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Approved Submission Yugumo/Motoyoshi RP Articles (Bulk Sub)


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This is a collection of articles for things that I would like blessed by NTSE. They've all been used in RP fairly extensively, and it is noted where on their wiki pages. There's nothing new in this, no new tech or faction stuff. Just ships owned by folks and business units of Yugumo. Pretty much everything purchased with (lots of) KS.

This submission includes:

  1. Takeda Foundation Business Unit of Yugumo Corporation, trust that handles Tachiko's money from the YE42 Giveaway, etc. Makes charitable donations too
  2. Takeda Fleet Business Unit of Yugumo Corporation, Fleet Management Services Provider (they staff your ship or let you hire one of theirs)
  3. ISS Haru No Hanabi Tachiko's ship she bought from star army surplus and had fixed up by noval. (There's a party on her yacht and everyone is invited)
  4. YCS Hikari One A gift Tachiko gave Katsuko
  5. ISS Mitsu A gift Katsuko gave Yaichiro
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