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     * Outstanding Original Scifi: YSS Hana of Star Army     * Outstanding Original Scifi: YSS Hana of Star Army
     * Excellent Original Scifi: YSS Kaiyō II of Star Army     * Excellent Original Scifi: YSS Kaiyō II of Star Army
 +  * 2017 Simming Prize: YSS Kaiyō II
 +  * 2018 RPG-Directory Members'​ Choice Award #150 "​Account Per Player"​ - 2nd Place
 {{:​awards:​2012_simulation_cup.png?​120&​nolink|2012 Sim Cup}} {{:​awards:​2012_simulation_cup.png?​120&​nolink|2012 Sim Cup}}
 {{:​awards:​squiddie.png?​125&​nolink|Squddie Award}} {{:​awards:​squiddie.png?​125&​nolink|Squddie Award}}
 {{:​awards:​2013_tournament_of_simulations.png?​80&​nolink|2013 Tournament of Sims}} {{:​awards:​2013_tournament_of_simulations.png?​80&​nolink|2013 Tournament of Sims}}
-{{:​awards:​simming_prize.png?​95&​nolink|The Simming Prize}}+{{:​awards:​simming_prize.png?​95&​nolink|The Simming Prize}}{{:​awards:​simming_prize.png?​95&​nolink|The Simming Prize}}\\ ​
 {{:​awards:​mc1st.png?​nolink|}} {{:​awards:​mc1st.png?​nolink|}}
 {{:​awards:​mc2nd.png?​nolink|}} {{:​awards:​mc2nd.png?​nolink|}}
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 ===== A Shared Vision ===== ===== A Shared Vision =====
-{{  stararmy:starships:​sharie:​sharie_and_eikan.jpg?​400|}}+{{  stararmy:starship_classes:​sharie:​sharie_and_eikan.jpg?​400|}}
 At Star Army we strive to... At Star Army we strive to...
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