Star Army NPC Template

Game Masters can use this template to create the wiki code for an NPC.
Use the fields below to enter or change information about your character.

Basic Information

Game Master:
Plot: This can be a link if you add [[brackets]].
Character Name:
Character Image:
The image can be a URL or a wiki image like the examples below. Do not include brackets (they are added automatically).
Character art is not required. If you do not have art, consider using Anonymous Character Art.
Examples: stararmy:anonymous_female_stararmy.png , nepleslia:anonymous_nep.png

Faction Information

Current Assignment:

Character Description

This section is used to describe a character's appearance and personality. Please use complete sentences.

History and Relationship Notes

This section is for GM notes on the character's history and their interactions and relationships with other characters.

Skill Areas

These skill areas will appear as a bullet list. Only the skill area names (and perhaps a brief description) are needed.
Languages Spoken:
Skill Area 2:
Skill Area 3:
Skill Area 4:
Skill Area 5:
Skill Area 6:
Skill Area 7:

OOC Notes (Optional)

This area contains any notes, trivia or anything else you wish to attach to the bottom of your character's biography.

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