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Visual Elements by Faction

This page is here to describe and standardize the visual feel and appearance of each faction so that each has a distinct visual identity.

Faction Yamatai Nepleslia Iromakuanhe Mishhuvurthyar Hidden Sun Clan Abwehran Star Empire Neshaten USO
Theme Sharp Functional Exotic Organic Phallic? Functional Various Various Improvised
Main Hull Blue-Gray Green Yellow Pink Pale Green Dark Gray to Black Light to Dark gray Grey/Sandy
Hull Accents Dark Gray Yellow Teal Brown Stain Light Gray Red Green
Engine Glow Teal Orange and Blue Teal Orange Purple Yellow Aquamarine Blue
Weapon Color Blue Transparent White Teal Blue Dark Red Invisible Dark Grey
AA Weapons Gold Transparent White Blue Red n/a Violet Blood Red Grey
Symbol Hinomaru Black Star NMX Logo/Pentagon Poku Afirmu None None Uso


Yamataian military starships tend to be spearpoint shaped and have wings of some sort; their bows usually end in a sharp point or in a double-prong design that is essentially a point with a cutout. They are blue-gray (Periwinkle or Ceil) or two-toned blue-gray and dark gray in coloration and bear the Star Army of Yamatai's “hinomaru” rondel, a red circle with a white border and a stylized power armor profile in the red; this emblem is typically positioned somewhere near the top center. Many starships use a number of standardized turrets positioned around the hull on circular mounting platforms. Modern Yamataian warships typically use glowing teal aether-based engines (some older ones are purple).


Nepleslia has a variety of military starships with many different designs. Most ships have the traditional green with yellow stripe paintjob. Atmospheric craft tend to have a green color on top with a blue or black on the underside. Cargo ships typically replace their green coloring with a white or grey. Some ships also use an alternate black with yellow stripe paintjob. Weapon systems tend to simply be painted the same as the hull with some critical bits chromed like barrels, coolant systems, or lenses. Their engine systems also tend to produce a purple/blueish inner flame surrounded by orange exhaust gases. Nepleslian ships are designed to be very robust and functional with shape determined by function.


Uso's Star Organization is just starting out, and is highly limited in the amount of equipment and star-ships it can produce locally, though it does have ample design talent, capability, and money on hand. This results in Uso equipment having the minimal amount of 'stuff' needed to do its job. Starships will often look half-finished or will be civilian designs re-purposed for whatever USO needs. Often high end equipment is intermingled with off the shelf or improvised gear.

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