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The Ghost Nebula

The Ghost Nebula is a beautiful artwork created by Tyler Young and owned by Star Army's founder Wesley Davis. It is used as a background of this website and part of Wes's collection, the Tyler Young Collection.

The Ghost Nebula


The Ghost Nebula was created by artist Tyler Young and uploaded to DeviantArt on May 9, 2012.

Wes purchased the artwork, along with “Fire in The Sky” and “Emerald Nebula” via Paypal on May 18, 2012. Shortly thereafter, the image became the background for all pages on the Star Army® website.

On June 28, 2012, the Ghost Nebula was awarded a “Daily Deviation” by DeviantArt staff.

Due to frequent and numerous incidents of art theft, Wes registered the copyright for this work with the U.S. Copyright Office on September 03, 2014. It received the registration number VA0001926600.

Usage Rights

Star Army has permitted the following parties to use The Ghost Nebula:

  1. Tyler Young, the work's artist, is licensed to display the work and sell prints.
    1. And to put it on the hood of his car!
  2. DeviantArt is licensed to display the work and sell prints.
  3. Adam Kopala was permitted to use this artwork as a background for a commission by Star Army for the Super Eikan-class Heavy Cruiser artwork. This version with the starship is found on Star Army business cards and some advertising.
  4. Selected websites and apps have also been given permission:
    1. Khan Academy
    2. Thai Webmaster Association for their youth coding academy (contact: Wasit Jingjit)
    3. Volo contact sharing app (Contact: Rubies Rivas)
  5. Momoco Limited (contact: Emily Broad) purchased rights to use this image in an event video.
  6. Generation Tech was permitted by Wes to use the image in a Youtube video in return for a link to Star Army.

All of the above parties are required to credit when the work is used.

Personal use as a computer desktop background is okay.

Star Army has sent, and will to continue to send, legal requests such as DCMA takedown notices to intellectual property violators.

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