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Star Army OST: Volume 1

Star Army OST: Volume 1 is Star Army's first music album. It consists of electronic music that Wes created in Magix Music Maker using sound loops. The tracks are in various genres such as vaporwave, synthwave, electric house. It was created in March 2018.

Wes initially purchased the loops used in this project for personal use but has started licensing them commercially, which opens up the possibility of actually selling the songs on sites like Bandcamp, which could help more people discover the Star Army RP.

Track Listing

# Name Length Genre Listen
1 Kyoto Neon 4:00 Vaporwave
2 Nepleslian Nights 4:00 Synthwave
3 Nataria Factory 3:38 Electro House
4 Mishhu Lair 3:38 Electro House
5 Uesureyan Fields 3:36 80s Electronica
6 Hanako Beaches 3:20 Tropical House
7 Nataria Retooled 3:55 Electro House
8 Aether Sabers 3.28 Electro House

Additional tracks are still being added.


Wes created this article on 2018/03/25 09:13.

Headphones art by Wes using base by Waitress/Hensa purchased from Cozy Cat Studios.

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