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This page Star Army's calendar page for the IRL year 2020.

In general, community meetings will be held on the second Friday of each month, unless that's a holiday.


  • January 1: YE 42 begins
  • January 10: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting
  • January 14: 13 years since the Star Army Wiki is launched in 2007; 11 years since StarArmy got on Twitter in 2009.
  • January 30: 4 years since Star Army implemented full TLS encryption (HTTPS) in 2016


  • February 14: 6th annual Love Day (SARP's version of Valentine's Day)
  • February 21: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting


During this month, the SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic (see Coronavirus disease) causes massive disruption to members' lives as they are compelled to stay home by the government in attempts to control the rate of spreading of the virus. Some members get sick and some members are financially affected. Panic buying starting around March 12 creates global disruption of supplies like disposable paper cleaning products and non-perishable foods. Additionally virtually all schools and childcare facilities close by the 16th.

  • March 4: International Game Master Day
  • March 5: 1 year since Xenfocus Titan style (theme) purchased and added to our forum - Feedback Thread
  • March 13: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting
  • March 15-19: Star Army runs its first advertising campaign on Facebook, bringing in some new members.
  • March 16: 1 year since Push notifications were added to the Star Army Forums
  • March 17: 11th OOC Anniversary of the United Outer Colonies breaking from the Yamatai Star Empire in 2008
  • March 19: Star Army creates a [email protected] team to combat Coronavirus
  • March 28: 2 years since Star Army moved from Xenforo 1.5 to Xenforo 2 for its forum software



  • May 1: 1 year since Star Army started moving to become an adults-only website (age requirement 18 or older to join). By May 1, 2021 all members will be 18+.
  • May 8: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting
  • May 26: domain's 16th anniversary of being registered by Wes (May 26, 2003)


  • June 12: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting


  • July 10: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting


  • August 14: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting
  • August 14: 7 years with our current webhost, Dreamhost. We moved to them on this day in 2013.
  • August 24: 15th OOC Anniversary of Nepleslian Independence in 2005
  • August 29: 6 year anniversary since Star Army was awarded the Simming Prize in 2014


  • September 18: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting


  • October 9: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting
  • October 17: 4 years since the setting expanded to the Kagami Galaxy in 2016
  • October 29: 6 years since Star Army started using Cloudflare in 2014
  • Thread Necromancy Event


  • November 6: 7 years since the forum switched from phpBB3 to XenForo in 2013
  • November 13: Star Army Monthly Community Meeting


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