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SYNC Yugumo Corporation Purchase Order – Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing


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RP Date
6 月 YE 43
Yugumo Corporation Logo
Yugumo Corporation

Tokyo, Jiyuu III

From: Takeda Sayako, Administrator, Yugumo Corporation
To: Sales Department, Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing

To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to purchase two hundred thousand (200,000) units of the Ministruct multitool. Funds will be available for immediate release.

Thank you,
Takeda Sayako
Administrator, Yugumo Corporation



Retired Staff
From: Sales Department, Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing
To: Takeda Sayako, Administrator, Yugomo Corporation

Hello Takeda-san!

Thank you for your interest in our humble products. I have to admit, when we setup the partnership between our company and Osman Heavy Industries, we had no idea of the interest we'd get in the Ministruct line of products. We've had to delay deliveries to our own crews just to keep up!

Fortunately, we've worked out the kinks in our production lines and I'm happy to say that we would love to fulfill this order for you. We'll need to fabricate a portion of your order, given its size, but we can have that done by the end of next week. After that, it's just shipping it to the destination of your choice.

I've attached information that will let you make a one-time payment on the associated purchase order. Once payment and your shipping location/s have been confirmed, we'll be all set.

Thanks again for your interest!

- Hank Hammerton

Default Industrial Tools and Manufacturing
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