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SYNC Zen Armaments, , Jean Emanuel Baptiste


Retired Staff
RP Date
To: Zen Armaments, Jean Emanuel Baptiste
From: Igia Sakkarah
Subject: Terrene Interest

The feed starts up as the view change to a messy office with artifacts and piles of papers a rather mature woman sat in the chair waiting for the connection to start recording. It finally gave off beep as the woman took a more formal pose "Good day, my name is Igia Sakkarah, I currently am an employee for Black Wing Enterprise. as their Senior Engineering. But I do project work for various clients on different planets. However, the demand has grown over the years and I require a ship. My contacts informed me that you have a rather cheap starship for sale that I am willing to purchase from your company. I was wondering if there is a Terrence is available? I hope to hear from you soon" The feed came to an end as the message is sent.