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About Star Army®

Do you need a reliable roleplay community with an interesting sci-fi setting you can contribute to?

Star Army is a long-running community dedicated to forum roleplaying games set within the original science fiction setting built by many creative players and GMs; your roleplay will help continue to build the Star Army's shared universe.

What's a Star Army?

Star Army is a term for an interstellar military, similar to Space Navy. In this roleplaying game, the Star Army of Yamatai is the military arm of the Yamatai Star Empire. Originally, all roleplay was centered around the Star Army; however, the setting has grown over the years to include many other nations and organizations in an ever-expanding universe.

Star Army Roleplaying Is Simple


“Everybody Must Have A Fantasy” - Andy Warhol

If you have never participated in a roleplay, that is not a problem. The concept of roleplaying is simple: Write the words and actions of your character. As a kid you had no problem coming up with stories and adventures for your toys; as an adult it's important to hold onto your imagination. Putting yourself in the shoes of a Star Army® character can provide a creative output and a fun contrast to everyday life.

There's no complex RPG system, no points, die rolling, or math to keep track of. Star Army's roleplaying is done by writing.

Space Opera Theme


Star Army is a “soft” sci-fi setting with faster-than-light travel.

If you love Star Trek, Star Wars, and/or Macross, you will be at home in the Star Army universe.

The story is set sometime into the future where humanity has spread throughout the stars. Much information has been lost in wars, including Earth's location and most of history. What matters is the last 30 or so years, which has seen the rise of the mighty Yamatai Star Empire and its various offshoots, which are faced with constant political and military conflicts.

Star Army Is Award-Winning

Recent awards Star Army has earned from other sites include:

  • 2012 Simulation Cup: Outstanding Original Sim Award: YSS Eucharis Plot Link
  • 2013 Squiddie Award (Ongoing Worlds Medal for Superior Online Roleplaying) for Best Club/Originality and Innovation Link
  • 2013 Tournament of Sims: Best Original Sci-Fi Sim YSS Eucharis Plot Link
  • 2013 Simming Prize (The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis) for “its fantastic, interesting concept and design, its unique, inspiring setting, and its active, helpful community that welcomes new players openly.”
  • 2014 Simming Cup quadruple winner:
    • Outstanding Original Sim: The Fringe of Star Army
    • Excellence in Character Development: YSS Sakishima of Star Army
    • Excellence in Prolificness: YSS Eucharis of Star Army
    • Excellence in Readability: YSS Byakuren of Star Army
  • 2015 Simming Cup: YSS Byakuren for Excellence in Readability
  • 2016 Tournament of Simulations: YE 38: Astral Reverie of Star Army for Outstanding Original Scifi
  • 2016 RPG-Directory Members' Choice Award “Where Members Rule” - 1st Place
  • 2017 RPG-Directory Members' Choice Award Science Fiction - 2nd Place
  • 2017 Tournament of Simulations double winner:
    • Outstanding Original Scifi: YSS Hana of Star Army
    • Excellent Original Scifi: YSS Kaiyō II of Star Army
  • 2017 Simming Prize: YSS Kaiyō II
  • 2018 RPG-Directory Members' Choice Award #150 “Account Per Player” - 2nd Place
  • 2018 Tournament of Simulations: YSS Kikyō for Outstanding Original Scifi Link
  • 2019 RPG-Directory Members' Choice Award #179 “No Face Claims” - 2nd Place

2012 Sim Cup Squddie Award 2013 Tournament of Sims The Simming PrizeThe Simming Prize

What People Are Saying About Star Army®

We asked members what they loved about Star Army®. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. “It's the setting and what people have done with it, more than anything. We have an internally consistent setting that can evolve as the players do because it's basically open-source and free to modify. In essence, we've combined the best parts of our own experiences with tabletop and play-by-post gaming with the essence of the Web 2.0 generation.”
  2. “Everything, Welcoming me, Encouraging my idea, just all that. SARP and logging to the IRC is something I look forward to during the day.”
  3. “[Star Army] is both active and live. The site is a space setting and futuristic and I have been looking for such a site for a long time.”
  4. “The community seems great, everybody's really helpful. I'm incredibly impressed by the amount of cooperation and collaboration in the setting. I've never seen another roleplaying site that goes to such great lengths to include everybody's contributions to the universe. Not to mention the setting itself is pretty badass.”
  5. “[Star Army] boasts an in-depth character creation system, a well-thought out universe, and plentiful chances to meet friendly and engaging roleplayers to satisfy even the most hardcore of RP critics.”
  6. “I love that Star Army has such a fleshed-out, epic setting. Few online role-playing sites match the awe-inspiring sense of grandeur that the site's members have created.”
  7. “Star Army is my little get away from the norm. I can enjoy being creative with settings provided and adding my own flavor to those settings with the characters I put into them. It's a way for me to vent my mind and have fun with some like-minded people.”
  8. “Star Army is a breathing universe. Most RPs tend to stagnate, and what happens in one part of the world never affects the rest of it. In Star Army, everything's connected. It has a pulse. I, personally, love playing in the Iromakuanhe and independent plots… both relatively far on the fringes of the mainstay. But even there, I end up feeling the ebb and flow of story and conflict from other parts of the universe.”
  9. “From a Role Player's standpoint, what I love about the site as a whole is the fact that all the content that is made by the players has to go through the administrators or moderators first. That prevents a lot of godmodding and discrepancies in technology. Unlike freeform Role Play, where a knight could be fighting against a nanomachine-based robot, this thread offers a much more focused setting. In SARP characters actually have a chance of affecting the setting's universe as a whole by creating new technology, and players can add to the scenery by making up races that are then used in the setting by other players. You don't get to see this much anywhere else, if at all.
  10. “I like the detail and high quality plots that GMs strive for. Going above and beyond to make sure everyone still has fun. But mostly I like the sense of community that site has. I feel like I could get on the site and just about anyone for help and if they can't help me then they can tell me who to talk to.”
  11. Your character can make a lasting impact on a game world filled with other players.“
  12. ““What I love about Star Army? Hmm it must be the friendly atmosphere and the really nice reception I got as a new member to the site. Everyone seems to be caring for the new members and wants to help them get settled in and get something started.”
  13. “Diversity, organization, and a dedicated player base. What more could a role-player ask for?
  14. “I had never participated in any sort of RP before, but the gritty realism and massive context of worlds like Warhammer 40k had always intrigued me, precisely because of that expansiveness. But finding a community which itself was creating that content, expanding the universe on its own rather than via professional writers, was incredible. Well, it was incredible enough to convince me to give RPing a shot, something I'm very thankful for.“
  15. “Star Army has an extremely elaborate setting with lots and lots of details. No other site has the amount of tech and as in-depth of a storyline and it simply makes SARP unique.”
  16. “You will find no better an original setting, no more a dedicated core of players, and no more talented a group of writers than Star Army.”

A Shared Vision

At Star Army we strive to…

  1. Provide a timely and fun interactive story-writing experience to fellow members.
  2. Mentor and stimulate players and game-masters to constantly improve.
  3. Maintain and promote contributions to a growing, interesting, and original setting.
  4. Be a real and inclusive community.

We believe:

  1. Star Army is about creating a story and experiencing a different universe through the eyes of our characters.
  2. Star Army is not a numbers game about stats or gaining an advantage over other groups and factions.
  3. Star Army is a cooperative endeavor, not a competitive one.

Who We Are

Star Army is owned and operated by Wes Davis and run with the help of an amazing team of volunteer staff, moderators, and game masters.


Star Army's admins are Brian Moore (Chief of Staff) and Wes Davis (Owner/Setting Manager).

Wes Davis


Star Army is my passion. Growing up I became fan of science fiction through reading books and watching Star Trek. When I was in high school I was introduced to anime and roleplaying games and started running games with my friends and family. In 2000, I ventured into the world of online roleplaying and web design and created a character that became the seed of the Star Army universe. By 2003, the community around that universe had grown to the point we needed our own website, so I created Since then, the Star Army community and universe have grown and matured, becoming the internet's number one sci-fi military roleplaying community and I want you to be a part of it.

Brian Moore (Nashoba)


I love Science Fiction, I got hooked when I was a child watching the Original Star Trek when it was first aired. My loves for Sci-Fi lead me through forms, television shows, movies, and of course books. I started role-playing back in 1981, yes that's right. It was not long after that I found my first Sci-Fi RPG; which was Traveller®. Over the years I have played a wide variety of RPG's, but I always gravitate back to Sci-Fi. I joined Star Army three years ago after spending about a month checking out the site. I was intrigued by the community and found the amount of information available surprising. Since joining, I have contributed a lot of content to the site; I also help Wes with maintaining it. But more importantly I have made friends with a lot of people whom otherwise I would have never met.

Contacting Star Army

You can talk to us on the forums or in the Discord.

For official correspondence, please call (209) 782-7276 (209-STARARMY) or email

Joining Star Army

Star Army offers a wealth of exciting things to do. It is a mature community that has been running for years, yet isn't overgrown; each person can receive individual attention. Its player-made setting is open to change through your contributions and your characters' actions; you could literally alter the face of the universe! Star Army provides an excellent outlet for writers, a fun gaming experience for role-players, and a lively, friendly community to visit - we want you to become a regular! Using guides and personal assistance, you can get settled in fast. Click the green button below for the New Players Guide.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Macross™ is a registered trademark of Harmony Gold USA. Warhammer is a trademark of Games Workshop. Star Army is not related to the aforementioned properties.

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