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Art Commissions

Commissioning refers to the process of contracting an artist to produce a piece of art. Art commissions are one of Star Army's largest source of character portraits.

Finding an Artist to Commission

Guidelines and Notes for Artists

  • All art should be full-body unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Transparent backgrounds are strongly preferred. If unavailable, use #000020.
  • PNG format is strongly preferred; If at all possible, please also send Wes the larger .PNG or .PSD file
  • For characters in the Star Army of Yamatai (unless otherwise requested) should be in uniform.
  • Wes will send you your payments via PayPal from “payments at”
  • References for uniforms are available here: Yamatai Nepleslia

Commissions Projects

Project Name Type Started Ended Artists Expense
First Commissions Project Character Portraits 2003 2012 Various >$4000?
Chibi Commissions Project Bulk Chibi-Style Character Art Ongoing ichan and nicoy >$900
Planetary Illustration Commissions Planet Illustrations 2010 2010
Weremole Illustrations Illustrations of Suits/Uniforms, Aliens 2011 2012 Weremole
Equipment Illustrations Project Illustrations of SARP equipment 2014 ongoing TBD TBD
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