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Yamatai Star Empire

The Yamatai Star Empire is a technologically-advanced transhuman empire with most of the population using biological android bodies. It's got an 80s anime-inspired flavor and is protected by a massive, politically powerful military called the Star Army, which the site is named after. It is the Star Army setting's cornerstone faction. The Faction Manager for Yamatai is Wes.

Flag of Yamatai

Yamatai is a massive, cultured, and socially progressive in many ways. Yamataians have extensive civil rights. It is notable for its transhuman population, expansionist policies, and its heavy militarization. Yamatai has a compassionate, multicultural, and intelligent population estimated at somewhere over 40 billion distributed in over 40 star systems and on thousands of starships.

Major species in Yamatai include humans, Elysians, Minkan, Nekovalkyrja, Kodians, Separa'Shan, and Phods. It is also home to elves, as well as small numbers of other species from across the galaxy. Due to mass production of Nekos, there are more women than men living in Yamatai.

Yoshi Katai Song Weizhi A Phodian cook Kodian Separa'Shan Technician Eli Destin


Yamatai became the dominant power its region of space in YE 01 (The first year of the Empire) and it remains a strongly influential both politically and through its strong military, the Star Army of Yamatai. The government places its priorities on defense, education, and agriculture. Yamatai has been involved in many wars in its short history.


Yamatai is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Empress as head of state and government, and the Senate as a representative democracy (formerly with the citizenry serving as the national legislature through direct democracy). Traditionally, Yamatai has been a fairly military-focused and expansionist nation. The capital of the Yamatai Star Empire is Kyoto, Yamatai.

See: The Constitution of Yamatai Star Empire

Branches of the Government

Empress Himiko

Branch Executive Legislative Military
Leaders Empress Imperial Premier Senate of Yamatai Admiralty
Functions Command Operations Submit and vote on laws Defend and expand

In practice, the Empress tries to stay out of the other branches' affairs despite having the power to do so, and has defended the Military from any control by the Legislative branch. Because of this, the military has tended to act independently (thus its listing as a separate branch of government).

The empire also has one Suzerainty, the Elysian Celestial Empire.

Judicial System

Yamatai's courts exist under all three branches; crimes by military members are held by military tribunals, government-related crimes and some major crimes by Executive courts, and common crimes by courts under Legislative jurisdiction. This can be confusing at times. Generally, a convicted person has the right to appeal to one of the other court systems, and then to the Empress herself.

For Yamataian laws, see: Laws of the Yamatai Star Empire.

Government Organizations


Treaties and Diplomacy

Imperial Premier Yuumi

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