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YSS Senbu; the first year of many.


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Over a year ago I had made my way into, when I arrived the first time I was amazed at the quality and quantity of the writing here. Actually I was intimidated, I wasn't confidant enough to join the likes of SARP, and so I had gone on to other things. But this site still lingered in my thoughts, I was more than intrigued, I was inspired. Days past, and still I would wander back to the forums to check what was new-- to imagine a character what I could play in the elaborate worlds the people of this site had created.

Then one fateful day, I had submitted my first character. Then after a lot of debate and conversation, he was accepted. That was Sumaru, a nobody who had became the samurai guardian against all odds for the princess of his heart. I spent many days here, role-playing on many different plots and ships-- but as I played in those, I already had my own ideas and concepts collecting in the back of my mind.

It was going to be a plot where the players were the main focus, where I could create a world around them and it didn't matter the size of that world, they still wouldn't be lost to the wash of NPCs and numbers. This ship sat for the longest time in the back of my mind, and each JP I attended, every day I checked the SP boards, it grew more and more. Then one fateful day, I had spoken with Wes-- I told him I was ready to take on my own ship.

This ship had to be able to protect my players and their creations, but not hog the spotlight away from them. So I had chosen something that I was told no one had done before, I decided to take on a repair ship large enough to eat most Yamataian ships. People thought I was crazy, I agreed with them-- and still do. So once I had picked it out, its name and got everything lined up, I started looking for players.

The first group of players were amazing people; some of them are still with us. We started out with a bang, in our first mission we joined up with another plot and played out a epic battle and had a great time-- people came back every night for the next JP. It was exciting to see that my plot already was becoming the creature I wanted it to be.

It's been a year since our first post, and I can truthfully say that the YSS Senbu has been everything I've wanted and more. My main focus has always been my players, and even though many have come and gone it's always been that way. I don't think I could have made it this far without the wonderful people I have in my plot, with all the people who made it possible for this little dream to flourish-- the good and the bad. I'd like to thank everyone who's ever been a part of the Senbu, and the people who read it and support us. The Senbu wouldn't be the same without you guys.

So, I just wanted to put this here in celebration of the first year of one of the best plots in history. To the memories past, and the many ones of our future-- happy birthday Senbu!


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I've only been with the plot 8 months and I'll admit, it seems like it hasn't been that long. The Senbu has weathered the storms, sometimes full and bursting with players, other times more lean, but what's always been more apparent in this plot is the love that both the players and the GM has for the plot.

Without 5tar, of course, there wouldn't even be a plot, but despite that he still deserves a special mention for how much he puts into this damn thing, week after week. His NPCs are entertaining and memorable and he obviously cares for his players, making even the least of us feel special in our own ways, making sure everyone gets their turn in the spotlight.

Raz and Roko also deserve special mention as Co-GMs and as the unofficial spirit squad, keeping things light and fun always in OOC and on off days. The GM staff as a whole does an awesome job at keeping everyone updated and answering all questions to make sure the jeeps move as smoothly as possible.

Finally, all the players, those still with us and those who have moved on. Scot and Tyler, still hanging on after all this time, playing colorful characters, even when IC things are dour. And Exhack, who I believe is our most recent addition to the cast, though he's still been with us for quite a while, nicely adds flavor with Chikako. It may be a low point in terms of attendance and amount of players we have, well, if six players can be counted as a "low" number, for most plots, that's a fine enough amount of players and it's a testament to how great the Senbu is and how awesome of a GM that 5tar is that makes that seem small.

I'm quite proud to have been part of this plot and it only gets more exciting. When we're here again celebrating the TWO year anniversary, which I have little doubt we'll reach, we may not all still be here, but those that are and the new ones we'll have with us then will be looking ever towards the future, talking about the third anniversary. The Senbu is quite honestly in my own personal opinion the best plotship on StarArmy and its thanks to all of you and everyone working together that makes it that way.

So, thank you. Thank you 5tar, raz, roko, Tyler and everyone who's not with us tonight. It's been awesome and it only gets more awesome from here.


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Honestly, this is probably all I need to say. Could I be all fanciful and post elaborate, moving posts?

Maybe. Some of that criteria is iffy.

But I won't, as I feel this image does it fiiiine.


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While Senbu wasn't my first plot, it had my first successful character, Ushimo Sakaki. As a nervous roleplayer that had just came from Gaia not too long before, had created a bland Nep engineer, and new to JP's, in fact I wasn't sure how often I would actually be able to JP but I have managed at least each one for exception of a sick day.

While I have attempted to expand my character personalities, Sakaki will be my first true character on SARP but not only by my skill, but thanks to the people who also play in Senbu. Sakaki would have probably faded away if it wasn't for the connection to Tyler's character, Masako. Then later the odd connection with Hiroko and the very cute relationship with Ageha kept the game interesting.

Props to 5tar to making it all possible, who happened to also invent the only character that could take out Sakaki by just looking at her. He has a real grasp in making down to earth characters, as well as detailed surroundings even if it does take him a while to get to everyone. I am amazed he can keep up such large posts every few days like that, where as I would probably lame out by then.

Also props to all the players and GM's for putting up with me, my inconsistent nagging about details, as well as my newb questions, crappy jokes, and double spacing. Despite those who left us, my hope is we live long enough for a new season which will be more awesome than the last.

Wait... who are the Mishu again? And why does this forum auto spelled the races name? Why do no one check out my Aeonic guys in like months?

Bleh, maybe I'll raid the questions thread some other time, cheers!