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Interest Check Zombie-Style War Games


🌟 Site Supporter
Who is interested in a plot in which:
  1. The plot is composed of one or more short missions (inspired by @Andrew ’s mini missions).
  2. Your character is in a simulated mission with a high chance of simulated death.
  3. If/when your character dies, they are “infected” and join the enemy side. Don’t worry, it’s just a short mission anyway so you can get back to the good side soon.
  4. Nobody wins or loses, so don’t take PvP too seriously. IC, it’s all for the sake of training. OOC, it’s just in good fun.
What is the actual plot? At least for the first mission I was thinking a Mishu attack. But we’re not limited to enemies that can actually infect people, since it’s all simulated anyway.
Seeing as I saw some of the discord conversation for this, I kinda knew what the plan was

I can safely say I'm interested in this possibility, I think it'd be a cool concept OOC and a very interesting idea for training IC (especially in regards to how to contain a threat that can expand as explosively as an infection). I'd also like to do some RP with you Hyralt, even if it's not necessarily your characters x3
Seems like a good time!

Further questions about the JP - were you thinking of a JP as part of the intro post, or maybe as a """recruitment""" into this wargame, or something similar? :3
Oh anything. Doesn’t have to be related to zombie stuff. Not sure when I’ll have time to do the prep it. Will update as soon as I can though.