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OOC YSS Shiroyama


Game Master
So I still need to put a few articles through the NTSE for approval for this plot but I thought I’d put up a big old interest check to see if anybody else wanted in.

So far @Arbitrated @SageShooter @SpaceEye @Charmaylarg Dufrain and @Squidrobot have said they’ll be down for it but here is the rundown in case anybody else wishes to join (I know @Phyrexus said they wanted to peep this)

Here it goes:

Plot obviously is a SAoY plot, intended to be run based around a Kisaki-class starbase assigned to a planet on the eastern frontier, the starbase (which is the titular YSS Shiroyama) is currently home to the SOFT team known as the 074th Yama-Dura Devils as well as all your standard personnel – their mission? To keep the resource-rich planet of Terra Multa (another one of the things I’m yet to put through the NTSE) safe in Star-Army hands during the current war with the Kuvexians.

Resource rich is almost an understatement for how bountiful Terra Multa is and obviously it would be a valuable asset for the SAoY’s gold-clad enemies to acquire for themselves. I could go repeating the planet’s history here but that’ll become apparent as the page is thrown onto the wiki and such so I’ll just say it is a cultural melting pot and offers a lot of work to people willing to get sweaty but it is more fleshed out I assure you.

Enough background history for now and onto the plot, yes? Both @Jack Pine and I will be GM’ing for it in tandem, with me doing the majority of the SOFT stuff and him controlling the Station’s Ranger unit as well as both of us doing things with various NPCs – to clarify the players would not be split into two separate threads. We have a lot of cool stuff planned and hope that anybody who has questions about this asset-protection plot should ask them, it’ll only help in the long run!

Jack Pine

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Game Master
Don't forget we have the rangers needing people, Hoping the guys from before will roll with us again. Also you already know I'm in.


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Since the new thread was just posted its better i do this sooner but i wont be rejoining the plot, shasse and miles are headed out to the unknown of doing nothing for a while