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  • Current IC Month: 9月 YE 42 (through December 31, 2020)

[YSS Shiroyama] Pre-Mission One: Kitchen Gremlin


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
ye 41
RP Location
YSS Shiroyama, Terra Multa
It was a bit of an odd sight if you knew anything about how a Neko worked, their brains were computers so the fact this violet skinned individual had two white earbuds hanging out of the elf-tipped ears undeneath her raven hair was a bit odd indeed, a rather shapely little thing that stood at 5'3" insisted most people call her 'Vinyl' due to the girl's audiophile nature was currently off duty and just decided to go for a walk - black and fuzzy tail lazily bobbing along behind her exercise uniform as Valerie's head moved to the beat of whatever she was listening to, the stylized treble clef over curved staves that snuck out onto the thigh of one leg was impossibly black and a clearly oversized hoodie on her top half served a better job of hiding two glowing gloves than it did her generous chest.

Valerie reached into her hoodie to produce a small device that she then proceeded to fiddle around with a little bit, the gloves changing colours and patterns as they pulsed differently with each song that was skipped - a momentary lack of spatial awareness as she crossed a hallway intersection.

From the intersection bounded another neko, blue and bouncy and locked onto her newest target, leaping into the air Shasse tackled the unaware girl who had crossed her path. "Hi ya." The little blue creature spoke down to her victim.

"Waagh!" came Valerie's cry as she was tackled, golden orbs lighting up as the purple girl tried to make sense of what was happening - managing to catch both of them with her gravitic control systems barely a few inches off the ground, not caring in the slightest what this must look like with her chest squished against Shasse's, head cocking to the side curiously before Val spoke, "Oh hi! sorry, I must've gotten in the way heh... I'm Val!" the introduction came so suddenly, a rather vibrant energy easily sensed under the exterior.

"Well, I could have gone around you but then we wouldn't become friends!" Shasse exclaimed, propping her head up before she sat up completely on the floor beside the other girl. "I'm Shasse, and I'm pretty sure I'm the shortest person here, have you managed to find food yet?" The blue girl asked with an inquisitive look, just assuming everyone was new like her, she'd already convinced Miles she'd be fine to explore the station and get back to their dorms later but as always her stomach drove her.

"Friends? oh uh, okay then~" Valerie giggled a little as she floated into a sitting position still a few inches above the ground, legs crossed as the purple girl searched up Shasse's name, continuing to speak in the meantime, "Food is over in one of the wardrooms, silly, and we have a few Phods so I wouldn't say... oh hey, you're on my Mum's team," Val mused with a warm grin, sticking one hand out for Shasse to shake before continuing.

"She's Shanks-Heisho and I'm Shanks-Hei, Nito Hei Valerie Shanks to be precise but everyone calls me Vinyl - looks like we'll be working together soon enough, kinda... I'm an info war specialist so I'll be in your ear," Vinyl informed her blue friend, last bit coming through mentally as if to reinforce the point.

"Well, yeah, course its in the food room, but I don't know where the food room is." Shasse explained while looking around the hallway they were sitting and floating in. "I think I will call you... Friend! But probably Val also, or purple I don't know yet I haven't had a chance to call out to you yet heheh. I'm kinda hungry still, lets go eat!" She exclaimed excitedly, grabbing Valerie's arm and taking off in a sprint in the wrong direction.

Valerie frowned a little as she was pulled along, floating off the ground for a few meters before the physically superior model of Neko put her feet down on the ground, seemingly bolted in place and halting Shasse's movements suddenly while also gripping the blue girl's wrist, "Now holdup a sec there, kiddo~"

Shasse's own momentum carried her one for another moment as her feet left the floor and she swung upwards in the strong grasp a small cry of "Huh?" before she found herself flipping over the other girl, the blue neko suspended herself in mid air for a moment and looked back down. "What's up?"

Val calmly reached up through the curtain of white hair to find the top of Shasse's head and give it a little pat, smile prevalent across the girl's purple features as she spoke, "That's the wrong way, the exact opposite way even... you know you have a map in your head, right?" Vinyl spoke, offering one more pat before her grip loosened a bit, Shasse was no 90-day Neko but Val knew sometimes it took a while to get that out of your system.

"Yeah I know, but its way more fun to just run around until I find something cool, doesn't everyone do that?" She asked while setting herself back down on the ground, having to look up at the other girl. "Do you wanna run around too. or do you prefer walking, or flying!"

"I like running, yeah! flying too but just in the right direction this time okay?" the older girl asked, finally feeling confident enough to release Shasse's wrist as if the blue girl was some excitable pet - offering another smile as the bare-footed Valerie span on her heels to face the right way, lowering herself into a bit of a runner's starting pose as the generous chest beneath her hoodie could be seen moving a bit, "Why, wanna fly-run there?"

"Yeah!" Shasse said, hopping up and down before looking down at the other girl, she didn't really know much about running and sports and so she simply stood by and stared at Val trying to figure out why she'd taken such a position. "Show me the way!"

"Sure thing," Val beamed back, taking a moment longer to suspend herself and roll up both sleeves to above the elbow, fiddling with her music player one last time as the arm-length LED gloves now pulsed green along with the song only she could hear. "Alright well uh, follow me I suppose then!" Vinyl offered as one final thing before tearing off down the hallway with an expert runner's posture despite her chest bouncing all over the place, the rapid sound of bare feet slapping against sterile flooring.

Shasse stared after her for a moment before taking off in a less than professional stance, arms trailing behind her along with the large curtain of white hair as she smiled and ran. With a little bit of added speed from their built in ability to fly she matched her speed with the other girl and looked over at her. "This is how I found you y'know, isn't running the best!"

"Yeh Yeh Yeh, running is great!" Val called back as her dark tail trailed along behind the purple girl, spying a group of people ahead she used some of that inertial control to transition into running on the wall to avoid them, then the roof, the other wall and back down to the ground, "Just uh, try to not hit too many more people I guess? nearly there!"

"Sure thing." The blue neko called back, still windmilling her arms around as she drew closer to the group, before finally demonstrating that despite her nature she was a sophisticated synthetic weapon. Making a small jump before reaching them she spun herself in a tight circle as she flew and narrowly avoided hitting any of the other group. Not even her hair was out of place when she shot through the slight gap.

"Hah, neat~" Val called back after seeing the acrobatic little display, banking off to the side as they approached a door only to jump off the ground and suddenly halt in the air - raven locks still carrying the purple girl's momentum as they billowed out from her head, looking like Valerie had stuck her head infront of a fan for a few moments before finally settling down.

"Well, we're here, why are you hungry anyway?" the elder catgirl asked as her tail traced patterns above the ground, barely puffed let alone having broken a sweat.

"I'm always hungry! I just like to eat different foods that are really yummy." Shasse replied, coming to a stop beside her much slower than the purple girl had. "But I can't cook so I just find food that other people make and eat that to see how it tastes."

"Makes sense I suppose," Val smiled before moving a few steps into the mostly vacant wardroom, tail ceasing its idle flicks from side to side as the purple girl turned back around to face Shasse with an apologetic grin, "Not much of a cook myself either really, but I just download the cook's skill package from the station's cloud if I need to and purge it afterwards - works in a pinch," Vinyl's smile perked up a little more after her explanation, thinking there was nothing weird about downloading a skill-set directly into her brain.

“Oooh! What’s it like to download skills? I’ve never done it before.” The little blue neko said wonderously as she made her way to a stool and hopped up, looking at Val intently as though she expected her to do something specific next.

"Oh? well I guess uh, hm," the more experienced of the two cats mused as she tried to think up the best way to explain it, floating over to plonk her curvy frame down on the counter infront of Shasse and continue speaking, "You just kinda suddenly know how to do something as if you always knew how to do it I guess, make sense?"

“Like when we’re born and we can already talk and run and fly and stuff?” Shasse confirmed, looking around the wardroom, it wasn’t so different to the other two ships she’d been on but had a few little changes here and there. “When were you made? I’m only turning 2 this year!” She said proudly, “And this is only my second body.”

"Yeah something like that, I turn eight in about a month's time and this is my first body infact... kinda I guess, I used to be a lot more..." the purple girl frowned at her blue counterpart, trying to think how to best explain it, "I guess a lot flatter and stuff," Vinyl chirped, making a narrow space between her hands to try and reinforce the point.

"I dunno, I feel more comfortable like this and not just because there's some extra squish to some parts of me," the elder cat giggled, one hand covering her mouth a little but it was hardly out of shame - that was the truth when she said she preferred it this way and began explaining it further as the hand then drifted to rest atop the curve of her hoodie-covered chest..

"Though don't get me wrong, I've had holes patched up and limbs replaced a few times, just because it is my first body doesn't mean it hasn't gotten a little scratched up along the way," the curvy technician finished, feeling like she had explained the situation the best it could have been explained.

“Oh cool, you’re super old! And super smart too, you must know heaps of stuff by now.” Shasse exclaimed, admiring her new idol, comparing the other girl’s body to her own, similarly attempting to gauge the difference in 'squishiness'. “Wont that make it harder to use combat suits and stuff though?"

"Oh~ Shasse you are too kind, really, I'm only really knowledgable about techno-babble and stuff along those lines," Valerie blushed, her face darkening from lavender to more of a violet as she cleared her throat, fondly watching the other cat look over her own body for a moment.

"But no, I don't really do that much combat stuff anymore - upgraded from a combat engineer to a spot on a bridge, thought if I do ever need to get into the thick of it then my Mindy was refitted to this new figure so~" the purple girl mused, brushing a few strands of dark hair out of her eyes and then resting both hands in her lucious lap.

"You still seem curious, ask away! I'd like to think I'm pretty chill~" she encouraged Shasse, shapely legs now tucking up under her form effortlessly.

“The bridge sounds really boring, just sitting around looking at screens, there’s no adventure, no thrill like in combat. Did you get to fight in any battles?” Shasse’s ears twitched inquisitivly as she watched the older girl, waiting for more info to listen to before her attention was again returned to food. “And why are you turning more pink too?”

"I'm blushing from your kind words, sweet thing~" Valerie admitted with a lighthearted chuckle before continuing, "I did for a good few years yeah, though when Kimber - now my Mum - agreed to adopt me I started to move to places that had less and less need for an on-site sapper and I didn't want to become redundant now did I? so I retrained and got my information warfare certification," she finished, it was a simple enough question and soon enough Val slid off the counter to offer Shasse a hand.

"Still got the munchies huh?"

Shasse hadn’t been called sweet thing before, she recalled Miko and Alastsir had got nicknames for her but not like that before, it was a strange new term to her. “Oh I get it now, but don’t you want to go back to fighting again?” The blue creature quried before her eyes lit up and a wide grin split her face as food was mentioned. “Yah yah! Exclaimed the small neko as she grabbed the offered hand and hopped down.

"I don't mind the change of pace but it's just different you know? we are weapons first and foremost afterall," Valerie offered with a kind look from her golden eyes as she guided Shasse in a little closer and then lead the younger girl over to the kitchen at the back of the wardroom, "Alright alright calm down or you'll trip us both over again, unless you're weird and want me to catch you again or something," the purple cat teased innocently with a toothy grin as they pushed through the doors.

“Well I love getting carried as much as the next person but I’m just exited go eat some food!” The small neko replied happily. “Haven’t you ever been carried around before?”

"Well of course I have been, but if I went out of my way to get these nice legs I might as well use them right?" Val smirked back, floating off the ground for a moment to stretch her lavender legs out, groups of muscles shifting around beneath her tattoed skin before the older cat landed again and moved over to the fridge.

"How about you huh? anything you don't eat?"

“I mean legs are cool but getting carried is so much easier and relaxing. But I don’t really eat fish, they’re yucky and salty. I prefer stuff like red meats.” Shasse said watching her intently, she didn’t seem that different even though she was much older, but most of the other girls seemed too think Shasse herself was weird. Did that make this one weird like her?

"I get that," Valerie chuckled a bit as she opened up the fridge and stuck her head in, raven tail flicking about thoughtfully as a few rustling sounds eminated from within, "Salty stuff can be a bit weird for some people, and like, you smell sweet so it makes sense you don't really like satly things," the purple girl mused before poking her head back out with a bundle of sandwich-making supplies in her arms and a bag of bread hanging out her mouth, the door was closed with one bump of her hips before all the stuff was dumped on the bench next to Shasse.

"So what flavour are you anyway? I'm apple and blackberry myself," the older girl continued as she began laying out bread and slapping a good bit of butter onto each slice.

“I smell sweet? No one has said that before, is it a bad thing?” The blue neko asked, watching as the supplies were dumped onto the bench. “I think it was tropical or something, are you making sandwiches with all that?” Her already large red eyes had seemed to grow slightly more as she looked over the food, her icy curtain draping over the counter as the small girl leaned in to sniff the contents of the pile.

"Oh nothing wrong with smelling sweet, no, matches your personality and all that," Valerie smiled with a nod as she began gathering some slices of lunch meat and cheese to pile onto the bread, "Observant little thing aren't you, suppose you are a marksman... but yeah, sandwiches are easy and nobody hates them so figured it would work out for you... unless you had reservations about it?" the older cat cocked her head curiously as a slab of ham landed on some hole-ridden cheese with a wet thud.

“People told me that my personality was like a little sister, is that a sweet personality?” The small neko queried while she reached for another slice of cheese and proceeded to munch away on it, nodding happily when asked if sandwiches were ok. Shasse contiued to try pinching bits and pieces as Valerie crafted the sandwiches, her appetite greater than her rate of consumption in many cases. After all the most she was capable of was somewhat adorable nibbling on her food rather than properly devouring it.

"I uhhh... I guess, I've had batch sisters just like the rest of our kind but never a little sister so I can't really say, you know?" Valerie smiled back at the younger girl before returning to the dish at hand, putting one slice of bread over this layer before moving on to ripping apart a head of lettuce to deploy that and then swiftly slice up a tomato with a scary level of precision - not that odd considering her adoptive mother carried around a katana at all times.

"Are you Miles' informal sister? kinda seems to be that dynamic between you two - nothing on your records besides the fact you've both been thrown between assignments together but they can sometimes miss the little details as intrusive as the higher ups of our military like to be."

"No I don't think so, I'm just his best friend! He wouldn't be able to get anywhere without me you know, he's so shy and antisocial so I have to take care of him." Shasse said proudly, despite the fact that he was actually the one to usually take care of her rather than the other way around. "And I suppose the people who called me little sister weren't actually nekos like us, it was mostly Miko actually."

"Oh well then I'm sure big scary Mister Miko wouldn't take too kindy to find out I'm fattening you up then hm?" Vinyl chirped before patting Shasse's stomach a few times, knowing full well it took a hell of a lot to change their bodies and gaining weight was next to impossible before she put the top on the sandwich and began rooting around below the bench.

"I get that though, used to be rather quiet myself before I got my stuff all sorted out... or at least mostly sorted out - so I'm sure Miles is very appreicative of all you've done for him," she smiled before a blowtorch was revealed and quickly lit up, the intensity of the flame tested a few times casually.

The small neko giggled at the touch, her hair flying about. Shasse was about to reply that she didn't think miko could every get angry at a woman since he always seemed so intent on having sleepovers as he called them when he told her, but quickly fell silent as the blow torch was revealed. "What's that for? And I never would have known that you were quiet, are you sure you used to be like that?"

"Well everyone's got their past so yeah, I used to be a little different and, as I stated, not quite as curvy - used to wear fake glasses too just so that people got the impression I wasn't too sociable a little quicker," Valerie smiled but for a moment she looked through shasse, thinking just how far she'd come in the years she'd been around for before snapping back to the present.

"Well this is for melting the little bit of cheese you haven't already eaten, silly, we've already put the salad in and nobody likes that stuff when it's all warm and gross so we wouldn't want to heat up the whole thing~" without any futher explanation the purple cat quickly flicked the flame past the bottom deck of the sandwich, indeed melting the cheese and crisping up the bread a little before quenching it and stowing the torch back where it belonged.

"You can eat it now, sweet pea, I only want another hug afterwards in return," Vinyl smiled, pushing the plate a little closer to Shasse slowly.

"Well that seams like a small request but I suppose that it is only a sandwhich." Shasse didn't know why she wanted hugs but she wasn't going to complain about it. Instead she picked up the sandwhich and began gently lapping the melted cheese running down the side of the meal, before gnawing on the bread with a happy hum as her eyes closed and tail swished around. This other neko seemed like she had a pretty interesting past but that was something that could wait till after food time.

"Well I've never really asked for much in return, just a simple gesture you know? plus you didn't exactly seem offended by getting all up close and personal when you used me as a landing pad earlier," Valerie mused as the purple cat planted her plump butt up on the counter and just watched Shasse eat with a small smile, enjoying simply spending time with this young blue soldier with a bottomless pit for a belly.

“I don’t have a problem with it, just wasn’t expecting to hug anyone today but I’ll gladly hug people for food!” Shasse finally said after finishing about one fifth of the relatively normal sandwich. Her little face grinned up at the older neko. “Aren’t you going to eat something too?”

"Nah, not really all that hungry, good to hear we've settled on payment though," Val giggled a little as she watched Shasse slowly attack the double-decker sandwich, a satisfied little look on the purple girl's face as she just decided to look on for any kind of give on whether the food she'd lovingly prepared was half way decent.

Shasse nodded and continued munching away at her sandwhich, before long she’d made it half way through and set it down with a happy exclamation of, “This is a really good sandwich, you’re good at making these you know!” Without getting up from her chair properly the small bundle of hair and energy flew across the gap and hugged the older girl. Her head was buried in Valerie’s midsection while her arms wrapped around her, “Thank you for the food!”

"I'm glad you think so," Vinyl chuckled a little more as she felt those arms wrap around her tapered waist, hands finding their way to rub Shasse's back and head through the mess of snowy hair before speaking up again, "Ever need anything then just let me or Mum know, alright? anything short of blowing up the aetheric warheads we keep in reserve and we'll try our darndest."

Shasse hummed as her head was rubbed, if she just had to eat food to get headpats she was as good as sold. “Ok!” The little neko replied enthusiastically as she pulled back to look up at Valerie with a happy smile, “I don’t think I’ve met your mum though, does she make good sandwiches and ask for hugs too?”

"Oh I'd hope so, otherwise she'd be worrying about having missed an interview with one of the new people on her team," Valerie backed off a little with a similarly warm smile gracing her lavender features, "She... it's hard to explain and not my place to do so, I guess I can just say she's a quiet person and leave it at that... but oh man does she ever make a good sammie."

“Well I did sort of just run around a lot when I got here, I think I remember an interview?” Shasse said thoughtfully, “Can you rub my head again, I promise to keep eating!” The girl said, as if to prove herself she turned around to put her back to other girl while she reached for her sandwich again and aggressively attacked it in small bites.

"Sure thing," came a chuckled response from the older girl before she resumed gently carressing Shasse's hair, finger tips working the scalp in an experienced manner the elf-eared purple cat knew she personally liked.

"Like that?"

“Mhm” came the mumbled reply as Shasse continued snacking while enjoying her head massage. “Oh check this out!” She exclaimed before scrunching up her face, a set of cat-like ears soon popped up from beneath her hair as she let out a happy giggle. “When I had my clone memories merged I was allowed to get these ones, they said I looked much cuter with these ones too!” Said a very proud Shasse, wiggling her blue fluffy ears.

"Wait how did they~ you do have a head under all that hair yeah? it's not just a mass of white keratin?" Val asked as she observed the things impossibly spring out of nowhere, a little squint from her golden eyes before the purple girl decided to just shrug it off and keep talking, "They do look cute though, matches the rest of you!" she admitted, hand now teasing between the fluffy appendanges.

“Heehee, yes I do have a head I just keep my ears down a lot thats all.” Shasse explained, her head bobbing from side to side as her ears were played with. “You’re really good at this you know, that feels really nice.”

"Well I've had some practice now haven't I?" Valerie simply replied, a few more ruffles of Shasse's ears followed by a quick scratch before her laveneder hand left the mess of white and blue.

"Can't sit here all day rubbing your head though, sorry Shasse~"

“Awww ok, what are you gonna do now?” The little neko replied, looking keenly up at her new friend. “Am I allowed to come too or is it important stuff, cause I can just go exploring if that’s the case!”

"Hrm well that depends... wanna help me unbox something new and shiny, my blue friend?" Vinyl asked with raised eyebrows, not the most exciting offer to most people but Shasse certainly didn't seem like most people.

"Sure, sounds like fun. What kind of new and shiney is it anyway?" Shasse asked, fuzzy ears bobbing atop her head. "I like opening new stuff he he."

Valerie smiled and began leading Shasse out of the kitchen with a pep in her step, "Well, big shiny new guns and something I'm not allowed to open fully but we need to get them in their homes - I wouldn't mind a helping hand," the older cat spoke happily, a little sideways smile towards the blue girl.

"Alright, lead the way then." Shasse skipped along behind her, looking around at everything they traveled past on the way to wherever they were going. "How come you can't open the big one? Or is it actually a really little one, or maybe a two?!"

"Classified stuff, and I'd rather not lose my job for opening something I've been told explicitly not to~" Valerie explained as they approached an elevator, holding it open for the younger girl and stepping in herself.

Shasse hopped in beside the much taller woman and nodded. "It's weird to think about this as a job for me, cause I've been doing it since I was made." The blue girl rambled, "But Miles said I'll be able to leave next year, I dunno if I want to though cause I don't think I would be able to do anything else."

"Well most of us, us being Nekos~" Val began, flicking her black tail out a bit before continuing, "Have been doing it since birth kiddo... does all this make you happy? serving your patriotic duty of protecting people and stuff?" she asked, the elevator ascending silently.

"Well, I guess it kinda makes me happy just being around everyone who's doing the same thing but I'm not all that interested in patriotic stuff, I just like getting to fight and hang out with my friends." Though it was pretty standard for nekos in many other cases her idea of a good time could be interpreted as psychotic.

"Well you'll figure yourself out eventually, I plan on staying around the army for a good while longer~" Val smiled back as the elevator's doors popped open again, the purple cat patting one of her thighs to get Shasse to follow her as they entered the heavily reinforced armoury with its many blast doors.

“Wow they really like keeping these places secure huh.” Shasse murmured while trotting along behind Valarie. The blue neko hopped over to one of the doors and rapped her knuckles against it a few times, listening to the reverberating sounds of solid metal.

"Well yeah of course, and beneath us are enough Aetheric warheads to glass a small system," Valerie explained, jumping up and landing back down on the floor with a chuckle, "Lots of dangerous things in here, gotta make sure they are kept safe, it'd be terrible if the wrong people got their hands on any of the things we're protecting," the older girl continued, passing them through security and mentally signing that Shasse would be her plus one for a bit.

“I never did understand why people kept so many dangerous weapons in one place, especially when they never get used. Why not just make them when you need them, its not like Yamatai has any trouble manufacturing anything.” The short neko said waving her hand around, providing a more critical thought than usual.

"Well, by the time we need them it might be too late, it still takes a while to make and ship things even if we can make an unlimited number of them~" Val smiled, rubbing her hand through Shasse's hair as the large doors locked behind them, the purple girl leading her younger counterpart over to an unopened pile of armoured crates.

“Mmmm.” The little neko hummed, partly out of understanding but also because she was getting more headrubs and she liked headrubs. “I suppose so, but it’s still a lot to have in one place, are these what we have to go through?” Shasse asked, opening up one red eye to look over them, before swiftly deciding they would make great seats and hopping up to sit on one.

"Yeah these are them, rest of my shift will be spent lazily tagging them into the system and then stowing them on racks," Valerie smiled back, chuckling a little as she saw how easily the younger girl had seemingly abandoned the idea of work all together, "So, do you like music, sweet pea?" the lavender-cat asked, opening up one of the cases and waving a scanner over the blue shotgun within.

“Yeah I sometimes listen to music, but usually I run around and explore, or someone makes me food. Everyone always offers to make me food its so nice of them!” The little creature replied, looking down into the other box with curiosity, picking up another small device and holding it out eagerly.

"Well if you like music, maybe you could play something for us?" Val asked, putting her scanner down and moving to retrieve an archaic-looking compact music player from her pocket - attempting to hand it off to the smaller girl as a trade off for the thing she'd begun playing with, "Just... please be real careful? they don't really make these anymore nor do they make spare parts for them~"

“Ok!” Was the only response as the smaller girl swapped items with Valerie and began fidgeting with the music player, it was pretty old looking but she was having a blast figuring out how it worked. Before long she managed to get a pop song playing, putting the player down on the crate beside he with a triumphant look. “Alright! Now i can keep helping!” Shasse exclaimed, half diving into the box to pull out another item for her new friend to scan.

"Lively thing aren't you? I think we'll get on well, Miss Shasse~" Valerie chuckled to herself as she put the first shotgun away and began to scan the second of many they'd be going through, her hips bouncing a little in time to the crisp music that was playing - scanning this weapon and confirming it all went according to plan before putting it in the rack.

“Yah! We’re bestest friends now now kay!” Shasse exclaimed rather happily, her ears popping up once more in her excitement. “And when this is done we can run around more and eat yummy food!”