. Captain Belmont and a pleasure to meet you." He took a few steps forward and gave Thomas a look over from head to toe. He could sense freshness of the new person. It gave off that new car smell almost. "Welcome aboard, please tell me a little about yourself." Alastair then out reached his arm to gesture him aboard.


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Itami was busy at the loading docks, the only reason he was there was to insure that the equipment he had requested was delivered and properly stowed. The Ranger was currently working triple duty, first as the Training NCO, second ships Armorer and third as the only Ranger on board. If he was going to continue as the Training NCO, he had to ensure he had the proper equipment, as the Armorer, he needed to make sure that all combat items were restocked and as a Ranger, ensuring that the equipment he needed was on board as well.

This was going to be a busy day for him, and he likely would not get off the ship while they were docked for repairs and debrief and who knew what else.


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Thomas salutes with nearly machine like precision then heads aboard, his slight limping gate doesn’t seem to slow him down any, the cane he walks with does however seem to be a legitimate aid although the necessity of the cane may be in question. His footfalls sound far heavier then they should do to the nature of his greatcoat. He proceeds to speak with a Experienced voice despite him just having left the Academy “Sir, I am Thomas Franksstone, I hold the Rank of Shoi, and am your new Mission Operator, I usually keep to myself mostly unless I’m on duty, tell me sir are you one for big game Hunting?”


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"And on that happy note, I gotta link up with Nix and get onto a shuttle, I'll be back in a couple days, sir, just gotta go fill out some paperwork in person. And hope I can afford both fuel and food." Aliset waved to the pair, letting them walk away before she pulled a small datapad out of her pocket, checking her account balance and frowning. "Is insurance really that expensive in Yamatai space? Maybe I can afford to drop my insurer when I'm on mission... But the fees, though..."