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Using Adoptable Artwork

An adoptable is a character design created by an artist for the purpose of transferring to other people.

When you buy an adoptable artwork, you get rights (e.g. a license) to use the artwork, which allows them to use the artwork for roleplaying, using as a reference for future artworks, etc. However, the artist may place conditions on the use of the artwork, such as where you can uploaded it, if you are allowed to alter the artwork, and most commonly a requirement for attribution (credit). Adoptable artworks also often have terms regarding gifting and reselling (often that the adoptable cannot be sold for more than the original purchase price, to prevent scalping).

To use an adoptable artwork on Star Army, you will have to comply with the artist's terms.

On Star Army, adoptable artworks should always be credited when used in a page. Links are not required unless specifically required by the artist.

Buying Adoptables

Adoptables can easily be found on DeviantArt under the DeviantArt-related > Devious Fun > Adoptables category. You can also find anthro adoptables on FurAffinity. Adoptables are usually sold for cash (via PayPal) or DeviantArt points (a micro-transaction currency that also is cash-based) at a set price, in an auction, or via accepting offers. There is usually a strict time-frame for sending payment.

Here's some terms you need to know:

  • SB: Starting bid - the lowest price the artist will accept and the start of the auction bidding
  • AB: Auto-buy - bidding this amount automatically wins the auction
  • MI: Minimum increment - bids have to outbid the previous current high bid by this amount.
    • For example, if the current bid was $5 and the MI was $1, the next bid would have to be $6 or more.
  • Open species: Someone made this specific species concept and it's okay for others to make their own characters of that species.
  • Closed Species: Someone β€œcontrols” this species concept and expects people to get permission before making a character of that species.
  • OTA: Offer to adopt
  • BTA: Bio[graphy] to adopt
  • DTA: Draw to adopt
  • NYP: Name your price
  • CYOP: Choose your own palette
  • PWYW: Pay what you want
  • MYO: Make your own
  • TOS: Terms of Service

Example of Crediting

Here's an example for crediting, using the art on this page:

  • Art for the anthro character is by thulianshadow using the base by Waitress (Cozycat) with clothing by Wes. Paid adoptable.

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