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SYNC Yugumo Corporation seeks buy-in of the Warm and Sweet Franchise


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YE 42
To: Whom it may concern, Respected Yamatai Government:

This is a public notice of intent to the Yamatai Government. The Yugumo Corporation is interested in a partial purchase/ buy-in and continued Government partnership control of the Warm and Sweet and cooperative control of its existing franchises. The existing owner and operator of the Kikyo Pie Company are interested in the Warm and Sweet as part of it's Venture Expansion program. The control of the Warm and Sweet would bring increased presence in both the Star Army of Yamatai and civilian locations.

This purchase would include:
  • Menu Overhaul and Modernization
  • Facility and Location Expansions
  • New Kiosk locations in Kikyo Pie Company locations
  • Delivery of Warm and Sweet products with Kikyo Pie Company products
An updated business plan is attached to this communication. Please get back to us so we can plan the rollout of more of these franchises across the Empire.

Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yuka
Sacho (President), Yugumo Corporation1578334981296.png