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Finished ITX, a month out from deployment, let's do this.
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Charmaylarg Dufrain
Charmaylarg Dufrain
Not at 29-Palms i hope, Was a hot and boring month i spent there for mine way back when...
I'm a home unit so it sucked going down the street to Wilson for a month, the last day of ITX it rained from 0200 to 1700 so that was a great send off.
Kaiyō's 16th mission has started and I just realized I could have bee making sweet 16 jokes this whole time oh gosh
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We gonna try to reboot The Wayward or should I look for somewhere else to take Quinn?
I have been thinking about Wayward and how much fun it was to write in and read afterwards. I think I would like to join with a more refined character, but I don't want to drag it along if I get slow. I know others, like Enansel and myself, would want to help you reboot, Syaoran, if you want to keep it going.
I was planning to cook something but a cat is sleeping on me now so I guess I'll just starve here...
Oh no... Last year I wrote that my character gave a wrapped present to Hanako... This year I will try to remember what it was :sweatemoji:
Looking forward to a new episode of The Orville tonight. I wonder if this is where we lose Alara Kitan? I will miss her.
We must be swift as the coursing river
With all the force of a great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon
-Captainl Li Shang
Fall Fest 2018 was really fun! I hosted a panel and saw some old faces from the RP community there and in my DMs! It is so cool to chat with people from other communities! Thanks to everyone on SARP for being a part of what we are all a part of :]